How To Style The Oversized T-Shirt

Even though the oversized t-shirt isn’t a new trend, it has made its way back to the mainstream thanks to celebrities and bloggers. If you want to incorporate this effortless look into your wardrobe, take a few tips from the following suggestions below – they just might help you create the perfect outfit!

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Leather pants

There’s no denying that Kylie Jenner is nailing her personal style these days and this look proves it. Pairing an oversized white t-shirt with leather pants and black ankle boots is perfect if you still want to look put-together without going over the top.

How To Style The Oversized T-Shirt

Dainty heels

Any kind of pointy-heeled stilettos are the perfect way to take your casual shirt from day to night. How? They refine the outfit a little more, especially if you’re carrying a cute clutch.

How To Style The Oversized T-Shirt

Bomber jacket

For extra warmth during the colder months, layer your oversized t-shirt with a bomber jacket. Not only will it keep you super-warm, but it looks effortless when paired with denim jeans.

How To Style The Oversized T-Shirt


The advantage of an oversized shirt is that you can wear it as an oversized t-shirt dress during the summer. Trainers are best for the day-time and a sexy stiletto heel is perfect for casual drinks.

How To Style The Oversized T-Shirt

Fitted jacket

Finally, a fitted jacket is the best way to bring some structure to a free and flowy outfit. Style with bare legs and lace-up sandals during the summer, and wear over jeans and boots during the winter.

How To Style The Oversized T-Shirt

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How To Style High Waisted Jeans

If you’re looking for a solid winter staple, high waisted jeans are one of the best options for all body types. Not only are they so easy to find, but they come in various styles and washes to reflect your own personal style! Below are just a few different ways we love to style our high waisted jeans, what are yours?

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Cropped sweater

A cropped sweater is an easy way to look stylish and warm during the winter season. You can even choose to layer a few additional pieces such as coats and scarves for the colder weather ahead.

How To Style High Waisted Jeans

Tank top

Make like Kendall Jenner and style your favourite pair of high waisted jeans with a simple tan top. This look is effortless and with a pair of ankle boots, can take you from day to night.

How To Style High Waisted Jeans


You know what they say about stripes: they never go out of style! This classic look is comfy, cosy and is perfect for a casual get-together such as brunch and shopping with the girlfriends.

How To Style High Waisted Jeans

Duster coat

For those warmer days when the sun is shining, lose the layers in favour of a crisp duster coat. It’s the perfect casual piece since you can dress it down with sneakers, or up with a pair of stiletto heels.

How To Style High Waisted Jeans

Ankle boots

Keep your feet looking warm and stylish this winter with a pair of ankle boots. A solid pair of leather boots is the best investment since they only look better with wear!

How To Style High Waisted Jeans


In the accessory department, accentuate your waist with a thick leather belt. This is perfect for keeping your jeans at a consistent level, or simply if you want to highlight your hourglass figure.

How To Style High Waisted Jeans

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How To Style Cropped Trousers

While the weather gets cooler, it’s time to pack away those shorts and skirts in favour of trousers and pants.

Cropped trousers are one of the easiest ways to keep warm without compromising your personal style this winter. If you’re looking for a few ways to style cropped trousers over the cooler months, keep reading!

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Strappy heels

The best part about cropped trousers is that they can take you from the office to the bar in about 2 minutes. Swap your ballet flats for strappy heels and a clutch bag for the perfect going-out look which will also keep you warm.

How To Style Cropped Trousers


Who knew that the humble belt could go such a long way? Style your hip-hugging cropped trousers with a statement belt for an easy day or night look.

French Voguettes such as Emmanuelle Alt and Geraldine Saglio provide endless inspiration for this look – you won’t be disappointed!

How To Style Cropped Trousers


For more of a casual daytime look, a pair of classic Converse sneakers is the best way to stay stylish without going OTT. A comfy coat and slouchy leather bag is the best way to finish off this effortless look.

How To Style Cropped Trousers

Oversized sweater

Work it this winter with an oversized sweater and your favourite handbag for dinner or drinks. Not only is this the perfect combination of high and low, but it will also keep you super warm!

How To Style Cropped Trousers

Crop top

For a special occasion such as a friends birthday gathering, you could get away with a crop top – just like Vanessa Hudgens. Keep a streamlined silhouette which is tailored to your body shape for best results.

How To Style Cropped Trousers

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How To Style Maxi Skirts in Winter

Just because the winter weather is rolling around, doesn’t mean you should be packing away those maxi skirts just yet. Layer them up with coats, jackets, boots and other warm accessories to make the most of your summer wardrobe in winter.

