The Secret Between The Do-able And Datable Man

Looking for a datable man and continue to attract the do-able variety? Well there is a secret between the do-able and datable man and it’s high time single ladies knew the difference. It’s not about how hot he is and it’s not about the amount of money in his bank account. The do-able man might have everything you want on the surface, but under that attractive exterior you just may find there’s something seriously missing.

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The first thing you need to look at is if the man you’re interested in has loyalty. The stats suggest that one third of people cheat and for many of us this is a deal breaker. So, will this potential partner cheat on you? There’s the million dollar question! I’ve been round the block a few times and there’s a fairly easy way to tell if you’ve got a loyal man in front of you, or if you’ve got a player.

For one: the do-able man will lie, while the datable man will be honest. Sure, the datable man may not have the gift of the gab and may stubble around his words a little, but that’s not the only indicator; so it’s about looking past the words and seeing if they have any merit. For example: is that awesome car out there really his – and just as importantly, did he really pay for it? Or is it his mates in which he is passing off as his own, or perhaps a gift from mum and dad and he’s basically using it as bait to get you into the sack. Hey, this stuff really happens – and what’s more, it happens more times than you think!

Apart from being truthful, loyalty can be seen in how they treat the people around them, starting with how they are with their friends. You probably won’t see eligible men with family members until later, so close friends are the next best indicator. You need to ask yourself: are they respectful, kind, truthful and thoughtful? Or do they come off like an arrogant a-hole even if they say it’s just in fun. There is a difference in how loyal men treat their friends and it’s a great indication of how this man will treat his lady. Particularly if the lady in question ends up being you.

The second and most significant thing to remember is that words are only words, ladies! A datable man will back his words with his behaviour pretty much every time. The do-able man won’t. For example: did he really lose your phone number after a date or a hook up only to never get in contact again, or did he move hell and high water to reach you in some way, shape, or form because he really wanted to see you again?

The datable man will do that even after a woman has had sex with them. Ladies who find themselves chasing after some man no matter what hard luck story they’ve been given are just kidding themselves. You clearly mean less to him then you’d prefer, and in these situations, women set themselves up for a fall.

Lastly, an interested man will track you down, want to spend time with you and will treat you like a princess no matter what obstacles stand in his way. Whether it be distance, finance, relationship status, whatever; just ask any male you know if this is true and you’ll find that this is the case in most datable men. Once a datable man has his sights set on you and you would like to start a relationship, nothing will hold him back. Nope! Not even if he’s shy. It may take him a bit longer to get around to it, but eventually most datable men will go after what they most desire.

That’s when you know you have a datable man in front of you. The do-able man may have everything on the checklist like the looks, the car, the job and the bank balance, but seriously, how many of them are there that have everything you really want? The datable guy probably won’t, but if you find a man with honestly, respect and loyalty, you’ll have a pretty happy life together.

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The Brits Claim The World’s Most Dateable Accent

The world’s most dateable accent has been claimed by the British, and not by a small margin either. According to Time Out’s Global Dating Survey, the British accent won hands down with a whopping twenty-seven per cent. The Americans came in second with 8.7 per cent, followed by the Irish with 8.1 per cent and then the Australians with 8 per cent.

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The survey collected data from 11,000 singles living in 24 nations across the globe to discover their dating likes, dislikes and habits. Here’s a little of what they discovered:

Top 10 of the world’s most dateable accents

British, world's sexiest accent, dating survey

Given that the British accent has multiple variations, and possibly the most of any nation, it wasn’t identified which specific type of British accent led the pack. It might have been the variation that got Britain so far over the line, but let’s face it, a win is a win!

The world’s most dateable city

British, London, world's sexiest accent, dating survey

Does this come as a surprise? Paris has been well known for it’s romance for many years. The city of love had better watch out, however! One would assume they would have won by a landslide, but it looks like Melbourne wasn’t too far behind.

British, London, world's sexiest accent, dating survey

Oh New Yorkers, you sad lot of singles. Almost half are unhappy to be single, whereas Sydney residents seem to tip their scale in the opposite direction.

