Andy Murphy’s Spring Racing Fashion Tips

DJ, producer, Schweppes Flemington Fling Ambassador and style icon Andy Murphy shares his best Spring Racing fashion tips from hats to heels so you can look your best at the Races!

Keep a modest hemline
The Spring Racing Carnival is not the time to whip out a slinky mini-dress – save it for the after party. Simple and chic looks feature predominately on my best dressed list each season for the girls, but that doesn’t mean you have to leave the fashion forward looks at the gate.  

Get it right with white
I love how effortlessly cool the head-to-toe white look is on the ladies this season. I do suggest however taking extra care when sipping on the carnival’s signature drink, the Schweppes Flemington Fling, and keep it cool in the Flemington Fling Bar in the Hill stand –  where I’ll be DJ’ing each race day –  to avoid unwanted grass-stains!

Have fun fascinating
The millenary on offer is amazing, so if you are going with a relatively plain dress, why not pair it with an interestingly structured headpiece in cobalt blue or an oversized flower in emerald.

Choose killer shoes that are kind to your feet
Heels trackside are great for creating polished elegant finish on your look, but be sure to pick a style and a height which you can comfortably wear for the duration of the day. Going barefoot on the track is a massive no-no and I will be mixing it up on the decks in the Schweppes Flemington Fling Bar… so you may want to bring your dancing shoes

Steer clear of matchy-matchy
There is such a thing as too much coordination. I know matching you’re bag and hat was the done thing when our grandparents were punters but the world has progressed now hasn’t it…mix it up!

Blame it on the weatherman but only if he’s wrong
Goosebumps are never a good look so if it’s cold, take a jacket. Likewise if you’re heading trackside in the heat, be sure to apply sunscreen and take a pair of sunglasses – red is a hot hue but not in terms of your complexion!

What are you wearing on Race Day this year?

The Schweppes Flemington Fling Bar will be open to the public from 9:30am until 30 minutes after last race on AAMI Victoria Derby Day (Saturday, 2 November), Emirates Melbourne Cup (Tuesday, 5 November), Crown Oaks Day (Thursday, 7 November) and Emirates Stakes Day (Saturday, 9 November).

Check out Andy’s Spring Racing style tips for guys!

October 29, 2013

Andy Murphy’s Spring Racing Fashion Tips for Guys

DJ, producer and Schweppes Flemington Fling Ambassador Andy Murphy shares his Spring Racing Fashion tips for men – make sure you pass these tips on to the man in your life, friends and colleagues!

Mix it up with colour
A crisp white shirt is perfect for Derby Day’s traditional monochrome attire. However, I suggest having a bit of fun with the other race days by injecting some colour and bold prints into your shirts and ties. I’ll be taking inspiration from the Melbourne Cup Carnival’s signature drink, the Schweppes Flemington Fling with some corals and mints this season.

Style up don’t dress up
While I encourage having fun with your look, it’s important to remain in line with the style code. Repurposing last week’s Halloween costume or turning up trackside in a neon suit will definitely see you placed on the less favourable end of the Hot or Not scale.

Work wear won’t work
You may be well versed in suiting up each day but it’s important not to confuse your corporate and trackside looks. Playing around with men’s accessories like handkerchiefs and trilby hats will let people know you’ve clocked off for the day and ready for fun. In saying that, it’s probably one to consider for those planning to pull a lunchtime sickie and catch the last few races of the Thursday’s Oaks Ladies Day – I suggest changing into your new get-up once you’ve exited the building!

Leather is a shoe-in every time
Remember that a muddy track is not the place for suede loafers. Not only are they too casual for race days but you run the risk of looking like you’ve come straight off the soccer field or worse, like you’ve been jumping in the puddles.

Rock the sock
Don’t get me wrong the rule still stands that no pants should be shorter than the socks, but to add a pop of colour or a bit of a print clash start from the ground and work up – quite literally!

Don’t fear a bit of flower power
To finish your look as a Melbourne Cup Carnival pro, be sure to look up the flower code for each race meet and wear the appropriate boutonniere. Who knows the red rose of Stakes Day may come in handy if you spot a nice filly trackside.

What’s your favourite Spring Racing fashion tip for men?

October 28, 2013