Kick The Habit This No Smoking Day

You still see them every time you go into town for a night out. It happens around every 45 minutes or so, a small group will collect their coats, step outside and huddle together in the cold.

These people are, of course, smokers and – although national statistics say that the amount of people smoking in the UK has fallen to its lowest number since records began – they’re still a fairly common sight.

It’s National No Smoking Day today and this year, there is a secret weapon available for those who want to kick the habit. They look like cigarettes, act like cigarettes, but with one significant difference… they’re smoke free.

E-cigarettes are at peak popularity at the moment. According to a new report, sales of electronic cigarettes – or “vapourisers” – rose by 49.5 per cent in 2014, with an estimated 17.3 million devices sold in the UK alone.

What’s so strange about e-cigarettes, is the fact that the general public know very little about how they actually work. In conversation, they’re simply explained as cigarettes that expel vapour instead of smoke… but that actually raises more questions than it answers!

How do they do this? And more importantly can they help people stop smoking?

To help try and raise the veil surrounding e-cigs, we used some information provided to us by Phoenix eLiquid to answer a few of the burning questions surrounding the topic:

How do they work?

A heating element at one end aerosolises a liquid nicotine solution, and the vapour is inhaled through a mouthpiece

Can they help people stop smoking?

A study of over nearly 6,000 smokers conducted by UCL, principally funded by Cancer Research UK, claims people attempting to quit without professional help are 60% more like likely to succeed using e-cigarettes.

What makes up an e-cig?

A standard e-cigarette consists of four main parts:


Power button


Charger point

Would you consider the use of an e-cigarette to quit smoking?