British, world's sexiest accent, dating survey

Judging from these results New Yorkers are a bit confused: They Describe their city as a warzone for singles when looking for a partner, but they aren’t missing out on the sex. It mustn’t be very satisfying, however, because 45 per cent did say they were sad to be single.

British, world's sexiest accent, dating survey

New Yorkers stand out again! Hmm, it makes you question what the dating scene is really like over there? It seems like quite a different terrain when compared with the rest of the globe.

British, world's sexiest accent, dating survey

That’s very interesting. Singles, please take note.

What careers do singles prefer?

British, world's sexiest accent, dating survey

What these results suggest is that there were a few professions in the mix of survey participants. This is good news – it highlights survey bias and accuracy and it’s seems results are indicative of a wide variety of people, therefore, overall results should be fairly accurate.

British, world's sexiest accent, dating survey

British, world's sexiest accent, dating survey

British, world's sexiest accent, dating survey

Well self-esteem isn’t an issue, however singles seem fairly fussy – particularly women in Chicago.

Where do their dates lead?

British, world's sexiest accent, dating survey

British, London, world's sexiest accent, dating survey

A staggering 41 per cent of global participants have dated a married person! That’s alarming.

British, world's sexiest accent, dating survey

Hmm, interesting.

Sex and dating

British, world's sexiest accent, dating survey

Hopefully this gives singles a bit more of an incite into the dating scene globally. Overall these results suggest people are actually more alike than different.

What do you think, have the results changed the way you look at dating?


Friendship Is Their Secret Ingredient

Generations ago couples “courted” and got to know each other well before they hit the sack. They might have fooled around a bit but the fear of pregnancy kept most women’s legs pretty tightly shut! Unbeknownst to them they were actually building a friendship which would help through the tough times ahead. By the time couples married they had a reasonable idea who they were spending their life with.

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Fast forward to the 21st century we are lucky to have birth control and options for protected sex. Instead of pregnancy being the deterrent it once was, women are now free to be more, um-mm, free?! The downside is that the friendship required for intimate relationships to survive long term is often missing.

This maybe one of the reasons separation and divorce rates are so high. Plus we have options which our ancestors didn’t. If they were unhappy or dissatisfied in their relationship they had to fix it. Their only options were to find a workable solution, live in misery or murder their spouse. I’m sure a few went missing, some were miserable but the majority worked on it.

We don’t have these restraints. Instead, couples opt for the easy way out, separate and try to find love and happiness elsewhere. The problem with this is that many fail to realize they need to fix the issues created in their initial relationship so it won’t be transferred to the next. Serial cheaters are a prime example. Until they work on their cheating behaviour in their current relationship, it’s pretty likely they’ll cheat over and over again in others.

Today, couples that have a solid friendship are far more likely to work through their baggage, issues or hard-ships and remain together. It’s not just about communicating as friends but encompasses the mutual respect, validation of opinions, understanding, acknowledgment and all the other goodies being best friends involves.

Friendship in new relationships

If you’re on the market or just beginning a new relationship, great! Hold off on the sex and concentrate on the friendship. It doesn’t matter what gender you are either. Simply spend time together, communicate and build a solid foundation for a strong, sustainable relationship.

Avoid placing a time limit on initiating intimacy because that will become the focus. It really doesn’t matter. As a guide when you feel comfortable being able to strip naked in front of your partner and jump up and down, you’re probably pretty comfortable with each-other! Although holding of on sex maybe easier said than done it’s much easier to begin as friends and work toward intimacy than the other way around.

Concentrating on friendship in established relationships

If your relationship is based on physical attraction and lust you’re in serious trouble if you want it to last long term. We all know the passionate side of relationships is awesome but there’s got to be more. Eventually that will subdue and you will need to have a friendship for it to last.

Rather than suddenly stopping the sex to work on your friendship, continue as you would when you want to befriend someone. Work on what you have in common, likes and dislikes, family history, strengths and weaknesses, fears and life experiences. You should know all the things friends know about each other and concentrate on building mutual respect, understanding and trust.

