9 Most Popular Wedding Hairstyles Of All Time

Are you searching for a classic hairstyle for your own nuptials over the next few months?

From celebrities such as Anja Rubik to Avril Lavigne, we have compiled a list of nine popular wedding hairstyles of all time, that you can choose from for your big day. Who said that wedding planning had to be stressful?

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9. Top knot

This classic hairstyle can suit every single woman (with the help of some super-strength extensions). Create the illusion of thicker looking hair with a flattering high bun, which can also be accessorised with flowers and other little trinkets.

10 Popular Wedding Hairstyles Of All Time

8. Side bun

The humble side bun is the perfect style for a beach wedding since it looks so effortless. Wear with a pair of diamond earrings to finish off the look, and of course keep a bottle of sea-salt spray at the ready!

10 Popular Wedding Hairstyles Of All Time

7. Half up

Another popular style which keeps any stray hairs away from your face during this long day. Clip your veil carefully into place without fear of it moving around during the nuptials at the beginning of the ceremony.

10 Popular Wedding Hairstyles Of All Time

6. Loose curls

What would we do without some classic loose curls for the bridal party? This is one of the most popular hairstyles for brides because it looks better as the day goes on. Part hair at an angle to create the illusion of added volume.

10 Popular Wedding Hairstyles Of All Time

5. Super straight

Keep it looking classy with a super-sleek hairstyle for your wedding day. This is a fantastic option for women with naturally straight hair, because it requires little to no maintenance.

10 Popular Wedding Hairstyles Of All Time

4. Side swept

An elegant hairstyle which will keep hair in place regardless of wind or humidity. Keep your bangs in place all day by curling away from the face, and carefully pinning to the side before the ceremony.

10 Popular Wedding Hairstyles Of All Time

3. Milkmaid braids

Another hairstyle which photographs beautifully are the milkmaid braids. Ideal for thinner hair, simply braid and cross over in the centre, before pinning down any stray hairs.

10 Popular Wedding Hairstyles Of All Time

2. French twist

A classy undo which conceals any thin patches of hair, and looks timeless in photographs. Embrace any stray hairs at the nape of the neck, since it only adds to this undone look.

10 Popular Wedding Hairstyles Of All Time

1. Flower wreath

This is a must-have for a spring or summer-time wedding taking place outdoors. Keep hair looking simple and classy, but add a flower wreath or garland to be the main focus of the entire look.

10 Popular Wedding Hairstyles Of All Time

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How To: Jennifer Aniston’s Layered Locks

Keep hair sleek and straight by taking Jennifer Aniston’s famous locks as an inspiration.

This look works for women at any age, and is super-easy to achieve if you don’t have time on your hands. Use a few of our holy grail products to create this look – and make it last!

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1. Make sure you’re working with freshly washed hair. Pay attention to your ends, and use a deep-cleansing conditioner to lock-in shine and keep frizz away.

Screen shot 2014-12-18 at 7.15.23 PMO&M Original Detox Conditioner, $29.95

2. While hair is still damp, use a de-tangling spray and concentrate the majority towards the ends of your hair. Carefully comb to remove any knots without compromising thick, voluminous hair!

Screen shot 2014-12-18 at 7.16.52 PM

Goldwell Dualsenses Ultra Volume Volumizing Detangler, $19.95

3. Blow-dry hair on a cool temperature since this causes the least amount of damage to your hair. Make sure hair is completely dry, then scrunch the roots with your fingers for extra volume.

4. Use a heat spray and lightly mist hair from root to tip. Choose a formula which isn’t too sticky, as it can leave a greasy residue once hair has been dried.

Screen shot 2014-12-18 at 7.18.00 PM

Lee Stafford Heat Protection Straightening Mist, $16.95

5. For super-straight locks, straightening irons are the easiest way to make this happen. Section your hair starting from top to bottom, and slowly capture the hair into the irons for best results. If you have shorter layers at the front, you may want to straighten them inwards just like Jen!

Screen shot 2014-12-18 at 7.19.03 PM

ghd IV styler, $239

Image via Fancy Hairstyle

Different Ways To Curl Long Hair

Having long hair can often be a burden and a joy at the same time, especially if you need some serious body to accessorise those super-straight locks. Curling your hair is the best way to give the illusion of some volume, especially if you love to experiment with your hairstyles.

But the technique itself takes a lot of practice, coupled with the fact that your hair might not make it last the distance! Below are just a few different ways to curl long hair, and keep it looking fabulous all day.

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Straightening iron

One of the easiest and time efficient ways to curl your hair is with a straightening iron, (especially if you want to keep your hairstyling products to a minimum). Start with freshly washed and dried hair, making sure that you’ve applied a heat-protectant to the ends.

Start by seectioning off your hair and grab pieces which are as thin as you index finger, since this will give the best hold. Glide the straightener through your hair (starting from your roots), then twist the straightener over the length of your hair. This should be a very fluid motion, since resting the straightener on your hair for a long time will instead cause kinks.

Different Ways To Curl Long HairnuMe Silhouette, $193.29

Curling wand

There are so many curling wands out on the market, thin barrels, thick barrels, clamps, and even clamp-less – and this just comes down to your personal preference. If you’re starting out, then think about investing in a clamp-less curling wand, this makes it so much easier to achieve a natural curl. The thicker the barrel, the more natural your curls will become.

If you are using a curling wand equipped with a clamp, just remember that it essentially works the same way as a straightener. Don’t apply too much pressure to the hair, since it could get locked in and create an artificial curl which won’t suit your face.

