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Here are our Meet Men pointers:

  • Shoot pool at the local pool hall – this is especially useful if you have any skill.
  • Watch sporting events at a sports bar with some friends. Your friends might talk to his friends then he will definitely talk to you.
  • Hang out at a popular beach – but try to at least look like you are doing something other than trolling for surfers.
  • Join a local sporting club – every Tuesday night will turn into a fun weekday night if you meet an interesting bunch of guys.
  • Find out if your local bike shop has a biking group you can join. Or go to a popular bike trail and hang out at the popular resting spots – but don’t linger too long cause you might meet some weirdo.
  • Don’t bother doing your laundry at home, do it at your local laundromat. Check his laundry basket to make sure he’s single.
  • Grocery shop late at night or late Saturday morning. Check out his eating habits by the contents of his cart.
  • Walk your dog. If you don’t have a dog, walk your neighbour’s dog. People stop and talk to you when you have a dog.
  • Get to some local council meetings, there may be some very eligible men who are concerned about the area they live in and issues that affect the community.
  • Very the things you love to do and you’ll meet guys who have similar interests.
  • Don’t join a uni-sex rugby team if you hate rugby you certainly won’t last.
  • Smile. It makes you a lot more attractive and is a real ice breaker
  • If you have done the above and still can’t meet men, you should ask yourself if there are bigger issues at hand or maybe move to Italy where there are more men.

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