This is How You Determine Which Primer You Should Use

And it will transform the look of your foundation.

July 3, 2017

This Is How You REALLY Determine Your Skin Type

If you already know this, you’re a genius.

July 13, 2016

5 Drugstore Moisturisers Under $15

Why spend so much money on your skincare when you just don’t have to? We have found five of the best drugstore moisturisers under $15, which are sure to keep your skin looking and feeling its best during winter.

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Puretopia Sensitive Care Soothing and Comforting Moisturiser, $14.99

Ideal for sensitive skin types, this formula by Puretopia has a light fragrance which won’t break out your skin. The breathable formula can be worn on its own, or layered under makeup for extra hydration.

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Sukin Facial Moisturiser, $9.99

The daily moisturiser is ideal for all skin tones, and helps to boost hydration during the day. Apply generously onto your t-zone, cheeks and neck in the morning and before bed.

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Neutrogena Moisturiser SPF15, $10.49

If you’re having a makeup-free day, this oil free moisturiser is your best option. It offers UVA/UVB sun protection whilst keeping your skin clear and hydrated at all times. Wear it under your foundation, or re-apply as needed on a daily basis.

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Simple Hydrating Light Moisturiser, $3.99

An ultra light moisturiser designed for all skin types, especially if applied before using foundation. You only need a few pumps to cover the face and neck area for the ultimate sun protection.

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Natio Evening Primrose Moisturising Face Lotion, $13.95

Finish off your morning skincare routine with this moisturiser which will leave your skin feeling super-soft. It neutralises oil production for all skin tones and also helps to soften the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles over time.

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May 12, 2015

What Is My Skin Type?

Do you find it difficult determining which skin type you have? Oily, sensitive, dry, and even combination types are difficult to determine if your skin is inconsistent. We have outlined the six main skin types below, and how you can recognise which one you have.

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Oily skin

Oily skin usually absorbs moisture really quickly due to larger pores. The t-zone is the worst place for someone suffering from oily skin, since this is where most of the build-up occurs. People suffering from oily skin will need to blot their face numerous times per day, and will most likely be accompanied by an oily scalp.

What Is My Skin Type?

Dry skin

Skin which is dry all year-round can feel dry and scaly. The cheeks and forehead are the worst areas, since skin can feel tight and irritable even after a gentle cleanse. Red patches are a common occurrence since skin dries up very fast and feels itchy and irritable.

What Is My Skin Type?

Combination skin

Combination skin is one of the most common skin types, since it’s both oily and dry on different parts of the face. An oily t-zone is accompanied by dry, or itchy cheeks which break-out after a cleanse.

What Is My Skin Type?

Sun-damaged skin

Skin which has been damaged as a result of premature ageing will often have frown lines on the forehead, and deep crows feet around the eyes. Take care when heading out into the sun, and always apply an SPF if you’re out and about.

What Is My Skin Type?

Sensitive skin

Sensitive skin is easily irritated by moisturisers, serums, makeup, and generally products packed with fragrance. Red patches around the nose, cheeks, and chin are most likely to occur, and it’s important to keep your skincare routine as simple as possible.

What Is My Skin Type?

Normal skin

People with normal skin usually have an even skin tone, and no particular pigmentation issues. Although this skin type is quite rare, it does exist! Pores are very small, and bumps or blemishes rarely appear unrelated to menstrual cycles.

What Is My Skin Type?

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November 26, 2014