Why friendship?

So why is friendship the secret ingredient to a happy, satisfying long term relationship? Easy. Best friends look out for each other no matter what. They are comfortable in extended periods of silence. Everyone needs down time. They treat each other as equals with respect, dignity, validation and compassion, not as possessions or objects to be abused. They have fun together, laugh together, communicate and enjoy each others company.  Plus, when the s### hits the fan, who do you want to turn to? Not the friend with benefits which some couples resemble, but your best friend.

If your intimate relationship doesn’t have a solid foundation built upon friendship it will eventually crumble. It might last a few years, maybe even a decade or more but the most satisfying and happy relationships seem to have this one essential ingredient. Thankfully this is something we can all build upon, achieve and improve with age.

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Finding Love In All The Wrong Places

Women have been warned about looking for love in places like pubs, clubs or some online dating websites. Sorry, but it’s bull###! Finding love can and does happen anywhere. If there’s an attraction there, why should it matter where you find it?

If you been putting yourself out there looking for love but keep striking out, it’s more likely your expectations rather than the environment  are sabotaging your search for Mr Right. You’re liking finding Mr Right-Now but lets face it, he’s not exactly hiding. Just add alcohol to any Tom, Dick or Harry and there he is! Sorry fellas, but you know it’s true.

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When it comes to finding the “one”, there really isn’t a right or wrong place as many people are led to believe. For example, if you’re not a church goer (where people do recommend finding a good man) you’re not going to find anything in common with most men you find there anyway. How on earth can he even come close to being the right guy for you then? In all honesty he can’t. Not unless you suddenly change your entire lifestyle and that’s just ridiculous.

If you are meeting people in pubs, clubs or bars but haven’t been happy with the outcome of the relationships you’re finding there, you probably need to change your game plan. You’ve likely been doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different outcome. So many people fall into this trap. Only when you change your behaviour will you manage to change the outcome. Make sense?

So for one, if you are finding some companionship when you’re somewhere “wrong”, that’s half the battle. The second half of the battle is what you do with that companionship when you find  it. Not all men are the same. Yes, of course if it’s dangled in front of them most of them will take it. Men are hunters, that’s what they do, but ultimately they are after the challenge whether they know it or not!! Plus, it’s incredible how persistent they can be when they really want something. There’s not need to chase because if a man is interested, he’ll usually come to you.

Basically if you are wanting more than a quick fling, a night of passion or a two date romance then plan for it. Resign the fact that you won’t be hooking up with strangers or casual acquaintances and make it clear what you are looking for. Don’t settle for less no matter how studly he is! Guys talk ladies, so it soon gets around who they can hook up with and who they can’t. Men don’t want someone long term, who will go home with anyone at the click of their fingers. There’s no challenge in that.

When word gets out that you’re a challenge and not easy pickings you’ll actually get way more attention. Be aware of how you present yourself and don’t aim to be the sexiest or hottest girl there either. You want to be alluring, not intimidating. Also, aim for the less is more look with your make up but not your clothing. You don’t want the way you look to scream one-night-stand when what you really want is a relationship. Men aren’t stupid, they know the difference.

While you’re getting this extra attention, work out who is there for what reason and you should be able to find someone who is looking for a similar relationship to you. People tend to forget that it really doesn’t matter where you find love. I met my long term partner in a very “wrong” place. (No I’m not sharing, it’s embarrassing how wrong it was!)

Plus, how will women find out who they have in front of them, if they continue to make assumptions about a mans motives? Just because you are both in the “wrong” place, doesn’t mean neither of you will find love there. You just might need to search a little harder and be a bit pickier.

Despite the fact that men do go to pubs and clubs or search online for a hook up, there are also plenty of very decent men there who maybe simply too shy to approach a lady or not after a fling at all. You won’t find that out unless you give some or at least one of them a chance. Be choosey, change your game plan and find the one searching for something more substantial and just killing time until you show up. It’s not easy out there, but if you play your cards right you’ll come out a winner!

