Best-ever sex!

Q. I have a great sex life with my partner but we’re not very adventurous. What can we do to spice things up a bit? A. Couples can spice up their relationship through fantasy and sensuality so here are a few ideas:

Dress up and meet your partner at a bar, club or cafe and chat them up taking on new names and persona. Express the playful side and see if your discover something new about your partner by taking on a new role.

Sharing your sexual fantasies can bring a new dimension into play, if you feel embarrassed by this read Nancy Friday’s books on erotic fantasies for men or women.

Learn to do a strip tease for your lover by doing a dance routine, finding music that turns you on, soft lighting and dress up in layers so you are able to undress using the tease as the main theme.

Q. What’s the single most important thing a woman can do to have a great sex life?

A. Having great sex starts with ourselves by feeling turned on and erotic. Often we project onto our partner that they have to turn us on which means that we are always looking outside of ourselves. To feel sexy and sensual, to expand into pleasure and orgasms we need to be able to go inside relax and enjoy, through this we can have great sex without expectation and pressure.

Q. What can I do to overcome the hurt of a past relationship so I can move on?

A. As a sex and relationship therapist I do think that counseling is important because it gives people the opportunity not to carry with them the old patterns that have created the hurt. I have watched many of my clients create successful new relationships without dragging the old pain and hurt with them. It does require a commitment on my clients behalf of wanting to change and to see that the old hurts don’t have to be re-experienced.

Jo-Anne Baker B.A. M.A. C.Psych. is well known as one of Australia’s leading Sex Entrepreneurs Therapist and Educators. Her business The Pleasure Spot was established in 1993 and was the first in Australia to cater to women and couples sexuality, with a mail order product catalogue. www.pleasurespot.com.au

February 3, 2004

How to Spice up your Sex Life?

There’s been a bit of a buzz about vibrators at the moment, but there are plenty of other toys and tools out there to help ease you into the wonderful world of spicy sex. Here’s the SheSaid guide to the latest bedroom accessories – you’ll have fun and games in the bedroom and a cheeky smile on your face all week…Sexy massage

Massage is a great way to relax and unwind, but it’s also a great chance to explore your partner’s body (or your own for that matter)! Massage oils and lotions range from the simple unscented oils such as sweet

almond oil to totally indulgent edible massage oil in a wild fruit fragrance. Top tip: Always lay a towel over the bed when using massage oils as oil is notoriously hard to get out of your crisp white Sheridan sheets’.Set the scene

Candlelight is not only flattering, it’s totally sensual and warming. Keep a supply of candles on hand to use when you want to set a seductive mood in your room. Choose from divine scented candles, gorgeous baby tealights or thick beeswax pillars for the ultimate in mood lighting.

That tickles!

French Ticklers have been around for years as a saucy

add-on for sexy encounters. Coming in a range of shapes (and colours) these guys are rolled on the penis like a condom – the end featuring a textured latex or rubber ‘tickler’ designed really tickle your fancy…Use one with your favourite penis or over your favourite battery-power pal. Top tip: Ensure that you use plenty of lubricant when trying out these babies…Oral Sex Rings

Sweet as sugar with the flavour and texture of Gummi Bears, these little treats are designed to be worn just behind the head of the penis – for added flavour! Providing extra incentive for longer licking,

are totally edible Oral Sex Rings and a deliciously devilish way to spice up your next session…Feather sticks

For a simple, playful way to turn your bedroom into a boudoir, invest in a lusciously soft Feather Stick. Use the feather as an alternative to a sensual massage – you’ll have you partner writhing with ecstacy and begging for more. Top

If they’ve been very bad, you can always give them a little spanking with the stick…Sexy supplies

Keep your sexy supplies How to Spice up your Sex Life in a safe place, dedicate a draw in your room to your collection of lotions, potions and more. Not only will this ensure your privacy, but your sexy draw will be the source of inspiration whenever the urge takes you. Treat the draw as a lucky dip – reach in and pull out the first sexy item you touch, then incorporate it into your next steamy session. Lucky dip indeed.

The key to really spicing up your sex life is communication. Make time to discuss different sexual ideas with your partner and create a loving, trusting sexual haven where you can introduce toys, games and more into you sex life. Your only limit is your imagination.

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August 13, 2002