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A long-line knit is the perfect way to dress down your maxi skirt without feeling the cold. Choose a slouchy fit for extra warmth and comfort for a chic, day-time look.

How To Style Maxi Skirts in Winter


A bright, colourful scarf is another amazing way to style your favourite maxi skirt. Not only will it keep you warm, but it’s a great way to take your look from day to night.

How To Style Maxi Skirts in Winter

Leather jacket

Stay warm and comfy with a fitted leather jacket to complete your entire outfit. This is the perfect way to keep warm and stylish for the colder weather.

How To Style Maxi Skirts in Winter

Long cardigan

Pair a comfy cardigan to give your look some extra style for the day time. This is a perfect look for heading to the shops, movies, or even a casual coffee date.

How To Style Maxi Skirts in Winter

Denim jacket

Wear one of your best denim jackets (but remember to layer underneath) for the perfect high-low look.

How To Style Maxi Skirts in Winter


Since it’s coat season already, style one of your favourites with a classic maxi skirt. The look is really easy to recreate and can be accessorised with a clutch or heels.

How To Style Maxi Skirts in Winter


For more of a sophisticated dinner date, finish off the look with a classic black jacket and strappy heels. Not only is this appropriate for the colder weather, but it can also keep you warm as well.

How To Style Maxi Skirts in Winter

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How To Style Fringe Clothing

Although it might remind you of the wild-wild west, never fear, fringe is back bigger than ever! There are subtle ways to incorporate this tricky trend into your wardrobe, without of course looking like a cowboy… Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

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Accessories are just some of the most subtle ways to ease yourself into a new trend. A beautiful fringe clutch can spice-up any outfit, regardless of if you’re wearing a LBD or denim jeans.

How To Style Fringe Clothing


This one is for the daring dresser, especially if you want to make a big statement for an evening of dinner and cocktails. A fringe skirt looks amazing with a strappy pair of stiletto heels, or even just classic sneakers.

How To Style Fringe Clothing


Who would’ve thought that heels with a bit of fringe could drive so many people right into lust? That’s exactly what happened when blogger Aimee Song posted her amazing Shutz Shoes fringe stiletto’s, which gathered 46,000 likes and over 1000 comments. We’re already making our order…

How To Style Fringe Clothing


A bohemian-inspired poncho is the perfect spring accessory, especially for festivals or concerts. Why? It’s quick and easy to wear, and doesn’t feel like it’s too overwhelming for the heat.

How To Style Fringe Clothing


Jazz up your standard moto-style leather jacket by investing in a fun piece with fringe. It’s perfect for those who have a predominately black colour palette and want to add some texture into their monochrome outfits.

How To Style Fringe Clothing


Finally, a fringe scarf adds the finishing touches to a winter-inspired outfit. Not only will it keep your neck warm, but it looks amazing when paired with a classic black blazer or thick coat.

How To Style Fringe Clothing

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How To Style A Fedora

Over the last few years fedoras have come back into fashion, and can be worn in a variety of ways. If you like to keep our outfits mostly minimal, invest in a monochrome fedora which will match almost any outfit you can think of creating – and keep your head warm.

Below are just a few different ways to stylishly wear your fedora in any type of weather!

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A warm winter coat is just one way to style a classic fedora. It will help to keep your head warm on those cold evenings out of the house, and it works perfectly against the snow and stormy weather. Make sure to spray your fedora with a suede protector to keep it looking brand new.

How To Style A Fedora


For when the weather is a little warm, try wearing a boyfriend blazer over a shift dress for a chic day-to-night look. Style icons such as Alexa Chung and Pixie Geldof know how to make this look work, and always complete their outfit with beachy waves.

How To Style A Fedora


During the summer season, pair your favourite little white crochet dress with a fedora. This juxtaposition between colour and texture is the perfect way to add a little edge to your outfit. We can’t go past a pair of black ankle boots, or flat sandals to complete the entire look.

How To Style A Fedora

Crop top

Keep cool in the summer with a simple crop top and fedora combination. Choose a collared shirt if you have somewhere special to attend, and complete the look with a pair of kitten heels. Comfort is key!

How To Style A Fedora


The fantastic part about stripes is that they never seem to go out of season. We love this laid-back look by blogger Jules Sarinana, combining a neutral coloured fedora, denim, and of course, a classic t-shirt.

How To Style A Fedora


A simple fitted sweater is an easy item to throw on with your fedora. If you love the idea of colour-blocking, take it to the next level and wear with a vibrant red ip to further accessorise the entire outfit.