Good luck!

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Weekend Wit: Yet Another Single New Year?

As the countdown to the new year begins, everyone is planning where they will be and who they will be with when the clock strikes twelve. Plenty of couples stay home together New Years Eve. They’ve had their single fun and as the years pass by they begin falling asleep before midnight, ignoring the traditions and just pass it off as yet another night in as the rest of the world celebrates.

For singles, though it’s something very different. It’s a magical night filled with possibilities. Not many singles sit home on New Years Eve. It’s usually the biggest night of the year because they’re all out there celebrating the start of the new year and what it has to offer. Will it be a new romance, a new job or new life? The passing of one year to the next is an opportunity singles don’t want to miss out on.

They also have that traditional New Years kiss lingering in the back of their mind. Will they miss out or will they find someone to kiss as the clock strikes midnight? Who will it be? Will it be Mr or Mrs Right they meet and kiss on this magical evening?

In reality, those who do land a hot steamy kiss on New Years Eve are usually plucked out of the crowd when other singles see they have no-one to lock lips with. This only happens because everyone has had way too much to drink and inhibitions suddenly disappear because it’s New Years Eve and kissing is expected.

Regretfully, it probably won’t be the magical experience of two strangers meeting, embracing and living happily ever after. No. It will be more like being grabbed by an intoxicated stranger and having their tongue shoved down ya throat!

You know the kisses I mean? The ones that are all tongue and no lips. It’s almost like the lips don’t connect at all as the tongue takes centre stage. In reality, the stranger is probably only an hour off of passing out and it’s like they are trying to get all the tongue action they are going to get all year, in that one sloppy New Year kiss. I’m not too sure what’s so magical about that, but plenty of singles are out there New Years Eve and this is what a large majority experience.

When you stop and think about it, it’s a bizarre phenomenon, this New Years Eve kissing thing. As the clock strikes midnight, french kissing in public is the norm, not the exception. Society dictates that adults and teens for that matter, should have their tongue twisting around in someone else’s mouth. Seriously, it’s one of those traditions which makes me wonder where on earth did this come from?

Was it a shy single who wanted to take advantage of flowing booze and high spirits? Maybe they thought it was the only way they’d actually land a kiss during the year; right smack bang when it starts. Was it some intoxicated stranger who kissed another intoxicated stranger on New Years Eve and started this?

No. Apparently it was the Romans. How many centuries ago was that?! Now those people were known for avid promiscuity because they weren’t only partaking in public kissing! It was more like a New Years Eve orgy and everyone got in on the act. Ha-ha, we think our society is sex oriented. Those randy Romans really knew how to welcome in the New Year with a bang!

It’s quite amusing how their ummm tradition, has made its way into our century in a much tamer fashion and continues to engage singles year after year. Even though they aren’t publicly shagging their way into the New Year like the Romans; there remains a certain magic of New Years Eve for singles. So, if you’re single on New Years Eve, enjoy the freedom, land that kiss and thank heaven and hell you aren’t an ancient Roman!

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Weekend Wit: Let’s Hear It For Single Mums

Today’s topic is single mums. They really are an incredible, almost unbreakable species. Many have capabilities that take womanhood to a whole new level. Yes, there are some who would be very comfortable in a place suited for the Bogan Hunters, but it’s the successful storm-trooper type I’m talking about. Carer, kids, home and they seem to have it all under control, plus have time to join the PTA! Seriously, hats off to you ladies, you really make other women look pretty bloody ordinary.

Regardless of what you might think, single mums do differ from partnered ones. If you’ve ever had a time in your life when you’ve been a single mum, you’ll understand why I say this. Think about it. There’s no one to vent to at the end of a long hard day or discuss how you’re going to move forward into the future. They can’t turn to a partner at 3am and say “Can you get that?” when the kids have woken up for a feed or with a nightmare or a wet bed. Nope, they are on-call 24/7.

