Summer Hair Tips by Joe Gibara

Hair know-how with Joe Gibara

Joe Gibara, the face of Braun Independent Steam has come to the rescue with these hot tips for sexy summer hair.?? ??

What are the key trends for the summer party season???

During the summer months, people tend to like their hair to be shorter and lighter. Summer 2003/04 will focus on choppy styles. The dry textured look will replace the waxy look. Undercuts are a great way of achieving this look as they reduce hair bulk, helping to maintain the textured finish.????

What styling products should we be asking Santa for???

When purchasing styling products it is important to make sure the products won?t dry or damage your hair. Braun has a range of steam styling products, called Braun Independent Steam. Featuring a steam curler and straightener and heated power brush, these products style hair at an ideal temperature ensuring hair isn?t damaged. The steam function provides extra moisture and helps control unruly hair.????

Do we need to change our cleansing and styling products to suit the season?????

No matter what season it is or how busy you are, try and find time in your daily routine to groom and style your hair. I recommend a visit to your hairdresser at least every six weeks for a professional cut and treatment.????During the summer months, treat your hair as you would your skin. Rinse your hair after swimming in the ocean and chlorinated pools, condition hair to replenish moisture lost in the heat, where a hat where possible to protect hair from the sun and use styling products that have a sunscreen component in them.????

What are your predictions for hair in 2004???

The fringe has been very popular over the past year. That trend is fading, so as fringes are grown out, they?ll be swept to the side of the face giving that edgy feel, a la Heidi Klum, and side parts will accentuate this stylish look.????

Waves and curls will also dominate 2004 and colours will move into warmer hues such as light brown and soft reds.????

Which celebrity do you think has the best hair and why???

Kylie has great hair, it is always styled beautifully. She adapts her hair to changing styles, but isn?t a slave to trends. Great colour, great length and she maintains it really well.??

Cool Chic hair

We can’t all have our own personal stylist, but if its cool and chic you can guarantee that the celebs will be doing it first. Take a look at what they are doing and follow their lead. Watch the awards ceremonies and start experimenting with different styles. It’ll take time, but with patience and practice you’ll be amazed at how good you can get at creating your own cool styles. You can find all the products that you need in the Andrew Collinge range of hair care and styling products.Humidity is public enemy number one to anyone with frizz-prone hair.

moisturising shampoo & conditioner

Dry, porous hair sucks in moisture, so the only way to combat humidity is to keep hair moisturised. Use a moisturising shampoo and moisturising conditioner such as Andrew Collinge moisturising shampoo and moisturising conditioner.For a ‘just stepped off the catwalk’ look – consider braids and cornrows (not only do they look cool – think Kylie – they also keep hair out of your face). Before braiding apply Andrew Collinge supple hold styling cream to prevent hair from slipping.

To add volume and life to flat hair, tip your head upside down and blast with a blow dryer. Throw you head back

supple hold styling cream

and then apply Andrew Collinge messed up mounding gum to the roots to add lift and definition.Fine, flyaway hair is a common problem. To add the body and volume that hair lacks naturally, spray on Andrew Collinge instant body thickening lotion to achieve that ‘just stepped out of the hairdressers’ look without weighing down the hair. Instant body thickening lotion delivers body, fullness and control to fine hair whilst at the same time eliminating static and flyaway. To use spray onto towel dried hair concentrating on the roots for extra lift, and blow-dry using a round or paddle brush to

instant body thickening lotion

lift hair at the roots.For more ways to get sexy hair, check SheSaid Fashion and Beauty next week!

Cutting edge hair

Cutting edge hair

Be at the forefront of trends and change your style on every visit to the salon.Try using different products from the Andrew Collinge range of hair care and styling products to create new and different effects.

Coolest celebs glam it up with a bit of hair drama.Turn up the heat on short hair by sleeking hair back for the ultimate groomed look, or pull and twist pieces up from the roots to create your own signature style.

stay put styling gel

Andrew Collinge stay put styling gel shapes and controls for maximum hold whether you want a sleek groomed look, gravity defying lift or a spiky textured finish.

The new chic sheared crop sported by Selma Blair has done wonders for her career and has also sent women in their droves to the salons for a similar do. Women with short dark hair need to be careful however, if they wear it too neat it can look like a helmet.

messed up moulding gum

Blow dry hair with your fingers, and then use Andrew Collinge messed up moulding gum on sections or all over to create a more unruly effect. Always at the forefront of global hair trends, Jennifer Aniston’s fine locks continue to excite and inspire.

Whilst the ‘Rachel’ was without doubt the most coveted hair of the past decade, our favourite is the loose and sexy style Jen adopts when off set.

To achieve this look apply Andrew Collinge styling moussing gelle to damp hair. The secret is to blow dry only at the roots and hairline for lift and allow the rest to air-dry.

To finish lightly apply Andrew Collinge shape up controlling wax to the bottom half of the hair for texture and polish. One of the hottest styles for the coming season is an updated version of the ‘starlet’ style from the 1940s, featuring a deep side parting and a softly waved front that brings the hair over the forehead whilst the rest hangs loose at the back.

shape up controlling wax

This is a very simple style and can be achieved by all with a little practice. Start by applying Andrew Collinge no kinks straightener to the back of the hair, and Andrew Collinge supple hold styling cream to the front.

Separate the front of the hair from the side parting into 3 sections and curl around 3 large velcro rollers across the top of the forehead. Use a large round brush for blow-drying the rest of the hair straight, then when the hair at the front is dry remove the curlers and gently brush out the hair to create a glamorous wave.

For more ways to get sexy hair, check SheSaid Fashion and Beauty next week!

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