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June 20, 2016

Sarah Jessica Parker’s Shiny Hair Tutorial

Sarah Jessica Parker is known for her big blonde curls, but since the end of Sex and The City she’s been sporting a sleek, straight hairstyle. To achieve her shiny highlighted hair, it’s important to use a moisturising serum every time you wash your hair and follow it up with a weekly hydrating mask to seal those split ends.

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1. Treat your hair to a weekly hydrating mask, which is essential for locking in moisturise and is ideal for all hair types. Work the product into your hair from root to tip, then let it sit for 30-60 minutes before washing out with shampoo and lukewarm water.

Screen shot 2015-04-29 at 2.23.57 PM

Hello Hair Hydrating Mask, $15

2. For more frequent hydration, using an oil serum on damp hair. Rub a few drops of product into your fingers, then apply it directly onto the length of your hair. Leave it to air dry naturally, or use a hair dryer on a cool temperature.

Screen shot 2015-04-29 at 2.23.40 PM

Josie Maran Pure 100% Argan Oil, $48

3. If you’re looking for a cheap and cheerful method which is also made from all natural ingredients, look no further than coconut oil. Slather it on your hair and massage it into your scalp to take care of any dry patches or dandruff.

Screen shot 2015-04-29 at 2.32.34 PM

Bioglan Super Foods Organic Coconut Oil, $12.99

4. For blonde or light brown hair like Sarah Jessica Parker, use a silver shampoo at least once a week to counteract those brassy tones. Not only will it leave your hair looking the perfect shade of blonde, but it will also look healthy and shiny after each wash.

Sarah Jessica Parker's Shiny Hair Tutorial

Avon Advance Techniques Radiant Silver Shampoo, $9.99

Image via Zimbio

May 4, 2015

Hello Hair Mask Review

Since there are so many new hair and beauty launches floating around the internet these days, we thought we would take a leap of faith and try one out. First comes Hello Hair, which has been promoted extensively on Instagram, and with 227,000 followers of their own, this hair mask truly means business.

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What is Hello Hair?

Hello Hair is a hydrating mask using coconut, almond, and argan oils to moisturise and strengthen the hair. They are vegan friendly, cruelty free, and only costs $15 (free if you live in Australia).

My hair

As a point of reference, I thought it would be fair to note my hair type so you have an idea of where I’m coming from with this treatment. I would say that my hair is quite normal, there is a bit of breakage at the ends (through those countless years of bleaching), and not to mention lots of frizz – especially around the roots. As for the consistency, my hair is also quite thick and there’s a lot of it!

First application

Since my hair was already in need of a good wash, I decided to apply the product on a Friday night, and as recommended in the instructions, applied directly onto dry hair. You might notice that the product itself is quite runny at first, so make sure that you catch any excess product from spilling over. I worked the product into my scalp, then carefully into the ends. Then I wrapped my hair into a bun and let the mask soak in for about 1.5 hours.

After this, I washed my hair as usual (shampoo, purple toning shampoo, then conditioner), before applying a usual serum to my ends and blow-drying on a cool temperature. Nothing really changed after one application – frizz was very much still thriving and my hair didn’t feel any different or shiny.

Second application

Since my hair felt a little more dry and brittle over the weekend, I decided to apply the mask again after 2 days. The wind in Sydney plus a rooftop party were not playing nice and the frizz was getting rather out of control. This time, I concentrated most of the mask on my ends (they needed the most attention), and braided my hair into a protective hairstyle in order to let the mask do its job.

I left the mask in a little longer this time, then washed it out well and blow-dried it accordingly. Instantly I noticed that my hair felt a lot smoother, especially around the ends.

Third application

Since my hair is already so long and thick, this would be the final application for me. I used the third application to coincide with the events for my birthday during the long weekend, and the results were amazing. My ends looked and felt so soft and shiny, especially after I styled them with a curling wand.

The verdict

All in all, a good product if you want to treat your hair to a hydrating mask once or twice a week. Ideal for all hair types, textures and even coloured hair which is dry and brittle. At just $15, you can expect to use the product 5-6 times, and with additional free express shipping, you can’t complain!

April 8, 2015

How To Get Shiny Hair Overnight

It seems that both women and men are going to great lengths in order to achieve shiny hair overnight. The last few years have seen a progressive increase in hair masks, vitamin supplements, and even expensive Keratin treatments which are only temporary.

Try some of these tips and tricks the next time you’re going to spend half a fortune (and maybe some of your sanity) on achieving shiny hair.

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Aloe vera

While we knew that aloe vera is known for revolutionising skin, did you also know that it’s the perfectly inexpensive way to shiny hair. Feel free to buy an aloe hair mask from the drugstore, or simply create your own at home. Extract some aloe vera leaves and mix with 2 tablespoons of yoghurt before applying directly on your scalp.

