How To Wear Knee-High Sandals This Summer

Knee-high sandals are some of the hottest shoe trends of summer, since they can ultimately change the look of any outfit. Pair them with shorts, skirts, and shift dresses for a trendy look that is seriously effortless! Try some of our favourite outfit combinations below with your pair of knee-high sandals this summer.

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Shirt dress

Our favourite Kardashian sister was spotted with a killer pair of knee-high sandals in Los Angeles over the summer. Kourtney finished off this bohemian inspired look with a large-brim fedora hat.

How To Wear Knee-High Sandals This Summer

Denim shorts

Get into the festival vibe this summer by pairing distressed denim shorts with knee-high sandals. Just remember to apply some SPF so you’re not left with a weird leg-tan!

How To Wear Knee-High Sandals This Summer

Baby doll dress

Keep cool in this stunning baby doll dress which is perfect for events during the evening. Finish off the look with a handbag to store all of the essentials.

How To Wear Knee-High Sandals This Summer

Kimono jacket

Style your favourite denim shorts and knee-high sandals with a kimono jacket for the summer.

How To Wear Knee-High Sandals This Summer

Coloured denim

Take it one step further and try some coloured denim mini shorts which are perfect with a summer tan. A crop top or bodysuit is the best way to keep cool during the warmer weather.

How To Wear Knee-High Sandals This Summer


Style your favourite skort with a pair of knee-high sandals for a dinner date or drinks in the summer.

How To Wear Knee-High Sandals This Summer


Try a fun, summer playsuit with knee-high sandals for a quick and effortless look ideal for the beach.

How To Wear Knee-High Sandals This Summer

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10 Ways To Update Your Summer Wardrobe

Why spend a small fortune on a summer wardrobe when half of it will be sitting in your closet or your suitcase?

Make the most of the clothing you do have, and invest in these essentials which are a must-have for any summer holiday.

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Little white dress/ little black dress

Whether it’s long or short, black or white, a summer dress is the staple all women should have. Make sure the fit is flattering for your body type (not too big, not too small), and works well with both heels and flats.

10 Ways To Update Your Summer Wardrobe

Silk scarf

A scarf for summer might feel a little redundant, but it can actually be accessorised in so many different ways. Wear it as a headband, tie it around your neck, wear it as a bandeau top, or fasten it to your handbag.

10 Ways To Update Your Summer Wardrobe

Denim shorts

Cut-off, denim shorts are a summer uniform every woman needs in their wardrobe. Lighter shades are generally more popular during the summer, but darker colours also match outfits much easier.

10 Ways To Update Your Summer Wardrobe

Flat sandals

If you’re not the type of girl who wants to wear heels during the summer, a cute pair of flat sandals is the best way to go. Make sure they’re made from a comfy material, and that the sole is sturdy enough.

10 Ways To Update Your Summer Wardrobe

Loose blouse

For dinner and drinks for the evening, a loose blouse is a must-have since it will cover any of those food babies! A bright, vibrant colour works well with a summer tan and is a very popular choice.

10 Ways To Update Your Summer Wardrobe


Who wants the glare of the ocean to shine in their face? Not us! Go for a pair of flattering sunglasses which suit the shape of your face, and aren’t too big or too small.

10 Ways To Update Your Summer Wardrobe


Those super-tight skinny jeans won’t be very helpful during the summer, but a pair of chino’s are perfect. They’re generally made from a light, breathable fabric which is also on the stretchy side.

10 Ways To Update Your Summer Wardrobe

Panama hat

Not only are these hats popular because they protect the neck and ears, but the light colour won’t attract the sun!

10 Ways To Update Your Summer Wardrobe

Crossbody bag

Store all of the essentials into a crossbody bag which, you guessed it, is also hands-free.

10 Ways To Update Your Summer Wardrobe


Finish up your summer wardrobe with a pair of comfy sneakers for long trips checking out the local sights. Stay away from white since they will only get dirty (really quickly), and choose darker shades such as navy and black.

10 Ways To Update Your Summer Wardrobe

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How To Tie And Style A Sarong

If you don’t have a sarong or two you are seriously missing out! Men and women throughout the tropics wear little else and once you get the hang of them you’ll understand the attraction. The fabric is cool and flowing, which is perfect for warm weather and provides flexibility to style them as dresses, short or long skirts, shorts, swimwear cover ups, scarfs, headbands and even turbans. Plus, packing a sarong or two into a suitcase can save travelers big bucks on excess luggage.

To add to the attraction, size isn’t a factor. The humble sarong suits any body shape. They are perfect if you’re pregnant or dieting because they adapt to whatever shape you are and breastfeeding mums can use them as a light throw over during feeding in public.

The main reason why people shy away from them is tying them. Unless you’ve been shown some sort of technique they can be a bit tricky. Additionally, there’s the fear that they will suddenly drop off in public leaving you exposed and stranded in your underwear! In reality, sarongs are actually a lot easier to tie and wear than many people anticipate. It won’t take you long to master and get creative, taking full advantage of their versatility.

