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April 25, 2016

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March 4, 2016

The Best Sunglasses For Your Face

Who hasn’t purchased the sunglasses of their dreams (also at a discount), only to wait for them to arrive and then not suit your face – at all? We’ve all been there! So rather than repeating this mistake over and over again, make sure you take a look at our guide below before buying another pair of unflattering sunglasses!

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A round face usually works with sunglasses that are square, or even aviator frames. It helps to add some definition to a round face, without feeling too overwhelming.

The Best Sunglasses For Your Face


Do you have an oval face? Congratulations – this shape actually looks amazing with almost any types of sunglasses. However, it’s important to stay away from small, circular frames since they can only lengthen your face.

The Best Sunglasses For Your Face


If your face is slightly curved, especially around the jaw, choose a pair of rounded frames to soften everything out. Something edgy might look a little too harsh on the lower dimensions of your face.

The Best Sunglasses For Your Face


A heart-shaped face usually has a pointy chin, which can make it difficult to find a perfect pair of sunnies. Square frames help to even-out the proportions, while still looking cool and edgy at the same time.

The Best Sunglasses For Your Face


Anyone with a diamond-shaped face (long and pointy at all ends) will look amazing with curved or angular lenses. Something straight along the top and curvy down the bottom is ideal for this shape.

The Best Sunglasses For Your Face

Images via Her Campus, eBay, Instagram, Karen Walker, Pinterest

June 27, 2015

Fashion With A Conscience: Ray-Ban Special Edition

Ray-Ban has released a Special Edition Indigenous Wayfarer in collaboration with the OneSight Foundation, as part of an initiative to improve the eye health of those in remote Australian communities.

The initiative specifically targets Indigenous Australians for whom blindness is six times more likely than other Australians.

The sunglasses feature the artwork of an upcoming Indigenous artist, Saretta Fielding, whose design was selected from a number of artists who submitted their designs as part of a competition held by Luxottica.

SHESAID attended the launch at the Australian Museum, where the Special Edition Wayfarers will be displayed as part of the Indigenous collection. The launch coincided with World Sight Day – the international event dedicated to raising awareness of avoidable blindness and vision loss.

It featured the entertainment of former Australian Idol winner, Casey Donovan, and was attended by an intimate crowd including the famous face of the new Wayfarers, supermodel, Samantha Harris.

The sunglasses will be available at OPSM stores from late October, with $50 from each sale to be donated to OneSight.


OneSight 034 OneSight 128

Casey Donovan (Left); Samantha Harris (Right)

OneSight 023

Saretta Fielding – artist

OPSM_RAYBAN_17.9.14_002 OPSM_RAYBAN_17.9.14_008

October 15, 2014

Sunglasses Make A Statement As The Modern-Day Crown

Sunglass Hut, the leading premium sunglass retailer, makes a royal statement this fall fashion season with its “Modern Royalty” campaign featuring global brand ambassador, Georgia May Jagger. Sunglass Hut’s campaign spotlights designer and premium sunnies as a modern reinterpretation of the crown, the ultimate power making statement accessory.

As the seasons change and consumers transition their wardrobes, Sunglass Hut’s “Modern Royalty” campaign presents the perfect opportunity for them to complete their new September wardrobe with the latest trending sunglass styles. Shot in Los Angeles by Ellen von Unwerth and styled by Franck Chevalier, the concept is an all-inclusive idea of royalty where today anyone can be a king or queen by adding a dose of opulence and influence via their sunglasses. It’s a new type of crown for a new type of royal.

As rock royalty herself, Georgia May Jagger said:

“I think it’s a fun idea to make sunglasses the modern-day crown. It’s taking everything we know about good old-fashioned royalty and spinning it on its head.”

Modern Royalty sees Georgia alongside Marlon Teixeira sitting for their royal portrait in an embellished throne set against a garden rich with whimsical topiaries. After a few shots, both break from the traditional poses to reveal a fun, dynamic modern royal attitude wearing sunglasses like crown.

September 4, 2014

5 Minute Choice – Sunglasses

Safe Sunglasses

Just as you ‘Slip-Slop-Slap’, you should be donning a good safe pair of sunglasses too. But how can you be sure the sunnies you buy can genuinely protect your eyes? To find out Choice decided to do a snap-shot test and bought 20 pairs of sunnies, mostly at the lower end of the price market – just to see how safety compliant these were.The Test

We sent our sunglasses to an expert lab, which measured how well the lenses blocked glare and UV radiation – compulsory aspects of the standard. We also measured how much heat they allowed through their lenses (important for eye comfort but not a mandatory requirement) and whether the lenses greatly affected the perception of colour – important if you’re driving and waiting for the lights to change!

