Fashion Bloggers Get Reality TV Show

The Style Channel is releasing a new reality television show covering the lives of five well-known Australian fashion bloggers. If these five successful women’s Instagram stars are anything to go by, the program will be a hit, starring Sara Donaldson of Harper & Harley, Kate Waterhouse of, Amanda Shadforth from Oracle Fox, Margaret Zhang from Shine by Three, and Zanita Whittington from Zanita.

The network is commissioning it as a document style series called Fashion Bloggers, to be released later this year showcasing “the fast-paced lives of Australia’s top independent bloggers of fashion, beauty and lifestyle.” These online celebrities will be filmed consistently as they post and upload on social media.

One star of the show, 25-year-old Sara Donaldson is not a stranger to the fashion world, after resigning from a career in marketing Donaldson began a full time blog, now with 109, 000 followers, who grow daily.

“The business background I’ve had has really helped. You’re running your own business and dealing with accounting and ad space,” she said.

Although difficult, the life of a fashion blogger can be a lot of fun, the television show will highlight numerous events such as New York Fashion Week, which in recent years has had a massive increase of non-industry professionals not only attending but as ambassadors, or even front row occupants.

Filming will begin next month to keep each episode as current as possible to match the digital lives of each blogger. Co-Executive Producer Philippa Whitfield Pomeranz spoke to The Daily Telegraph about the five stars. ‘They have grown exponentially; its crazy” she said.

I know I am very much looking forward to taking a look at what goes on behind the scenes of what seems to be a life filled with adventure, travel and style.

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By Amy Miller

August 9, 2014

Wanderlust: The Top Destination Blogs

Live for fashion? Dream of overseas travelThis is the guide for you – the top three Australian style and destination blogs to follow and inspire.

Gary Pepper

Nicole Warne from the NSW Central Coast began her journey in late 2009 when she launched an e-bay store and online blog specialising in vintage apparel. Since this time she has become vastly popular over social media and her blog, with audiences following Nicole around the world.

Gary Pepper Girl has travelled from China to Croatia, Switzerland to Iceland, the United States to the United Arab Emirates – and styled in high-end luxury attire to high-end street style. Nicole Warne is the spring/summer ambassador for Westfield Australia as well as the first global ambassador for not-for-profit organisation Global Planet. This girl does not stop.


Jessica Stein, like Nicole Warne, began her fashion career by selling vintage style apparel online. Though her blog is filled with much more luxury than what one might find in an op shop.

Stein is constantly travelling internationally, streaming an array of beautiful, feminine and on trend outfits as she embarks on her adventures. As Tuula journeys through the most wonderful places in Europe, Asia, South America and the United States she inspires her followers with an natural look always in the sunshine.

Jessica’s blog has been labelled as one of Australia’s fashion super blogs by FELLT and is easily one of the most loyally watched trendsetters in the country. She will always call Melbourne home, but dedication to surprise her audience and regularly experience something new and exciting keeps Stein going and going.

Shine by Three

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Margaret Zhang has her hands full. She is a student of commerce and law at the University of Sydney, writer and photographer, stylist and in her ‘free time’ a fashion and destination blogger. Margaret is the creator of blog Shine by Three, which launched in 2009, and since has taken off to become a vision of personal style and travel, it’s safe to say most people envy her unusual lifestyle.

Shine by Three features vibrant summers, snowy winters and colourful explorations. You will no doubt find yourself in a dream world for hours while looking through this blogger’s life.

Images via Shine By Three, Tuula Vintage and Gary Pepper Girl

By Amy Miller

May 23, 2014