Now being a single mum isn’t something most women aspire to be when they are young. Can you imagine that pretty little picture? I want 3 kids under the age of 7 by the time I’m 35, try my heart out in a relationship which is doomed to fail and would then prefer their dad to nick off so I can raise these kids on my own! Mmmm. Not exactly a goal for an easy life!

Sure, some women do opt to be single mums, but that is generally before they are in the thick of it. Like many other things in life, the only way to fully comprehend a situation is to experience it. The reality of life as a single mum is tough, hard work, an absolute endurance, exhausting and all those other adjectives which describe a situation when the work of an entire village is taken on by one woman.

Ironically, married or partnered women tend to stay as far away from this single mum crew as possible. Have you ever wondered why? I’ve thought about it and it actually became pretty obvious. It’s possible that partnered women view single mums as a threat or they see their future and seriously want to avoid looking in that direction.

So let’s look at the first scenario. The single mum as the threat. A threat to what you might ask? Well, everything! Single mums are SINGLE. Strike one. Only confident, trusting or should we say naive women will introduce these types of single mums to their partner.

Not only to they support themselves, dress their kids in designer clothing and footwear, have homes which resemble a photo opportunity in House and Garden, but they are usually quite lovely people and to top it off, many are outstandingly gorgeous. Keeping everything afloat, they manage to stay fit and healthy and radiate confidence, independence and all the other attributes men find irri-bloody-sistable!

For many, the only reason they are single is out of misfortune and bad luck. Partnered women are aware of this and in their quest to retain their lives, they avoid introducing Ms Perfect to their partner. Not that she would go for most of them anyway, but partnered women won’t take that chance. They have grown accustomed to their lives and intent to keep it.

That brings us to threat number two. The single mum can be a vision of the future for many women in unhappy, soul-destroying relationships. If they choose to ditch their partner, this is the type of single mum many of these ladies will need to become. Looking this harsh reality in the face can be daunting and scary. How on earth will they manage to do it?

The reality is many women they know they can’t and hence remain with their partner. These women would rather remain in their crappy relationship than opt to be a single mum. Granted, most know very little about their lives because they avoid them at all costs, bag them for their life choices, ostracize them in the school yard and other family involved functions, yet when it comes to actually  being one, they strategically opt out.

So being a single mum is not for the faint hearted; partnered women will avoid you, men look your way and ogle, plus you are responsible for the kids 24/7. Still, many seem to pull it off with the grace and charm of a princess. What can I say but well done ladies, keep up the good work!

Dating Ideas And Advice During December

Dating in December can be a bit tricky for a couple of reasons. The first is that there are people everywhere. Don’t you wish that they would all nick off because a quiet night at a local restaurant seems to be out of the question. With staff parties and end of year festivities happening, it’s likely you’ll actually need to make a booking. That throws spontaneity totally out the window for the next month or so.

Then there’s the second conundrum. Is it time for your new lover to meet the Fockers or Addams family? You know, those people who share your genes, but have you seriously considering if you were adopted? It might be tempting to take your date with you, but before you do, please keep reading.

So back to the first issue. Instead of heading to overcrowded restaurants during December, why not mixed it up a bit and do things a little different. Take the opportunity to engage the festivities and go along to Christmas pageants, carol evenings, light displays or whatever else your city or local area has going on.

If this sounds like a chore rather than an opportunity, you might want to pack a romantic picnic lunch and drive out to the country for some peace and quiet. You can pick some wild flowers which can still be found in remote areas or support some of the local businesses, strolling peacefully from shop to shop selecting Christmas gifts.

Hey, it certainly beats the hustle and bustle of the local mall! Plus small businesses out of the city will welcome the extra income. You never know what you’ll find as small towns often support local artists who hand make unique trinkets and create some stunning gifts.

If that doesn’t sound enticing, what about hiring a boat and having a day on the water? Or you could visit a museum, art gallery or do a photography tour. Don’t forget about scary night time tours of old jails. That will get the adrenaline pumping and nothing screams seduction like adding a bit of fear into your dating experience!

