8 Expert Hacks For Removing Fake Tan Stains

Because orange hands are a dead giveaway.

May 24, 2017

The Best Fake Tanners For A Safe Tan

With the warmer weather fast approaching, this gives us the best excuse to stock-up on some of the best products for a natural looking tan. Whether you prefer a cream, spray, mousse or even a shimmer, below are just some of the easiest (and best products) to give you an amazing fake tan.

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If you want an easy, hassle-free tan that dries in just minutes, then mousse is probably the best option for you. Moisturise your ankles, knees, neck, and elbows before applying any tanning product onto your skin. These place are most likely to attract all the colour, so keep them well hydrated to avoid this common mistake.

As a general rule, use two pumps on each leg, one pump on each arm, two pumps on your torso, and one on the back. Buff in the product with a tanning mitt, and instead of using circular motions, simply wipe the product downwards. This will create the most natural application, and won’t cause any streaks either. Pat well into your arms and legs to avoid white spots.

Screen shot 2014-12-01 at 12.16.24 PM

Sunescape Hydrating Self Tan Mousse, $39.95


For a quick sun-kissed glow, use an instant tanning lotion on your arms and legs. This will create the most natural looking tan on your skin without looking too artificial or over the top. The quick-drying formula is infused with shea butter and aloe vera extract to keep skin feeling nourished, and won’t cause it to dry-out. To avoid orange hands, use a wipe to quickly clean-off any of the residue from your palms.

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ModelCo Instant Tan Self-Tan Lotion, $15


This is a little trick if you are absolutely terrible at tanning your hands and feet. Use a instant spray and mix together with a small (pea-sized) amount of moisturiser. Mix well, and let the formula dry on your skin for 3-5 minutes. Wash your hands with some soap and cold water, then pat-dry. Done!

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Bondi Sands Summer Bronze Instant Tan, $17.99


To finish your entire look, achieve an all-body glow with a slight shimmer. The quick drying formula doesn’t settle into your pores, but instead gives skin an air-brushed look. One pump is enough for each leg, and make sure to apply in circular motions for a natural finish.

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Red Carpet Kolour Body Glow, $49.95

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December 2, 2014

How To Avoid Fake Tan Faux Pas

Give yourself the best fake tan ever this summer – without stepping out into the sun! Sunescape’s ultra-hydrating formula will give your skin a subtle pop of colour, and create a natural looking tan like you just spent a month in Maui. Before you apply tan, peek at our five exclusive tips by co-founder Lisa Williams on how to create a bronze glow.

Fake Tan Faux Pas No. 1 Palpable Patchiness

To avoid a patchy tan, effective exfoliation is non- negotiable! The active ingredient in fake tan, DHA, can react with things like alcohol, so it’s important to ensure skin is exfoliated and clean, free from any perfume, oils, lotions and deodorant. Applying tan to areas where there is dry skin build up can also result in an uneven application, so make sure you thoroughly exfoliate knees, elbows and feet and apply a small amount of Sunescape’s Hydrating Body Butter (RRP $29.95) to these areas prior to application (this will limit the absorption of the mousse), and use product sparingly.

Fake Tan Faux Pas No. 2 Unsightly Streaks and Smudges

Say sayonara to streaks and smudges by applying the tan to  one area of the body at a time. Using Sunescape’s Self Tan Application Mitt (RRP $9.90), apply one pump of mousse to the mitt and focus on one area at a time using quick sweeping motions, blending the mousse until there are no streaks or untanned areas. Sunescape’s tinted formula ensures you can see exactly where you have applied your tan, ensuring a perfect application every time.

Fake Tan Faux Pas No. 3The Awkwardly Orange Complexion

While a white face and brown body is a true tanning no-no, avoid an overly orange face by using the residual product on the mitt rather than applying another pump, and always avoid your eyebrows and hairline.

Fake Tan Faux Pas No. 4 Horrendous Hands

To avoid the “glove” look – whether it be untanned white hands or over-tanned orange paws – apply self-tan with Sunescape’s Applicator Mitt (RRP $9.90), and blend product on the top of your hands with Sunescape’s Hydrating Body Butter. This ensures a natural, graded colour.

Fake Tan Faux Pas No. 5Mismanaged Maintenance

The key to sustaining a patch-free tan lies in the upkeep. First up, when you’re ready to wash your tan off, make sure you have a quick rinse, not a long hot shower. The number one tan commandment though, is hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! Apply an ultra-nourishing moisturiser like Sunescape’s Hydrating Body Butter (RRP $29.95) every day, and use a soap and sulphate free body wash like Sunescape’s Hydrating Shower Gel (RRP $19.95) when showering.

Featuring unique hydration boost technology, Month in Maui nourishes like no other tan on the market. Made using natural ingredients and Eco-Cert Approved DHA, the formula is also completely free from petrochemicals, parabens and animal cruelty.

September 14, 2014