How To Style A Fedora


Keep cosy during the winter with an elegant cape, denim jeans, and your favourite fedora. Rosie Huntington-Whiteley shows us the best way to make this entire ensemble work – with a pair of knee-high boots to keep it smart.

How To Style A Fedora

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How To Tie And Style A Sarong

If you don’t have a sarong or two you are seriously missing out! Men and women throughout the tropics wear little else and once you get the hang of them you’ll understand the attraction. The fabric is cool and flowing, which is perfect for warm weather and provides flexibility to style them as dresses, short or long skirts, shorts, swimwear cover ups, scarfs, headbands and even turbans. Plus, packing a sarong or two into a suitcase can save travelers big bucks on excess luggage.

To add to the attraction, size isn’t a factor. The humble sarong suits any body shape. They are perfect if you’re pregnant or dieting because they adapt to whatever shape you are and breastfeeding mums can use them as a light throw over during feeding in public.

The main reason why people shy away from them is tying them. Unless you’ve been shown some sort of technique they can be a bit tricky. Additionally, there’s the fear that they will suddenly drop off in public leaving you exposed and stranded in your underwear! In reality, sarongs are actually a lot easier to tie and wear than many people anticipate. It won’t take you long to master and get creative, taking full advantage of their versatility.

Tying tips

tying a sarong step 1There are heaps of video on-line which will show you how to tie sarongs for various uses. So, instead of providing a step by step guide for each style, I’d like to provide the basics so you can tie them anyway you like and get inspired.

The easiest way to tie a traditional flat sarong is by using the material itself. The fabric is usually fine, so it twists and manipulates nicely. There’s no right way up either and the way you use it will depend on the size of the sarong and your body. If it’s too long just fold it. With a little more experience you can make shorts, mini skirts or dresses.

For basic use, imagine the sarong is a bath towel and position it as you would when you jump out of the shower and begin drying yourself. You should have hold of two ends, just like a towel. Position it at shoulder tying a sarong step 2or waist height behind you, depending on what you want to cover.

Bring together the two ends you have held and tie them in front of you or to the side. There will be excess fabric and the amount will depend on the sarong and your body size. Position this to suit your situation. For example, if it’s for a swimwear cover up you can let it be more revealing than you would for everyday use.

The image below will help you get a little more inspiration and show you the versatility of a single sarong.

Ways to style a sarong

A. The wrap skirt. B. Mini skirt. C. Wrap dress. D. Swim wear wrap. E. Mini dress. F. Halter dress. G. Shorts. H. Shirt

different ways to wear a sarong

sarong buckles

There’s also the option of tying your sarong with purpose made buckles (pictured). There’s a huge variety on offer or you can use your imagination, get creative and discover what works for you. Bangles are an option for some styles as well as adding  beads or long hanging accessories.

These purpose made buckles are perfect for use with tube sarongs. They are just as the name implies. Instead of being a traditional flat piece of fabric, the tube sarong is sewn so it resembles a tube (pictured). If you have a tube sarong, using a buckle can be a little easier than gathering the fabric to make a stead fast tie which tend to slip due to lack of fabric. You can also fold them in half to produce a shorter skirt or dress.sarong in tube style

Although tube sarongs are less versatile, they are still a very popular option for use away from the water. The attraction being that they tend to be less reveling. If you want to wear a traditional sarong away from the water and are deterred by the possibility of it blowing open, add a couple of large well placed safety pins to the inner side after tying it. This will hide the pins and keep your sarong in position.

Sarongs have also become a popular option for weddings in warmer climates. Prices start from around $25 and go up to around $200-$300. Regardless of the price, their versatility makes them worth every cent. They are addictive, so after purchasing your first one, don’t be surprised if you find yourself hunting for more!

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How To Style A Wrap Skirt

If you just can’t decide between a mini and a maxi, why not try a wrap skirt instead?

It adds the finishing touches to an outfit with a high-low hemline, and can be easily transformed into evening wear with a change of shoes and accessories. Below are just a few different ways to wear a wrap skirt for all seasons.

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Crop top

A crop top is a trendy way to accessorise your wrap skirt, since you can show off a bit of your waist line. Choose a crop top with wide sleeves to keep the entire outfit balanced and in proportion if you’re getting ready for a night out.



Choose a structured blazer which is slim-fitting, and doesn’t fall too low past your hips. Basic colours such as white, grey, and navy are perfect for wearing both casually and at work.


