How To Stay Fit And Healthy During The Holidays

Amongst the eating, drinking, family get-togethers and sales shopping, it’s important to maintain your health over the holidays. Keep these tips from Hopewood Health Retreat naturopath Jenny Colless-Buhn in mind and you’ll feel happier and ready to enjoy the festivities.

1. Eat lots of fresh fruit and vegetables Think colour when eating fruit and vegetables. Eating a variety of different colours gives your body a wide range of valuable nutrients like vitamin A, C, potassium, magnesium and fibre. 2. Limit processed foods, sugar and saturated fats Most of your energy comes from the quality of the foods you eat. Natural foods will ensure that you’ll feel more energised and more able to keep on top of your busy Christmas plans. 3. Drink water In Australia, Christmas can be one of our hottest periods of the summer. Don’t fall into the trap of spending the day racing around, not thinking about your hydration levels. Drink plenty of fluids (not sugary ones!) to keep yourself hydrated and you will concentrate better, look better and feel better. Quick tip: Start your day with 25% lemon juice in warm water – a great source of vitamin C! 4. Don’t overindulge All those delicious offerings can be tempting, but you’ll enjoy it more if you keep your portions small. Focus on the taste and not the quantity. Too many sweets and rich food can be hard for your body to process, resulting in headaches, stomach pain, and a feeling of sluggishness. Be sure to practice moderation when it comes to food and your body will thank you. 5.Have healthy snacks handy Why not freeze some berries into ice cubes and add them to your drink or have as an ice block? There are many beautiful fruits in season now—mango, nectarines, peaches, apricots—why not slice some up and arrange them artfully on a snack tray? Quick tip: When preparing a meal, aim to have 60% salad on your plate. 6. Keep up your regular exercise plan Regular movement is important to keep the body healthy and well tuned. Exercise increases the metabolism, gives a feeling of wellbeing and is known to give you more energy. You’ll find those tired, stressed feelings can disappear with a simple walk or yoga stretching. 7. Be sure to get enough sleep and relaxation You can’t handle all the tasks of the Christmas period along with your normal work and lifestyle if you don’t give yourself the chance to rest. Practising meditation or listening to a relaxation tape for 15 minutes can do wonders to restore your vitality. Quick tip: Limit your caffeine and alcohol intake to ensure a good night’s sleep. 8. Remember what the holidays are all about As the list of things to do grows longer and time grows shorter, it is easy to lose sight of what is important to us at this time. Don’t forget what Christmas and the holidays mean to you. Whenever you feel overwhelmed by all your holiday preparations take a moment to yourself and put everything back in perspective.

December 28, 2011

A Clean Break – continued

Now, give yourself a break – one of the things most people miss the most is the physical affection of a relationship. Humans need touch to stay healthy. Book yourself a Hawaiian Ka Huna massage or gorgeous uplifting aromatherapy massage for that first Sunday morning alone. Next meet a friend for lunch or dinner somewhere you would NEVER have gone with him (and order a dish with enough garlic to murder fifty vampires – your immune system needs it).Sit down in a park or by the beach and write a list of all the things you wanted to do and be when you were little. What steps can you take with your time to get there? Look at your weekly routine. Feel refreshed by all the time you have now to focus on your dreams! Was Thursday traditionally pizza and beer night with the ex? What movies, plays or bands can you now organise to see with your friends? What are 5 books you’ve been meaning to read for the past six months? Always wanted to write a novel or run a marathon? Set aside some time each night to devote to these goals. Yeah, those lonely pangs will still drift in and out no matter how busy you keep – but with new things to focus on they’ll grow less and less frequent.

Work with these ideas for a few weeks and you’ll soon find your ex turns into a smaller and smaller dot in your rear-view mirror.

You’re the star of the movie now!

By Louisa Deasey

October 29, 2002