If you’re daring enough, leave the treatment on all night with the help of a shower cap, or simply wash off with lukewarm water after an hour.


That’s right, we’re actually suggesting you wash your hair with beer. Almost any kind of beer is perfect to use since it’s packed with vitamin B (how fitting), and gives all the essential proteins which hair needs. Drench your ends in beer then wear a shower cap to sleep, or simply just wash it with shampoo if the thought of beer in your hair doesn’t quite work out.

Olive oil

Now this can get a bit tricky if you don’t thoroughly wash out the olive oil after you’re done, but it’s truly a lifesaver for damaged hair! Apply just a few drops of olive oil onto 2-3 day hair, and leave overnight. It’s best to keep the solution away from your scalp, since it can really leave your scalp feeling super-oily! Wrap hair in a thin towel, then just wash-off with shampoo first thing in the morning.

Coconut oil

This inexpensive treatment is readily available at the pharmacy, and works well with almost any problem you’re currently experiencing. Use the coconut oil at room temperature, then comb through the ends of your hair. Make sure to smooth the product over problem areas such as damaged ends, split hairs, and hair which has been destroyed by peroxide. It’s best to keep this product on for 2-3 hours, then wash clean with shampoo when you’re done.

Follow-up with a purifying conditioner which will seal your ends, and allow hair to dry naturally.

Image via Boy Meets Fashion

October 23, 2014

Shiny Happy Hair!

It seems that the cutest dog in the world, the one and only Snoopy, is the new top dog in fashion. Ever since Snoopy’s creator Charles M. Schulz’s death in 2000, everyone?s favourite pooch and friends are regaining cult appeal. Snoopy collecting is fast becoming a fashionable habit. Fans of the fun-loving beagle are now busy trading on the Internet and scouring second-hand shops for anything from badges, stickers, key rings, t-shirts and posters. Japan is always a step ahead when it comes to the fashion stakes and they even have a chain of shops called Snoopytown, which is dedicated to all things Schulz.Hot products

Take time to look after your hands this winter with the latest products and tricks:

Crabtree & Evelyn?s groundbreaking ‘La Source’ hand cream actually exfoliates and moisturises your hands at the same time. You don?t believe us? The amazing thing is that this super-smart hand cream is designed to be rinsed off. Gasp gasp! No more butter fingers! Even after you have done the rinse, the shea butter and macadamia oil in it keeps your hands soft and super hydrated.

Crabtree & Evelyn stores nationally.We can?t get enough of Christian Dior?s nail transfers. What an easy way to achieve the new chic-punk look that swamped the overseas runways for Spring/Summer 2003. All you have to do is peel back the transfer and place it on your nail. Wet it with water and carefully press it down. The final touch? Add a layer of clear nail varnish to seal the ‘tattoo’. Not available just yet, but should be hitting our shores in time for the hotter months. For stockist enquiries contact Christian Dior Boutiques.

Nails get damaged in winter too. During the cooler months they really suffer, so keep them rehydrated with natural oils. The most effective is actually Vitamin E and rice bran. Vitamin E is available at selected pharmacies nationally and health food stores.

Tricks of the trade

Smother your hands in Elizabeth Arden ?Eight

Cream?. Grab a pair of old socks and leave your hands to soak in them overnight. You won?t believe how soft and supple your hands will look and feel in the morning. We recommend this to be a monthly treatment-does long-term wonders and creates soft, silky hands.Shiny Happy Hair!

We all know that healthy hair equals shiny hair and we all want it don?t we? So read on.

But remember, if you have stick straight hair you will already by half way there to getting great “shine”. However, the more curl or wave you have, the less your hair will shine. It’s all to do with the reflection of light and curly hair has an uneven surface so it doesn?t reflect light as easily as straight hair. You can however improve the level of shine by following a few of these tips:

  • Keep your hair healthy by using heated styling tools less frequently.
  • If you use a dryer, use one with a nozzle attachment to direct the airflow from roots to ends to create smooth sections.
  • Blow-dry your hair right side up, not bent over upside down as this can create frizz.
  • Avoid brushes with plastic bristles. A natural bristle brush is always better.
  • The correct shampoo and conditioning regime can really help boost shine. Moisturising shampoos and conditioners will help seal and smooth the surface of your hair allowing it to reflect light. Once a week, use a clarifying shampoo to remove product build up which can make your hair look dull. Check out for some of their great hair tips and product suggestions.
  • Using a wide-tooth comb whilst in the shower to distribute your conditioner evenly will also improve shine.
  • Give your hair a final cool rinse just before you leave the shower to seal down the surface of your hair so it reflects light better.
  • Consider a special in-salon treatment. It?s a bit like applying a ?gloss finish?. A sheer wash of colour is applied to your hair like a non-permanent colour would be. This will boost your hair’s natural colour without changing it and it slowly washes out in 4 to 6 weeks without any condition worries. 
July 23, 2002