Lace-up heels

Gladiator heels are the best accessory if you want your legs to look slimmer and longer with a skirt like this. Choose a patent nude finish and don’t tie them past the ankles if you want to create the illusion of thinner calves.

2014 Teen Choice Awards


A casual cotton shirt is the way to go if you’re wearing a wrap skirt during the daytime. Keep it casual by accessorising your outfit with a large handbag, and ballet flats to complete the look.


Silk blouse

Wear this look to the office by pairing a crisp, white silk shirt with your favourite wrap skirt. Make sure the shirt is a slim fit to keep the proportions of the outfit appropriate for work, or even after-work drinks.


Images via Pinterest, The Fashion Spot

How To Style Coloured Shoes

Choosing a statement pair of shoes can prove difficult for women who love their monochrome colours such as black and grey, but a change like this can easily influence your entire outfit. Wear a pair of statement heels on an evening out with a classic bandage dress, or simply accessorise a bold pair of flats for a casual day having brunch.

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Accessorise your shoes with the rest of your outfit if you want to ease into this popular trend. Not only will it tie-in your entire look together, but is a great way to turn heads without creeping out of your comfort zone.

How To Style Coloured Shoes

Classic styles

Opt for classic footwear to make the transition that much smoother. You’ll find yourself getting more wear out of the items in your wardrobe which aren’t necessarily too trendy. Add a fun pop of accessories to make this look feel genuine and a proper representation of your style.

How To Style Coloured Shoes

Mature silhouette

Easily balance-out your outfit by incorporating trendy items with classic silhouettes. A long tube skirt or an a-line skirt is always a great option when paired with a coloured heel – it makes the outfit look like a fusion of new and old!

How To Style Coloured Shoes


Who doesn’t love a bit of denim in their life? A classic white t-shirt and denim pants are the best foundation for any look you wish to create. Stilettos, pumps, flats, or even coloured sandals will pop on this outfit.

How To Style Coloured Shoes

Winter whites

Pair your favourite white blazer or pants with an eye catching shoe which is really effortless to pull off. A coloured trainer is a (painless) way to bring a bit of colour back into your life without hurting the state of your feet!

How To Style Coloured Shoes

How do you wear coloured shoes?

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How To Style Leopard Print

While leopard print may be a no-go zone especially if you’re into the monochrome look, it’s actually really easy to incorporate into your own personal style if you want to embrace prints. We’re not suggesting that you have to coordinate your entire outfit with your shoes, bag, and even nails – but just one statement piece is enough to safely embrace this trend.

If you’re still curious, here are just a few simple ways to wear leopard print and still keep your own style.

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The best way to make your leopard print item pop is by pairing it with other basics. This look by Julia Restoin Roitfeld is perfect since all the other items are relatively subdued, and the dress is unique since it’s quite sheer.

A classic black, tailored blazer always brings a level of sophistication to a cheeky night-time ensemble.

How To Style Leopard Print


No one can carry off leopard print quite like Olivia Palermo, and this is a way to wear your item on a day-to-day basis. Pair with other basics such as a great fitting white or black shirt, denim cut-off’s and neutral flats for a stylish look.

How To Style Leopard Print


Spice up your look by choosing a pair of statement sneakers to wear on a casual basis. Make sure the fit is amazing, and take into consideration whether you want to wear socks with them, or go sock-less! Wear with denim jeans or leather pants for a classic model off-duty vibe.

How To Style Leopard Print


Wear a leopard print blouse with skinny black jeans or tucked into an A-line skirt for a glamourous look for day or night. Make sure the fit suits your body shape – and roll up your sleeves if you want to show some extra skin!

How To Style Leopard Print


Nothing beats a summer sandal, and leopard print is just magical when paired with a fresh summer glow. Accessorise your nail polish to suit with your sandals (black and white is always a winner), and keep your heels silky-soft by regularly exfoliating.

How To Style Leopard Print

How would you wear leopard print?

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Pregnancy Style: Dress For Your Bump

Whether you’re in the early stages of pregnancy or finally nearing the end, your style will obviously change to more comfortable clothing – especially dressing for that beautiful baby bump!

If you’re currently expecting and need a bit of a style refresh to get you through those last few months of pregnancy, here are just a few ways to look stylish and during pregnancy.

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Maxi dress

If you’re living in a warmer climate, it’s easy to throw on a maxi dress without a care in the world! Not only are maxi dresses perfect for any type of occasion you’ve got going on, but they are also incredibly comfortable.

