7 Quick Ways To Simplify Your Life

Most of us have too much going on in our lives. Demands on our time come from all directions and we keep on adding new things to do, while trying to hold on to everything else that’s already there. Sooner or later it becomes impossible. Are you wondering how you could simplify your life to make space for more of what you want? Here are some quick ways to get started.

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1. Say no more often

Is “yes” your automatic answer to everything? Become more selective and consider each request that comes your way before you answer. Do you really want to do it? If yes, go for it. Otherwise, say “no”.

2. Ask for help

You won’t get a medal for doing everything on your own and who wants a medal anyway? It’s not a sign of weakness to ask for help and you won’t bother people (if you do, it’s up to them to say “no”). Even if you outsource one little thing a day, it’ll add up and you’ll feel the difference.

3. Declutter your home and your work space

Start with the areas where you spend most of your time – your desk, the living room, the kitchen. Once your space looks more organised, you will feel more organised and won’t be spending time looking for things.

4. Limit your media use

There’s no need to miss out on your favourite TV show, but if you find yourself mindlessly staring at a screen only because it’s there, turn it off. All of a sudden you have ample free time to meditate, go for a walk or get creative.

5. Buy less

Shopping therapy is a popular way to combat stress, but is it the most effective one? Very unlikely. When you buy less you spend less money, less time and have less stuff to make space for.

6. Be selective who you spend time with

Choose to hang out with people you love and avoid those who complain and drain your energy. Don’t agree to catch up just because you always do or because you feel obligated. You can choose who you give your time to and still have friends.

7. Slow down

It might be counterintuitive, but when you get enough sleep, make time for yourself and meditate, you will notice that everything else in your life happens with less effort.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by all the things you could do to simplify your life, don’t be. Pick just one thing and do it today.

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July 12, 2015

How to Declutter Your Life?

Work can consume so much of our lives. When you put it all into context we realise what we have devoted our life to is only a job. We often come to this realisation during holidays. I’ve just returned from a two week trip to Canada and the US. The initial reason I went was to attend the International Life Coach Federation annual conference. It was informative and fun but the holiday and break from my normal day to day routine was the most rewarding part. I got to see how I make everything mean so much. I got to see how I make deadlines all consuming. I got to “just be” and enjoy the moment, which got me thinking. How can I make this a regular part of my day so I don’t need to spend thousands of dollars on holidays to chill out?
Firstly you need to identify what parts of your life are not fun. What day to day things do you not enjoy doing? Split this into categories and list all the things within each category.Examples include:

Work – driving to work, my boss, all the admin, taking calls, my lunch breaks are boring, long hours

Friends – nagging mates, not enough friends, too many conversations telling our stories and not enough fun together

Home – dirty laundry, the colour of my walls, housework, location, rent, mortgage payments

Money – paying bills, not having enough money, no financial plan in place, buying too many magazines

Relationship – no relationship, my partners habits, not happy with who I am

Family – no contact, too much contact, my sister and her children

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