Tying tips

tying a sarong step 1There are heaps of video on-line which will show you how to tie sarongs for various uses. So, instead of providing a step by step guide for each style, I’d like to provide the basics so you can tie them anyway you like and get inspired.

The easiest way to tie a traditional flat sarong is by using the material itself. The fabric is usually fine, so it twists and manipulates nicely. There’s no right way up either and the way you use it will depend on the size of the sarong and your body. If it’s too long just fold it. With a little more experience you can make shorts, mini skirts or dresses.

For basic use, imagine the sarong is a bath towel and position it as you would when you jump out of the shower and begin drying yourself. You should have hold of two ends, just like a towel. Position it at shoulder tying a sarong step 2or waist height behind you, depending on what you want to cover.

Bring together the two ends you have held and tie them in front of you or to the side. There will be excess fabric and the amount will depend on the sarong and your body size. Position this to suit your situation. For example, if it’s for a swimwear cover up you can let it be more revealing than you would for everyday use.

The image below will help you get a little more inspiration and show you the versatility of a single sarong.

Ways to style a sarong

A. The wrap skirt. B. Mini skirt. C. Wrap dress. D. Swim wear wrap. E. Mini dress. F. Halter dress. G. Shorts. H. Shirt

different ways to wear a sarong

sarong buckles

There’s also the option of tying your sarong with purpose made buckles (pictured). There’s a huge variety on offer or you can use your imagination, get creative and discover what works for you. Bangles are an option for some styles as well as adding  beads or long hanging accessories.

These purpose made buckles are perfect for use with tube sarongs. They are just as the name implies. Instead of being a traditional flat piece of fabric, the tube sarong is sewn so it resembles a tube (pictured). If you have a tube sarong, using a buckle can be a little easier than gathering the fabric to make a stead fast tie which tend to slip due to lack of fabric. You can also fold them in half to produce a shorter skirt or dress.sarong in tube style

Although tube sarongs are less versatile, they are still a very popular option for use away from the water. The attraction being that they tend to be less reveling. If you want to wear a traditional sarong away from the water and are deterred by the possibility of it blowing open, add a couple of large well placed safety pins to the inner side after tying it. This will hide the pins and keep your sarong in position.

Sarongs have also become a popular option for weddings in warmer climates. Prices start from around $25 and go up to around $200-$300. Regardless of the price, their versatility makes them worth every cent. They are addictive, so after purchasing your first one, don’t be surprised if you find yourself hunting for more!

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5 Ways To Style A Midi Dress

If you want to fill your wardrobe up with versatile staples, look no further than a midi dress. Whether you choose to wear it while you’re walking the dog, heading out to the beach, or even dressing it up with a pair of sky-high stiletto heels, a midi dress is bound to be a wardrobe staple for every woman. Get inspired with just a few of our suggestions on how to style this accessible piece of clothing

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Crop top

Why not take advantage of the warmer wear and pair your midi-skirt with a crop top? This look is effortless and since there are so many crop tops available, it’ll be easy to find one which suits your taste.

A great outfit comes down to finding pieces which flatter your body shape, but also about keeping good proportions so remember to keep these valuable lessons in mind.

5 Ways To Style A Midi DressBody-con

A body-con midi dress is totally on trend at the moment, especially since the look is so effortless and sports-luxe. A higher neck-line balances out the proportions of the outfit, so you can pair it with cute summer flats, or even some block-wedges for more stability for an evening out.

5 Ways To Style A Midi Dress

Leather jacket

Don’t worry about the colder weather making you switch your midi dress for a pair of pants! Wear a cropped jacket to keep you warm and make your outfit look extra chic.

A pair of court heels and statement clutch will keep the theme of the outfit fluid.

5 Ways To Style A Midi Dress

Oversized bag

Invest in a sturdy leather bag if you plan to wear your midi dress during the day. Not only does a larger bag make the outfit more casual, but you don’t have to worry about carrying just the main essentials in your purse!

5 Ways To Style A Midi Dress


Make your midi dress look appropriate for the day time by choosing a style which is made of jersey or cotton. These materials are more breathable, and are suitable for keeping cool during the heat.

Finish off your look with espadrilles – they are trendy at the moment and won’t terrorise your feet like 10-inch heels!

5 Ways To Style A Midi Dress


Match your midi skirt with a similar shirt for a timeless look. Now is the best time to wear this trend since coordinates look amazing on every body shape, and you can also mix and match the pieces with other parts of your wardrobe.

5 Ways To Style A Midi Dress

How would you style a midi dress/skirt?

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This Season’s Office-Friendly Fashion

As the old saying goes, dress for the job you want! We can all get a bit bored wearing the same thing to work every day. Rejuvenate your office style with these funky, but professional looks.


Whether you’re into pleated, pencil or A-line, a skirt for the office should always sit just above the knee. This shouldn’t be a problem with this season’s top pick: the tea-length skirt.