Different Ways To Curl Long Hair

Cloud Nine: The Wand, $299

Hot rollers

Rollers are a great way to give your hair a boost of volume if you have the time. As always, if you want a defined curl, use a smaller pair of hot rollers. Wrap thin sections of hair over the roller working from your ends up to the scalp.

Different Ways To Curl Long Hair

Babyliss Pro Multi Size Hot Roller Set, $159.95


Of course we’ve left the easiest one until last! Plaits are a super easy way to achieve a bit of texture in your hair, especially if you can sleep in them! Section off hair into two parts, and create a loose plait before securing the end with a hair tie.

How do you prefer to curl your hair?

Image via Victoria’s Secret

Bad Haircut Or Makeover Opportunity?

Ever been told things happen for a reason? Yes, even being on the receiving end of a bad haircut! Recently, I went into a new hairdresser and asked for the Jennifer Aniston look. I hadn’t had a cut for a long time because I’d changed states and was a bit hesitant (to say the least)  about letting a new hairdresser touch my precious locks. Lengthwise; it was long. Damn long!

Needless to say, I walked out with a short bob. My initial response was WTF! Not only had this new hairdresser neglected to do as I asked, but I’d lost at least 15 cm of pure length. The horror! Jennifer Aniston’s style was, therefore; totally out of the question. So, I walked out of the salon with murderous intent because the ‘professional’ with scissors had snipped away at my identity.

After a few hours of despair, self pity and all that crap, I decided to flip my attitude and considered myself quite lucky. Loads of people get the same hair cut – time after time. With a bad cut, you have an opportunity to experiment with something different. It’s all in the attitude. You can either sulk about it until your hair grows back or you can turn lemons into lemonade. And here’s a few tips on how to do just that.

1. Avoid DIY cutting

Put down the scissors NOW! DIY works well for a variety of other things but fixing your haircut really isn’t one of them. It doesn’t matter if you have a bit of experience, either. Chances are you are probably a bit emotional and what starts as a bad hair cut could end up being a total disaster.

2. Check out the latest styles

Jump on the internet and check out the latest styles. Work out what will suit you and be realistic about achieving it. If you’ve had long hair for a while, going short will be a big change and you will need some time to get used to it. Make the best of the situation and think sexyThere are plenty of sexy shorter styles, which may look better than your previous long locks.

3. Using what you have

If you have natural curls, reinventing a bad haircut will be fairly easy. If you have straight hair, you may want to invest in a curling wand or opt for an even shorter look. You will need to go to another hairdresser to have it done. Either way, think about what type of hair you have and work out ways to make that bad hair cut work for you.

4. Products

Most of us have a few products tucked away. It’s time to use them. If you don’t have any, think about what you want to achieve, go and spend a bit of money and buy them. They aren’t going to break the bank and they will make you feel better. It’s tough to put a price on that! For example, the wet look is really sexy and suits lots of different hair styles. Applying it is easy and you can get the look you are after. Plus, it can cost as little as $10.

5. Attitude

It doesn’t matter what your hair looks like. Beauty comes from within.  If you walk around with a shitty attitude, it will shine through. If you approach this event as time for a makeover, you’ll do fine. You’ll probably get comments about how great the new style is and how brave you are for trying something new.

If you obsess about your misfortune, not only will you act and sound like a whinger, which repels people, but you will have missed an opportunity to improve yourself. Life often throws things at you for this specific purpose. So grab it with both hands and make it work for you.

Image via http://t0.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQRKoG-0adBD9z6OoatU3qU6EfmWUSYxmzT9qU1IV3tIZHw6PXm

Top 3 Hair Irons For That Salon Look

Isn’t it true that we always want what we don’t have? Those who have straight hair want curls and those of us who have curly hair want it straight. If you’re one of those people who fall into the latter category then it’s an easy transition from curly to straight, provided you have the right tool for the job. So here are three of the best hair irons to give you the look like you’ve just stepped out of the salon.

ghd Gold Professional

This hair straightener is suitable for use on all hair types and lengths, thanks to the incredibly smooth and contoured ceramic coated plates. The design is compact, it’s cool to touch, it comes with a protective plate so you can pack it away straight after use and the universal voltage is extremely handy if you’re travelling. It also has a sleep mode which activates after 30 minutes of inactivity so you’ll never have to worry about whether you forgot to turn it off or not.  The only downfall? The cost. For one of these bad boys you’ll be looking at upwards of $220USD.

Three Top Hair Irons For That Salon Look


Babyliss Pro Nano Titanium

This compact hair straightener is instantly hot and reaches a temperature of 450 degrees Fahrenheit, whilst still being cool enough to handle. The titanium plated plates reduce frizz and give hair a sleek and smooth look after just one glide through the hair. There are different heat settings, depending on how curly your hair is to start with. The cost is much cheaper than the ghd gold and you can pick one up for just over $130USD.

Three Top Hair Irons For That Salon Look

Sedu Pro Ionic

The Sedu Pro Ionic is slightly larger in size than the previous two straighteners yet still compact. The ultra-smooth polished plates are made from tourmaline infused ceramic which reduces static and eliminates frizz and they heat up in under 25 seconds. There is an adjustable temperature control which ranges from 240-410 degrees Fahrenheit, depending on your hair type and this straightener comes in either one inch or one and a half inch plates. The cost of a Sedu Pro Ionic is approximately $120USD.

Three Top Hair Irons For That Salon Look

Image via commons.wikimedia.org, sedubeauty.com, babylissus.com, ghdhair.com