Pregnancy Style: Dress For Your Bump

We were definitely inspired by Fashion Editor Miroslava Duma and her ability to look chic and comfortable during the later stages of her pregnancy (and juggling the month-long battle of fashion week!). Pair a maxi dress with sandals or flat shoes and a jacket for a perfect look.

Pregnancy Style: Dress For Your Bump


The colder weather isn’t really that bad, since you can throw on a comfy coat over almost anything! Whilst comfort is most definitely key, you can accessorise with a number of different coats – wool coats, trench coats, chiffon coats and adapt them to the occasion and also the weather.

Pregnancy Style: Dress For Your BumpKaftans

Looking for the perfect cover-up for the beach or simply just the warmer weather? Kaftans are a great dress for pregnant girls since they aren’t restricting, and you can easy slip in and out of them at any given time.

Dress this look up for the evening by pairing a kaftan with a sexy pair of gladiator sandals (or heels, if you dare!).

Pregnancy Style: Dress For Your BumpTunics

Another great alternative to a dress is a funky tunic. You can choose to wear this item as a dress, or even as a top since it’s extremely roomy and won’t leave you feeling uncomfortable throughout the day or night. If the weather is a bit chilly, pair with leggings and form-fitting blazer over the top.

Pregnancy Style: Dress For Your BumpShawl

An evening shawl is the finishing piece to an outfit that comes in many different colours, shapes, sizes, and fabrics. Simply pop it over your shoulders if you’re feeling chilly, or even wear it over one shoulder for the perfect spring accessory piece.

Pregnancy Style: Dress For Your Bump

Cropped jacket

A cropped jacket or blazer is a great piece to own, if you’re pregnant in the colder months. Not only is it a comfortable and stylish item, but it frames the body nicely by emphasising your growing baby bump! No need to go out and buy a new jacket, save some money by styling an existing piece from your closet.

Pregnancy Style: Dress For Your Bump

Images via Fashionising, Zaychishka, Natasha Goldenberg, Daily Mail

5 Ways To Style Birkenstocks

Love them or hate them, but Birkenstocks are back and in a big way! Slides have slowly crawled their way back into fashion with design houses such as Celine opting for fur-lined slides as the next big thing. If you’re curious about this trend, and how to incorporate it into your own style – watch this space.

Duster coat

The best way to get noticed wearing a pair of Birkenstocks is definitely the high-low appeal. This means wearing clothes from a variety of high and low end designers to create a unique look. Since we’re already in spring, as the weather warms-up wear your sandals with a long duster coat, leather skirt and long-sleeve shirt for a trans-seasonal look.

Distressed denim

For a laid-back look why not invest in a pair of well fitted jeans to wear with your Birkenstocks? This look is classic, will never go out of style and is oh-so comfy!


Make like an Olsen twin and bring a little bit of glam to your look by pairing your Birkenstocks with a pretty summer dress. Since we’ve already showed you how to wear white lace, incorporate this classic look into your spring/summer wardrobe without breaking a leg in sky-high stilettos.

Fuzzy jumper

Lesson 2 on how to keep it casual – pair your Birkenstocks with cut-off shorts and a fuzzy jumper. This understated look is still refined since the jumper is a major look-at-me piece without the risk of feeling underdressed.


Yes, overalls. Take a little (okay, a lot) of inspiration from the 1990’s and channel this easy-breezy look with a plain white t-shirt and leather backpack. All in the name of comfort dressing!

How would you style Birkenstocks?

Images via The Zoe Report

How To Style Ear Cuffs

Over the last few years, ear cuffs have quickly become a staple accessory that all women should own. Not only are they readily available, but they can also be worn a variety of ways – regardless of your own personal style. Since ear cuffs are mostly clip-ons, they don’t require any piercings and are great if you want to switch-up your look for a night out.


If you’re new to the trend, why not purchase a piece which is slightly minimalist. This way you can wear it with almost anything, since it won’t make a drastic statement.

How To Style Ear Cuffs

We recommend: Sally Skoufis Claw Ear Cuff, $129.95

Cuff and chain

For a cool, edgy look try an ear cuff with a clip and chain. These types of cuffs usually require a piercing, but they are super-easy to thread through your ears. Keep hair slicked back, and pair with a bold lip for a statement look.

How To Style Ear Cuffs

We recommend: Pilgrim Gold Plated Chain Drape Ear Cuff, $49.40

Tiny sparkles

Perfect for women with cropped or a pixie hairdo, go for a small statement piece which is sure to grab everyones attention. You can also mix and match silver, gold, rose gold and gun metals for a down-to-earth look.