You can’t go wrong with tailored, ankle-length pants, paired with trendy flats or delicate heels. But for the freshest look, try a wide-leg pant like Jessica Alba.


The white shirt

Timeless and classic – this item will always be in style, especially in your white-collar workplace. Take Kim Kardashian’s advice, and style with black pants and minimal accessories.


Color Pop

If you love a burst of bright color, dress-up a monochrome look with some dramatic makeup, or a bold jacket, bag or shoes.

people.com jaimie chung

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How to Dress From Beach to Bar

It’s the classic summer conflict…you’ve enjoyed a long day at the beach, and before you know it you’re supposed to be meeting friends for a drink or dinner!

This summer, make the most of the warm weather with these five fashion tips on how to take yourself from the beach to bar in no time.

1. That’s a wrap
Just as you’re wrapping up your glorious day at the beach, throw on an elegant wrap over your beach dress! This extra element will spruce up your casual beach dress, taking your look from cute to chic.

2. Tight bun
Never underestimate the refinement suggested by a smooth, tight, top bun! This works best with wet hair, and all you need is a comb and a hair tie. Easy! Make sure you comb out all the bumps, twist your pony and tie her up. Ta-da, you’re ready for a night out!

3. Add some height
After digging your toes in sand all day, the thought of throwing on a wedge or a fancy heel should not be unwelcomed! No matter how many hours you’ve spent frolicking around the beach, a strappy heel or a thick wedge will automatically glam you up.

4. Make a statement
Straight off the sand, a statement piece of jewellery like a thick necklace or big chunky earrings can do the trick – and so easy to bring along in your beach tote! Try a ring and a necklace (but don’t go too overboard; too much bling won’t match your subtle beach waves!).

5. Hot hat
A hat, like a bright coloured fedora, is a great accessory, not just for hiding your salty beach hair but any kind of hair that falls short of a ‘good hair day.’ It’s also a great way to hide any redness or that terrible sunglasses tan you’re sporting after a few too many hours under the harsh rays!

Looking to stock up on your summer wardrobe without spending a fortune? Check out Uni Hill Factory Outlets in Melbourne for everything from swimwear and strappy heels to designer shades and beach accessories.

Runway to Real-Way: 5 Street Fashion Trends to Try

‘Tis the season to be stylish…what with the big Spring/Summer 2014 Fashion Weeks rolling out in NYC, London, Milan and Paris.

Now we all love the fairytale and fancy of the shows but it can be hard to translate what we see on the runway to the real way of everyday living (not to mention the credit card cardiac arrest that would possibly ensue!).

True style starts out on the streets, so we’ve done a little scouting around thanks to the master of street style – Canadian fashion photo-blogger Tommy Ton – to bring you our picks for the 5 key style trends to try as seen on the streets at Fashion Week. We thought we’d make the fashion candy a little sweeter too by telling you that you can easily get all these looks for under $100.


Peek-a-boo pretty
Lots of bare midriffs are making sneaky cameos amongst the fashion set. Forget the Britney Spears belly button ring hybrid and hop into a high-waist and a cropped sweater, lightly teasing with bit of well-buffed flesh.

Think a ¾ length high-waist black skirt and a matching black jumper.  Hit up the high street or even better your local thrift stores to source them. Remember you can always create the crop yourself by snipping a second-hand jumper, or do the same to a black fitted polo neck, cut the sleeves off too if you like. Make sure you get a small fit and hem your work, so it maintains that more streamlined silhouette.


Baller tees
Channel your inner cheerleader and hit the sports lux super highway.

Look for raglan styles, numbers on the front or back and sports team logos complete the on trend look. These kind of tops are everywhere right now from Isabel Marant to Bardot or go the eco option and hit the thrift stores – you are bound to find one for $30 or less. Create a cool dichotomy by combining it with a leather skirt or jeans and heels.


Distressed denim
Ok so when was this never not in fashion, but is it just us or does it seems to be even hotter right now? A lot of the expensive brands are selling $400-plus offerings but this is the easiest thing in the world to do yourself. Find a pair of second-hand jeans in a thrift store and get to them with some scissors and a garlic grater!


Ear cuffs
This one is a fashion no-brainer and looks beautiful no matter your shape or size (body that is, not ears)

Topshop, Sportsgirl and Zara all have opulent offerings or try Thomas Sabo if your purse strings are a little more princely.


Well plaid

With a strong revival of the early 90’s grunge aesthetic, plaid is popping up everywhere. Try plaid shirts and skirts or there’s something so “I don’t care” cool about it worn as a long flowing dress.

Go forth and be Fashion Week fabulous for a fraction of the price.

What are your favourite 2014 fashion week trends from the streets?

Faye De Lanty is a TV presenter and eco fashion blogger. Her blog Fashion Hound shows people how to be more aware and thoughtful about fashion, focusing on thrift, vintage, second-hand and DIY, as well as how to reuse, recycle and reduce our fashion footprint. 

Photos: Tommy Ton