The Sneaker Must-Haves This Season

It’s not often that a fashion trend is as long-lasting and as comfortable as the sneaker trend that has been around for a few years now. Sneakers are everywhere and have become acceptable and fashionable outside the gym.

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While I was waiting for the bus this morning, 5 out of the 6 girls around me were wearing running shoes and there wasn’t a single gym bag in sight.

It’s time to kick your heels off! If you haven’t got a good pair of sneakers in your wardrobe already (an even if you do), these are the four sneaker must-haves of the moment that you will want to get your hands on.

The styler ($130)

adidas original supercolour

The adidas Superstar Supercolor sneakers come in 50 different colours – pretty much every colour you could want – and were designed in collaboration with Pharrell Williams. Needless to say, these bold sneakers are for those who like to make a fashion statement.

The runner ($160)

Nike Flyknit Yellow

The Nike Roshe Flyknit is the perfect example of a running shoe that is too pretty to be used only during your workouts. Not only are they super light, but the honeycomb weave style takes the classic Nike shoe to another level of awesomeness.

The worker ($402)

Marc Jacobs sneaker

This is the sneaker for people that don’t like sneakers. With their monochrome look and leather fringe details, these Marc Jacobs shoes will give you the comfort of a sneaker and the elegance of loafers. Ideal for outfits that require a bit more sophistication.

The designer ($870)

Burberry sneaker

The Lamborghini  among the sneakers, these Burberry shoes don’t come cheap and should definitely not be worn at the gym. They’re every fashionista’s dream and will be appropriate with any outfit and at any occasion as long as you tell everyone that they’re Burberry, darling.

Images via, Adidas, Style Bop, Burberry

Current Trends That Were Once SO Uncool

There are a handful of trends that have emerged in the past year that, some time ago, were so not cool. Trends come and go, but these ones appear to have hit the hot list for the first time in 2014.

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Birkenstocks were always built for practicality and comfort, never for style. They are the Volvo of footwear. Before 2014, you might have seen them worn by tourists or daggy parents. However, this year, these slip-ons are hot property – with the fashion elite jumping at the chance to own a pair. Other footwear brands are even imitating the Birkenstock sandal! Pair with casual jeans for that laid-back look.

Image via The Fashion Tag

Double denim

Remember Britney and Justin at the VMAs? Who would have thought the Canadian tuxedo would become your go-to outfit? Olivia Palermo, Kim Kardashian, Jessica Alba and Miranda Kerr are all loving this look. The rules: don’t wear the same shade of denim. Style with funky accessories and statement shoes. We’re loving Kerr’s preference for leopard print footwear.

dailymailImage via Daily Mail UK

 Clashing prints

Tropical, geometric, floral, animal – where does it end? Nowhere, apparently. As we move past the age of normcore, we welcome the era of… well, oddcore. Anything goes in 2014, where you can wear your floral skirt with your tiki top and be the most stylin’ person in the room. Follow SHESAID’s style guide for clashing prints.

kani kImage via K is for Kani

Sneakers and jeans 

Did Jerry Seinfeld have it right all along? Trendy trainers are in right now, even with your denim! Try a pair of neon Nikes with your double denim.

casaandcompany.comImage via Casa and Company

Feature image via Daily Mail

Trendy Sneakers Under $100

The sneaker trend is definitely not leaving anytime soon, with celebrities such as Cara Delevingne and actress Kristen Stewart showing us a number of ways to wear these comfy shoes. Although where do we actually start? Low tops, high tops, or even plimsolls?

With so much selection out there, we should you how to bag a bargain with these 5 sneakers under $100.

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Nike Blazer Mid Black Suede Trainers, $79.85

Cant go past a classic pair of Nike shoes, and these are definitely no exception. The suede outer lining makes them perfect if you wish to create some texture with your selection of shoes (especially if your wardrobe is primarily made of monochromatic colours)

Trendy Sneakers Under $100Superga Cotu Classic Trainers, $75.75

These white canvas trainers are perfect for a sunny day out, since they are comfortable and don’t put much pressure on the heel or toes. Wear with a pair of blue jeans, or even a skater dress for the warmer weather. Featuring an almond toe, laces and a rubber sole for extra durability.

Trendy Sneakers Under $100Vans Womens Era 2 Tone Shoe – Leopard Herringbone, $100

Spice up your monochromatic wardrobe with these leopard-print sneakers which are super-easy to style. The flat sole makes them comfortable to wear all day long – especially if you’re constantly out and about.

Trendy Sneakers Under $100ASOS Dockland Plimsolls, $28.52

With a soft, fluffy finish and a sturdy rubber base, this is the perfect daytime shoe on a budget. Pair with jeans on a chilly day, or shorts/skirt for when the temperature is warmer. The high-cut style will also avoid any chance of toe cleavage!

Trendy Sneakers Under $100

Shakuhachi Marble High Top, $80.40

A beautiful sneaker if you love a bit of print without going overboard. The cracked marble trend is clearly one to look out for this summer, and you can easily wear this style during a casual day off.

Trendy Sneakers Under $100

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