7 Cool Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Your Vagina

From their size to their function, vaginas really are amazing things. 

Between the sheets – Ask him to give you a belly orgasm.

Yeah, we hadn’t heard of it either!Sit erect on the edge of a chair. He should stand behind you and place his hands, pointing downwards, in a triangle on your abdomen-and rub. You’ll feel your ovaries get warm and tingle a bit. Breathe deeply. You’ll soon begin to feel a sexy buzz.

Get him to tickle your Ahh! zone.

Known as the anterior fornix zone, it’s a soft, squashy bump located on the front wall of the vagina between the G-spot and the cervix. This hot spot, kind of like a second G-spot, has awesome bliss potential-studies show that stroking here helps women to become easily lubricated and experience single or multiple orgasms during sex.

Hear this: Ears are an underrated erogenous zone.

The lobe and the small area behind the shell have a hot line to the nerves. Stimulation from a darting tongue or a light, probing finger can be a powerful aphrodisiac especially when combined with heavy breathing into the ear. Some men find it so exciting they actually climax from it.

Between the sheets – Sick of the missionary position?

Sick of the old missionary position? Why not try this creative variation.

This position is slightly more technically advanced than the basic missionary position for the adventuresome couple only!
The person on bottom and the person on top switch leg positions. The person on bottom closes their legs (in the missionary position, the legs straddle (the person on top)). The person on top straddles the legs of the person on bottom. Visually, at least in my mind, it looks as if the person on top is doing a wide-legged push up. The benefit of this position is simple: for the person on top, additional stimulation to the penis and for the person on bottom, additional sensations on the inner thighs. Caution: the top position is a good physical workout. Expect to sweat.