5 Beauty Products To Fall In Love With This Season

If you’re thinking about giving your beauty bag a makeover, these product gems are a must.

The Spring Beauty Art Of Vajazzling: Tacky Or Trendy?

Will you vajazzle yourself this spring? It’s the season of the fake tan and vajazzling, whereby if you so desire, you can have a sparkly secret in your pants just begging to be celebrated.

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Vajazzling, which has taken the US by storm and been popularised by the likes of actor Jennifer Love Hewitt (pictured), is like Mardi Gras for your lady parts. It’s a spring/summer beauty trend which is the act of applying glitter and jewels made from Swarovski crystals to your pubic area.

A portmanteau of the words “vagina” and “bedazzle”, vajazzling is typically performed at a beauty salon. It follows a Brazilian wax treatment, whereby all the hair is removed from your lady garden, and sees crystals applied to your bare pubic area using adhesive.

What’s more, you can go all out and get the pretty crystals applied to other body areas such as your stomach, back, waist, arm, neck and legs.

A typical vajazzle application only lasts a few days; by the time your pubic hair grows back, the vajazzling crystals will have fallen off on their own. Costs vary and some beauty salons still don’t perform the procedure.

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A word of warning ladies: the cosmetic adhesives used in vajazzling – not to mention the crystals – may cause skin irritation to your freshly waxed pubic area, already aggravated by the Brazilian wax. In fact, one US obstetrician recently advised women to spend their money on sexy lingerie or a good pair of shoes instead, as they’ll last longer.

So, what do men think of the art of vajazzling? Is it something they’re into?

My husband is not a fan, preferring my lady garden unadorned. “What on earth do you need that for?” he asked ahgast, when I informed him of this spring/summer beauty trend.

Next up, I asked a male friend – another typical blokey bloke – for his thoughts on the topic. The conversation went like this:

Me: “What do you think of vajazzling?”

Him: “Huh?”

Me: “What do you think of women adorning their freshly-waxed pubic areas with pretty crystals and glitter?”

Him: “I think that’s kinda weird. Wouldn’t it just get in the way?”

However, as with any beauty trend, women will do as they damn well please. And if a good vajazzling helps a woman feel great about herself this spring/summer and it honours and celebrates her beautiful, private lady parts, who is anyone to judge?

Interestingly, Ella Baché’s national franchise network is able to perform the procedure if so desired, depending on demand, but it’s not something the brand is pushing as a whole. However, the salons do regularly perform Brazilian wax treatments.

“Ella Baché, and the Ella Baché salons, are not against vajazzling – it’s the individual salons’ choice to offer the service,” says Ella Baché national marketing manager Alison Navarrete.

“However, it is not in the overarching menu of salon services, as we are skincare brand offering skincare treatments which are results-driven.”

beauty, spring/summer beauty trends; pubic art

What do you think? Do you vajazzle?

Images via theisozone.com, miss.at, theglow.com.au

How To Nail The Latest And Greatest NYC Trends

The NYC nail trends forecast for 2015 is hot, hot, hot! In the lead-up to New York Fashion Week 2015, from February 12-19, celebrity nail artists have been hard at work backstage fine-tuning their handiwork on the plethora of new nail trends for 2015.

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nail art, NYC nail trends, nail varnish

Here, Nicole Lee, co-founder of NYC-based cosmetic brand LAQA & Co. Cosmetics gives SHESAID readers the low-down on what varnishes we need to buy now to stay on-trend.

“This year we’ll be seeing sweet pastels, metallic hues, clean whites and the new favourite, negative space: graphic polish designs that show a little bit of naked nail,” Nicole says. “We’ve also seen huge requests for subtle spring sparkles, a classic white with a touch of gold.”

nail art, NYC nail trends, nail varnish

Top 3 hot US nail brands you need now:

  1. Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics: Created with the editorial manicurist in mind, the NYC brand’s Nail Lacquer range is densely pigmented, quick-drying and super long-lasting. The result is lots of colour using very little product, for nails that are camera-ready just moments after application. Best of all, the OCC range is 100 per cent vegan and cruelty free.
    Top picks include Pool Boy, $24, an opaque turquoise, which is akin to a summer holiday in a bottle. Cheaper than a plane ticket, spoil yourself with this adventurous blue!nail art, NYC nail trends, nail varnishNext up, Black Metal Dahlia, $24, is perfect for a powerful handshake. This red demands attention and is pretty, deep and long-lasting.nail art, NYC nail trends, nail varnish
  2. Lime Crime: Founded by make-up renegades from Los Angeles, Lime Crime is committed to producing the most kick-arse, true-to-colour, cruelty-free and vegan cosmetics possible.
    Top picks include Milky Ways, $15, a glam, creamy, vanilla splash of white. This is effortless chic for off-duty glam.nail art, NYC nail trends, nail varnish
    Next up, Parfait Day, $15, is a delicious candy-sweet pink akin to a strawberry milkshake. This baby is perfect with the “bambi eyes” trend and a nude lip.nail art, NYC nail trends, nail varnish
  3. LAQA & Co.: This NYC-based cosmetic brand aims to deliver convenient products with an effortless, professional result. Packaged in unique artwork by young, emerging artists, these babies are precious, little pieces of art with a percentage of every product purchased contributed towards the artists themselves to further their potential.Top picks include the Gold Fleck + Pink Manicure Duo, $22, a double-ended polish pen with random-cut gold fleck. Simply brush over touch-dry nails for the latest nail trend. Love!nail art, NYC nail trends, nail varnishNext up, check out pretty melon shade Tweedledee Nail Polish, $18, an awesome shade perfect for pool parties, cocktail hour and the list goes on.nail art, NYC nail trends, nail varnishFinally, the fabulously named, Ankle Biter Nail Polish, $18, (pictured) is worthy of attention for its divine, rose-gold hue.

    nail art, NYC nail trends, nail varnish

All nail brands are available for sale at Lulu and Lipstick via www.luluandlipstick.com.