There’s heaps of options in lieu of sitting down and eating a meal together, so check out what’s around and do something different together. Some experiences need to be booked in advance and others can be spontaneous. Check online for opening times, costs and if any booking is required.

So, with a few dating options covered, what about that fateful family meeting? Maybe they have invited you for Christmas or vice versa. You really need to consider if you are ready to take that step. The family introduction is when things get serious and you are basically stating that this person is your potential life partner.

If you think it might be getting serious and this person is “the one”, the ultimate thing to remember is this; if it weren’t for upcoming family functions would you go out of your way to take this person to meet your family? If you aren’t ready for that, then the answer is relatively clear. Wait until you are certain before you introduce your family or meet theirs.

It maybe that they are keen for you to meet their family. Take this as an indication of where they would like the relationship to go. Once families become part of the equation you are in a serious relationship. If you don’t want that or are unsure then declining the offer and go to your family celebrations solo.

It’s all a matter of personal preference and you need to decide how you feel about the person. It maybe a simple Christmas invite, but often it signifies where the relationship is heading. Be mindful of this and do what feels right. Your gut instinct will usually lead you in the right direction.

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How To Find Your Online Dating Christmas Cracker

‘Tis the season to be jolly, so why not wave goodbye to being single and say hello to a new partner this festive season? With online dating sites such as My Single Friend offering a convenient and simple way to meet people around your busy lifestyle there’s no excuse for being lonely under the mistletoe, so here are five useful tips to find a Christmas cracker.

Write a quirky profile

These days, many people log on to find a potential love match with internet dating now thought to be the second most popular way to pick up a date. That means there are many profiles out there to sift through so try to make yours stand out from the crowd. Be fun, interesting, engaging and avoid waffle at all cost to avoid boring people.

Don’t please the masses

There are many things you could say that are sure to please the masses such as: ‘I’m kind, loving and patient,’ or, ‘I’m hardworking, passionate and loyal.’ These statements are all well and good but they won’t set you apart from anyone else, so try focussing on things you really like and enjoy – even if it excludes the masses. Saying you’re a Star Wars fanatic might send people running for the hills but it could also attract your perfect love match.

Include a picture

Believe it or not, there are many rules to follow if you want to post the perfect profile picture. The right snap could get you noticed so opt for smiley profiles, action shots and full-length images and make sure anything you put online is recent, after all, no one cares how you used to look ten years ago. Professional shots are nice but more natural ones can also be appealing so include a variety.

Use correct spelling and grammar

The strange thing about the internet is that people can and will judge you before they’ve even met you. They’ll scrutinise your photo as well as your spelling and grammar so always check everything thoroughly before posting it as numerous errors can be off-putting. If the written language isn’t your strong point, try writing things in a Word document first and using spellcheck before copying and pasting into your profile. That way you should spot mistakes before your page goes live.

Be honest and open

When people go online they can feel a sudden urge to create a persona and lie about their hobbies, job or appearance. If you’re looking for true love making up lies will do you no favours in the long run, so be as open and honest as possible. The truth has a strange habit of coming out, so don’t say you’re 6ft 4ins if you’re 5ft as this will make a first date awkward and don’t pretend to be in a different profession just to try and impress. Be truthful upfront and you’re more likely to find a suitable love match.

Internet dating is supposed to be fun and could lead to new and exciting opportunities so if you’re single it’s certainly worth giving it a go. You never know, you could find the love of your life which is sure to get 2015 off to a great start.

Weekend Wit: The Art Of Successful Dating

Ever noticed that some of the most important things in life aren’t taught in school or by our folks? Schools teach algebra and where to put a capital letter. Helpful, but irrelevant when it comes to love and learning about life. Parents teach us how to ride a bike, cook and clean (if you’re lucky).  Neither seem to get to the important stuff though. Who teaches us what to do on a date? Expectations during childbirth? Maintaining a long-term relationship? What about raising kids, that’s a biggie. Are we expected to wing that? Apparently so.