How To Style Ear Cuffs

We recommend: Pixie Cuff Lobe Earrings, $343 (exact match)

Swarovski crystals

Swarovski crystal-plated ear cuffs are a must-have for any fashion lover. Clip on at the bottom of your ear lobe, or even switch it up and wear it on the top. Rose gold pieces are perfect for women who want a pop of colour, but are scared about going all-out with gold-plated jewellery.

How To Style Ear Cuffs

We recommend: Ryan Storer Rose Gold Mini Ear Cuff, $223

Which ear cuff would you wear?

5 Frocks Every Woman Needs

I’m a dress girl – I think you’re a dress girl or you’re not. But I’m on a one-woman mission to convince those who are not dress-girls just how awesome they can be.

With so much celebrity dress inspiration out there, start the new year with a wardrobe edit and nail down dresses that flatter and can mix-and-match with other pieces. Choosing the right dress is all about finding one that flatters your shape, so think about your body parts you like the most, and find dresses that show those off. Got a neat waist? Look for dresses that come in at the waist to show it off. Got banging legs? Mini dresses all the way for you.

There really are so many amazing dresses out there, so I’ve put together a list of the five dresses every woman needs in her wardrobe.


Cue Cotton Gloss Dress, RRP $239

1. The work dress
Let’s get the classic out of the way first (before we get to all the colour and print and fun!). Every girl should have just one dress like this in their wardrobe – it’s like your ‘break in case of emergency’ dress for job interviews, important work meetings, your partner’s work do’s – and it’s a good staple to have on hand for weddings and funerals if need be.


It should be classic, fitted and preferably either black, grey of navy (depending on what suits you best). Match this dress to your body shape correctly, and it will live in your wardrobe for years.


Sheike Ambiance Maxi Dress, RRP $149.95

2. The maxi dress
Yes, you can wear a maxi dress (and who cares if your husband doesn’t like it, your girlfriends will think you totally rock!)

Maxi dresses are the most versatile dresses you can wear in the warmer months. Going down the beach? Pop it over your swimmers, add a straw hat and thongs and off you go. Heading to a friend’s BBQ? Or to the pub? Change your thongs out for wedges, add a stack of bangles and a statement necklace, apply a bright lippie and you’re set.

3. The sun dress
Casual, flirty and fun! Look for a dress in a bright colour and print and you will feel like summer as soon as you put it on. Go for a style and print that suits you and your personality.

Again, like the maxi – dress it up or down depending on where you are wearing it and you’ll live in this all summer long.


Yarra Trail Dress, RRP $99.95

The Ultimate Black Dress from Sacha Drake, RRP $289

4. The multi-wear dress
Aussie designer Sacha Drake has this type of dress down pat. From her famous Ultimate Black Dress which you can wear over 20 ways, to her new additions, the Grecian Dress and the Myrcella dress.

The biggest advantage of a multi-wear dress is that you choose the ways that suit your shape.


Boohoo.com Rhian sequin shift dress RRP $75

5. The party dress
You can have fun with this dress! Go all out – sequins, colour, sparkle – whatever takes your fancy.

I think we dress down too much as a society these days. Women used to really dress up to go out; now jeans and a sparkly top is seen as acceptable party attire. I’m going to change that, and you are going to help me buy buying a fabulous party dress for your next special occasion.

Have I got you convinced yet? Frocks really can solve almost any style situation, you just need to find the right one. So get shopping!

Fashionistas – what’s your all-time favourite dress?

Caitlin Harrison is an Aussie blogger, personal stylist (and self-confessed shoe addict) living in Auckland. She started her fashion and beauty blog, Chasing Cait, in 2011, when her partner told her to stop talking about style and write it down. With over 10 years in the fashion industry under her belt, Caitlin has become an expert in helping women find their own sense of style, and in particular, dressing for their body shape. Chasing Cait is written in a way that makes fashion and style seem easy to the everyday woman, no matter what your personal style, bank balance, or lifestyle.

Spring Racing Style for Every Body Shape

Spring has certainly sprung and as any fine filly will tell you, frocking up for Sydney or Melbourne’s Spring Racing Carnival is fun with a capital ‘F’ – especially if you know what works best for your shape.

Brisbane fashion designer, mum of two and authority on dressing a woman’s body shape, Sacha Drake, says it’s all about identifying your shape and dressing accordingly.

“I am an ‘hourglass with pear tendencies’” laughs Sacha, who is dressed in her stunning ‘Fumetta’ silk kaftan dress when we meet in her Woollahra store in Sydney’s eastern suburbs.

