Creative Spring Date Ideas

With cold weather on its way out (finally!), the season for romantic dates beyond the movie theater and coffee shop is here. Here’s a list of creative spring date ideas that make the most of the season.

Visit a farmers market and host spring brunch

Sick of seeing the same root vegetables at the market? Yep, us too. Visit your local farmer’s market and pick up some new season produce, like fresh basil, tomatoes and berries. Don’t forget a bunch of daffodils to brighten your space. Then come home and cook a spring brunch – don’t forget the mimosas with fresh berries!

Host a chocolate festival

Grab a chocolate cookbook and prepare a chocaholic feast together! Master the art of soufflés, whip up a fluffy chocolate mousse, and get messy rolling chocolate truffles.

Volunteer at your local animal shelter

Cuddle and play with kittens and puppies, and don’t forget to ask the staff which of the older pets could most use some extra love. Take them for a walk – they’ll love feeling the sun on their fur too!

Enjoy nature together

You’ve been stuck indoors for months. Go on a hike or a visityour local botanical garden and celebrate the start of the warmer months. You could also turn the trip into a “treasure hunt” to see who spots different flowers or birds first.

Get planting!

Even if you live in an apartment everyone can enjoy their own herb garden. Pick up some herbsand a box planter at your local garden center, and get planting. Soon you’ll be enjoying fresh, fragrant herbs (and the pride of growing it yourself!).

March 15, 2014

5 Fun Spring Date Ideas

After spending months inside avoiding the cold, it’s time to get outside with your loved one and enjoy the warmer weather. If it’s not outdoors, forget about it. You just spent months hibernating inside.

Enjoy some of these fun date ideas that will definitely add a spark into your love life this spring.

Get competitive
Golf is the perfect opportunity for you and your date to get outside and have some flirty fun. Now, not everyone may be a fan of shooting 18 holes at your nearest golf course. Instead, who doesn’t love a little competitive fun at the local mini golf course, so grab your sweetie and kick some butt. Make some risqué bets to make the mini golf experience even sexier.

Get beachy
The water’s warming up, but even if it’s still a little nippy, the beach is the perfect place to get a little rest and relaxation, and fresh air, with your honey. Bring a blanket and watch the sunset, or pack some snacks for a picnic on the beach.

Go green
Whether you have a backyard or just a balcony, gardening is a fun way to bond. If you both enjoy gardening, all the better. Get dirty outside by planting your favourite fruits and vegetables, or a some fragrant herbs in a planter on the balcony. Just imagine all the delicious things you will be able to cook up with your partner in the near future.

Dine outside
Beer gardens are open again so head to your local pub and while away an afternoon over cold beers, or enjoy a leisurely alfresco dinner along the water. There’s nothing better than sitting outdoors in the warm spring air, sharing a bottle of wine and great food. Don’t forget your cardi as it can get chilly!

Get active
Exercise may not be at the top of your list of most romantic date ideas, but being active releases endorphins, which makes you happy, and gives you a natural high. Now, skip the gym. That’s inside and doesn’t count. Instead, grab a bike or rent some kayaks, hike the woods or stroll a local park. Getting active together in a fun way will allow you to both feel great about yourselves, as well as one another. Plus, all that hot sweaty activity could lead to some exciting activities later on at night!

What’s your favourite spring date idea?

October 3, 2013