Seriously, this stuff is so important, but we all walk around clueless. When we do realize the massive void in our knowledge base and our incapacity to successfully date and reproduce, we jump online for all sorts of info. We basically get our most important education from strangers. So, here’s a little more dating advice from one stranger to another, to add to this weird f###d up world we live in.

Dress nice

Your definition of nice may differ from others so by nice, I mean somewhere between looking for payment at the end of the night and dressing like the local librarian.

Who pays?

If you are on a dinner date, payment happens at the end. Here’s a tip. If you don’t really like the date or want to see them again, pay for your own meal. Nothing screams “you ain’t gettin’ any” like paying for yourself.

Then again, if you are the sort of person who likes free stuff and is ok with hurting others, order the most expensive dish on the menu and get them to pay. When they spend the extra money on fuel to drive you home and swoop in for a goodnight kiss (thinking the date went well), tell them to their face that you don’t want to see them again. You might be a bitch, but least you’ve saved a few dollars and will be a very well feed bitch.

Window shopping

If your date is a window shopper when he’s with you, choose one of two options. The first is to join him in the window shop and catch the eye of some hottie. Walk over to him, introduce yourself and tell them you are with your brother. The hottie will believe it because no self respecting man should window shop on a date. Make sure “your brother” picks up the tab and take his number out of your contact list.

The second optio: You can pick up your things and abandon him. Once again, make sure he pays. I’d recommend you choose the first option though. You actually use him as your wing man and you might be doing his next date a favor. Score one for the girls here! Either way, ditch him. If he doesn’t pay attention to you during a date, he certainly won’t pay attention to you in a relationship.


Okay ladies, this is where you have power and control. Use it, abuse it and let the poor guy know exactly what he’s in for should the relationship progress and you end up getting married. No use putting out initially and shutting up shop when the rings on ya finger. If you are going to be a frigid wife, then be a frigid date and don’t fool him into thinking he’s got a sex goddess.

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Weekend Wit: The Walk Of Shame

The dreaded walk of shame. This person has just snuck out of someone’s home, at 6 am, riddled with self doubt, confusion; possibly a snippet of self loathing. They have a chronic hangover and have little recollection of the previous night. All they know is, when they awoke, they felt a sickening shock at realising they weren’t alone. Who the hell is that? Where did they meet? OMG, what’s their name?

Their only tangible thought is to get the hell out of wherever they are right that second. They would make a dash for the door if they weren’t completely naked. There’s a high possibility they’re about to take an underwear-free walk. What they really need is their phone. Like many humans, life without their phone is an existence just not worth considering.

There’s no way they want to interact with this nameless stranger. Maybe if they leave quick enough, the stranger won’t even recall they were there. Yes, sounds like a plan. They begin creeping around the house, trying to be as quite as taking a poop in a public toilet; but, of course, the quieter they try to be, the louder they are and cringe each time they make a sound.

Heading back to the bedroom, they discover both of their phones sticking out from under the stranger’s pillow. WTF? Oh, no. Is there a recording of this experience? Instantaneously, a whole new level of shame is realised. Contemplating how to retain their dignity, they stand over the stranger and gently attempt to pry the phones from under the pillow. Bit by bit, they get closer to their claim and, after a good five minutes, they finally have both. Phew!

Walking into another room, attempting the password on the stranger’s phone, they think to themselves ‘this could take forever’. Should they steal the stranger’s phone, just in case? Maybe they could take it, have it wiped it clean and mail it back. Oh decisions, decisions!

Determined to sustain at least some level of their previous self respect, they decide to leave the phone and make the getaway. Hopefully, there’s another reason why the phones were under the pillow.

Semi-dressed, they make their way to the door. As anticipated, it will be an underwear-free walk. Opening the door as quietly as possible, they step out and just as they begin to close it gently behind them, a gust of wind comes past and slams it shut, like a nail being belted into a coffin. BANG! Run is their first instinctive thought.

So, rapidly, the underwear-free walk of shame becomes a sprint, which carries on for a block. By then they are totally spent because of all the alcohol they consumed the night before. Additionally, they receive a text. It’s 6 am, who’s texting at this time of the morning? This can’t be good.