“I’ve been in business – and keep loving my business – for over 10 years now because I listen to my customer and come up with design solutions for various problems. It’s all about helping.” says Sacha, whose celebrity fans include Kerri-Anne Kennerly, Deborah Hutton, Georgie Gardner and Jesinta Campbell.

To make flattering choices even easier, Sacha identifies the five most common body shapes – hourglass, column, pear, apple and pregnant – and lists what body shapes her individual garments work best for on all her clothing’s swing tags and online.

Sacha’s Spring Racing Styling Tips for:


Hourglass – typically have curvy bust and hips, narrow waist, medium width shoulders and slim or shapely thighs.

Celebrity inspiration – Scarlett Johansson

  • Show off your slender waist! Accentuate your curves and avoid anything too roomy in the waist. If you have a bigger bust, keep your look streamlined with tailored panels and simple silhouettes. A lean pencil skirt or A-Line shape will be flattering.

Go for:

  • ‘Tatum’ fitted cotton dress (above). A streamlined tailored fit which can create shape, perfect for an hourglass figure. The cap sleeve balances out the hip and the v-neckline draws focus up to the face. It’s a classic shape.
  • ‘Simone’ cotton wrap dress. Versatile. The broad collar frames the face and draws attention to the face whilst the wrap shape adds structure and the A-line skirt streamlines the hips.


Column – typically have shoulders and hips of same width, thicker waist with flat tummy, small to medium bust, slender legs and arms.

Celebrity inspiration – Nicole Kidman

  • Flaunt those lean limbs! Look for styles that can be wrapped or tied to create a waistline. Styles with wider shoulder lines will make your waist appear narrower. Lean pencil skirts or A-line shapes will suit.

Go for:

  • ‘Liza’. You want to show off those long, lean limbs. It’s a high neck with a tie at the back and hangs loosely which you can leave fluid or belt it with our ‘invisible’ belt that creates shape by blousing the dress.
  • ‘Lylah’ and ‘Blair’ silk wrap dresses (above). Effortlessly glamorous. A softer style that works well, in either the long or short sleeve. Underneath is a stretchy slip and it works because it is a wrap and very flexible. It fits nicely across the body and the flare of the skirt accommodates any hip.


Pear – typically have narrow shoulders, a neat bust and waist, wider hips and curvaceous thighs, shapely calves.

Celebrity inspiration – Jennifer Lopez

  • Show off your slim upper body. Create a wider shoulder-line with sleeve details or bare shoulders to balance out hips. A-Line styles that skim hips and thighs work well. Hem length should be on your knee to show off shapely calves.

Go for:

  • ‘Reuben’ fifties style dress. The structured bodice, flared skirt and easy fit waist with a tie which can be tightened to create shape will work for you. The square neckline works for small or large busts too. If you’re self-conscious about your arms, a shrug, bolero or ballet-wrap style cardigan will work.
  • ‘Bennie’ fifties style dress (above). A classic best-seller of ours. A fitted, panelled bodice and square neckline flatters small and large busts. The cap sleeve provides upper-arm coverage and balances your proportion if you have narrow shoulders. The flared skirt hides a larger hip and bottom.


Apple – typically have broad shoulders, a voluptuous bust, a rounded tummy, slim hips and thighs.

Celebrity inspiration – Oprah Winfrey

  • Flaunt your cleavage. Choose garments with open necklines to draw the eye to your face. Soft draping and ruching that skims not clings to a fuller tummy is best. Look for clean, tailored lines to streamline your body and show off slim legs.

Go for:

  • ‘Tyler’ one shoulder kaftan dress. One shoulder, asymmetrical shapes are perfect for apples because it draws the eye up to the shoulder, away from the wider bust. It hangs loosely from the bust and shows off the slim leg.
  • ‘Venezuela’ stretch shirt dress (above).  Streamlined and fitted with a v-neck and a pencil skirt. This creates an hourglass shape by cinching in the waist. It’s especially flattering because it skims over the body and it doesn’t ‘cling’.


Pregnant – typically tummy is most prominent feature. Bust and hip size will vary for the individual.

Celebrity inspiration – Kate Winslet

  • Be proud of your bump! Keep a feminine silhouette by creating shape under your bust. Choose open necklines and show off your slim legs to ensure you’re not ‘all tummy’. Soft, stretchy dresses are easy to wear as you grow, plus perfect for post-pregnancy.

Go for:

  • ‘Martina’ jersey dress. You want to be comfortable and it depends how pregnant you are. You also don’t want to invest in a $500 dress! The fluted sleeves, adjustable ties to fit and flatter any bust and fluid, soft jersey that skims the body grows with most pregnant shapes. It’s plain but you can really jazz it up.

 Visit Sacha’s online boutique at www.sachadrake.com.au.

Tell us about your spring racing style – do you prefer traditional or more on-trend dresses for the races?

How to Find the Perfect Blazer

Not a massive fan of the humble cardigan here. I know, I know, they are good for the office when the air-con is too high, and they cover the tops of your arms when you wear a sleeveless top.   But have you even considered a blazer can do all these things, plus make you look super-stylish and sophisticated?   I have a cupboard in my house just for my blazers – I love them. They sharpen your look,  give you shape through the waist, and if left undone, they create a flattering vertical shape down your body.   Here are a few things to think about when buying a blazer.

Start with black
I know this sounds boring, but trust me, you will get much more wear out of that black blazer that goes with everything, rather than that awesome gold-sequinned number that you saw on Shopbop.com.

A black blazer plus a black pair of tights and ankle boots could pretty much be your trans-seasonal uniform. Just swap the dress every day and you’re good to go.

Fit is key
Since you are going to take my advice from tip number one and buy a black blazer first, you are going to wear it a lot. So best get one that fits you really well!  My biggest tip for a good fit is to buy a blazer that fits you across the back, not around your bust. Rarely do you do a blazer up. So chances are, when you buy it to do up, it will be too big across your back and around your waist.

Also look for a blazer that has some shape in it – this will be in the form of panelling in the back (look for vertical seams, as opposed to just one or two pieces of fabric), darts in the front to fit over a bust, or a peplum is always a key to good shape.

Fabric is king
Along with finding a good fit, fabric choice is essential. You want to look for a fabric that has a little stretch in it so it’s comfy to wear, as well as a fabric that won’t pill or stretch out of shape.   Look for a viscose blend – it will have great drape and be light and easy to wear. Remember, you are going to get a lot of wear out of your blazer so spend a little more on a good quality blazer and it will serve you well for years.

My top spots for finding a good blazer? Try Portmans and Cue for great fits for curves, Country Road and Witchery if you are tall and Trelise Cooper Boardroom if you want exceptional fit and quality.

Are you a blazer, jacket or cardigan kind of gal?

Caitlin Harrison is an Aussie blogger, personal stylist (and self-confessed shoe addict) living in Auckland. She started her fashion and beauty blog, Chasing Cait, in 2011, when her partner (known on the blog as The Boy) told her to stop talking about style and write it down. With over 10 years in the fashion industry under her belt, Caitlin has become an expert in helping women find their own sense of style, and in particular, dressing for their body shape. Chasing Cait is written in a way that makes fashion and style seem easy to the everyday woman, no matter what your personal style, bank balance, or lifestyle.

5 Style Tips To Dress Up Denim

We all have that perfect pair of denim that we practically live in on a daily basis – but why not dress them up and get a few more looks out of them beyond the classic jeans and t-shirt outfit? Here are some handy tips from the fashion retailers at Melbourne’s Uni Hill Factory Outlets to help inspire you to do just that!

1. Black on black

A pair of black denim jeans can create a sophisticated look when teamed with a black cardigan or jacket. Team this with a white blouse or t-shirt for some contrast, or dress it up with a feature necklace or coloured scarf.

2. Add some height

Dress up your number one pair of denim with your favourite stilettos! It’s the perfect combo. Try some strappy heels for sexy evening style.

3. Bold accessories 

Whether it’s a bright necklace, a detailed belt or a big bright bag, these noticeable extras will give your classic jeans-and-t-shirt look a dressy spin. Adding some bold accessories is the easiest way to upgrade your everyday jeans and t-shirt look.

4. Sequins are your friends

You may be a little scared to try this look but a sequinned top or blazer is an excellent add-on to your denim jeans. Bit of a risk taker? Go for a bold coloured sequin blazer or jacket, or, if you want to stay on the safe side try a subtle sequinned cami to wear underneath your jacket.

5. Tie it together with a tall boot!

It’s a look we often envy on the off-duty supermodels, but don’t be afraid to try it out. You don’t have to be Claudia Schiffer to rock knee high leather boots with a pair of dark jeans in either a skinny or stovepipe leg. It’s an absolutely effortless look that oozes style – team with a t-shirt and blazer, or oversized turtleneck.

How do you prefer to wear your jeans? Tell us in the comments below!