Looking down at the name of the sender, they think for themselves ‘I don’t know anyone named…’ Oh, yes, they do. Yep, just as they suspected, it’s not good. That’s why the phones were under the pillow. They’d swapped numbers. The now-named stranger sent a text: “You left your keys”.

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Online Dating : How’s your Lava Life?

If personal ads were the way to meet new people in the Eighties then the Internet and online dating services must surely be the way of the Naughties. From tempting emails to chat room flirtations and ongoing instant message affairs, Internet technology has given us many more ways to flirt and flooze…But how about finding ‘The One’ online? Online dating offers

  • Convenience – you can browse for mate and dates when it suits you
  • Confidence – you can screen prospective dates very thoroughly and reveal your details only when it suit you
  • Control – you call the shots and determine the nature and pace of the relationship

Lavalife is one such service. An online resource for singles dedicated foremost to finding fun and friendship, this world-wide agency ‘offers singles anytime, anywhere connections that make single life a positive, fulfilling and self-esteem building experience through relationship opportunities, social interaction and a like minded community of ideas and information.’ Real-life relationships and more may eventuate – the choice is yours.

Sound good? How does it work I hear you ask?
Go to Lavalife and have a look around. The Be Our Guest option allows you to browse the site to see the kinds of men and women registered there, and if they are interest in dating, romance or something else… You then select your gender and the gender of your partner, then your location (the whole world is listed!) and preferred age bracket and whether you want your prospective date’s picture to be displayed. Indicate the type of relationship you’re after and you’ll be presented with a list of the likely candidates…

In Be Our Guest mode you can look but can’t communicate with any of these strapping, available lads. You can however view their picture and a detailed profile of their likes, hobbies and personal details like eye colour etc.

Phwoar! He’s a bit of all right…
So you want to chat with the 32-year-old 6’2″ blue-eyed book publisher from Brisbane who enjoys reading, wind surfing and Italian food? Or perhaps it’s the muscular 25-year-old Leo from Sydney with the green eyes and taste for fast cars who’s more your speed? The next step is to create profile for yourself on Lavalife by following the Sign Up For Free instructions. You even get to enter a nickname for yourself to ensure your privacy and this allow you to reveal your name only when you feel comfortable…

Once you have a profile and a membership, you can email or send live Instant Messages (if they are online when you are) to your chosen one (or how ever many you’d like, if your playing the field).

Online Dating : How’s your Lava Life? continued

Tips for emails and messages

  • Experiment and find a style and tone that ‘sounds like you’
  • Use an interesting subject line in your message
  • Check spelling and try use a conversational, creative and positive tone
  • Pick-up lines are cheesy and corny and don’t make a good first impression
  • If replying to a profile, mention something about the recipient’s profile that interested you
  • Ask a question or two and include some brief information about yourself
  • Keep things light and friendly, anything else can come across as desperate and needy

It’s that easy.

If you find you click with a person through your emails and messages, you could even take the next step and have a chat on the phone. If all goes well, you could meet in person.

Tips for meeting face to face

  • Speak to them on the phone first
  • Make sure you have a contact phone number for them
  • Let a friend know when the date is, where and with whom
  • Arrange to meet somewhere neutral like a coffee shop to start with
  • Keep it short and sweet for the first few dates – eg a coffee, an art gallery

Online dating could revitalise your love life. But don’t take our word for it. Check out these success stories from Lavalife?

Hi Lavalife,
I did meet someone special three months ago. This coming September we are going to get married. I would like to thank your service, as if not for you I would have never met her.

Thanks again, G. Boal

Dear Lavalife,
Thank you! I really wasn’t sure what I was going to find on your site. I’ve found an amazing fellow. He’s sweet, sexy, and a keeper!! So, I decided to retire my profile for now, because, as flattering as all the attention is, I want to concentrate on this great man… and see how it all works out.


Thanks Lavalife. I’ve met someone wonderful on your site. She’s even planning on moving, so we can be closer.

Keep up the good work!
P. Armstrong


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