Good news

The good news is that the majority of sunglasses we randomly bought passed the key requirements of the Australian standard. However, four out of 16 ‘general purpose sunglasses’ – failed to block enough glare. Two of these also let a lot more UV through the lens than the other sunglasses tested, even though they still passed the standard.

According to the testing lab, “The printed specifications in the standard on UVA transmission may be too generous. Even a few percent of UVA and a fraction of a percent of UVB could fail to prevent long-term eye harm for anyone who is outside for extended periods. Our experience is that such amounts for long times can cause significant accumulation of chemical damage in most organic materials and organic molecular systems.”

September 16, 2003

5 Minute Choice – Sunglasses (contd)

While this doesn’t automatically mean the sunglasses in question will fail to prevent long-term eye damage, CHOICE thinks it only makes sense to buy sunglasses that give better protection. For this to be possible, sunglasses need to be tested to the standard and labelled correctly. See what the label should say? We suspect from the gap between the UV test results of the two glasses mentioned above and those of the others that they’re in fact fashion spectacles. But because of the way the law is worded, if there is no type designation on the label – which there wasn’t for these two pairs – sunglasses fall into the ‘general-purpose’ category, which has much more stringent requirements.What to look for when purchasing your sunglasses

If you want to protect your eyes, you want bona fide sunglasses – not fashion spectacles that only have to meet minimal requirements. But how do you make sure that you’re buying real sunglasses? Since it seems you can’t rely on the labels, in fact you can’t be sure without some expensive equipment, here’s a guide to increasing your chances.

Look for clearly labelled ‘general-purpose’ or ‘specific-purpose’ sunglasses with traditional brown or grey lenses. Glasses with pale blue, yellow, pink or other trendy-coloured lenses are unlikely to be good sunglasses and probably should be labelled as fashion spectacles.

Avoid ‘John Lennon’ and other minimalist styles, which can let too much UV radiation in from the sides. Use a 20 cent coin as a rough guide to check that the lens is large enough (consider this a very bare minimum). Experts recommend you choose larger lenses in a wraparound style, which more effectively prevent light entering your eyes from the top and sides. When trying on a pair, get a feel for how well the glasses’ contour to your face.

Make sure the glasses are free from obvious defects such as sharp edges or chipping paint.

Check that the manufacturer is identified by name or trade mark, on the frames or tag.

For more information including a table of fast foods compared, check out the CHOICE free report Sunglasses. You can also see hundreds of independent product tests from digital cameras to dishwashers at CHOICE Online – We’re a non-profit site funded by consumers.

? Australian Consumers Association 2003

September 16, 2003

Want to make a fashion statement?

Want to make a fashion statement? Then you better hotfoot it to a Target store nearest you. Some of Australia?s hottest fashion folk have tee-d up with Target to help support the Breast Cancer Foundation. Collette Dinnigan, Easton and Pearson, Jodhi Packer, Akira Isogawa and the Zimmermann sisters just to name a few have created a stylish, yet effective message. Slick short sleeved and long sleeved tees that will suit all types.

Under $20 they will not only look great but they will also make you feel better about yourself. A portion of the proceeds from the sale of the Tees goes towards Breast Cancer Foundation. Breast cancer affects more than 10,000 Australian women a year ? read more about breast cancer. What are you waiting for? Go to Target now!Back down to earth

We don?t just limit our talk to fashion and beauty in this column. We

also think it?s important to keep you up-to-date on hot new lifestyle products. So what?s new? Conventional furniture is looking a little pass? at the minute. So, you fashion and lifestyle devotees ask, ?What is the new thing?? Exotic, oriental-inspired pieces that lie very low on the floor – that?s what. Oversized floor cushions are all the go in London. Known as ?opium beds?, they are fast becoming a very ?cool? alternative to the everyday sofa. They are perfect for lounging, relaxing and apartment living. We?ll keep you posted on stockists because they are so hot they are not even out of the oven!Bags of the week

Canvas is back. Any bag made out of this fabric is the go. We?ve done our research. Some of these military style, uber chic handbags may break the bank but they certainly won?t break once you?ve stuffed them with all your everyday goodies. Check out:

Gucci Canvas and leather bag ($1,385)

Longchamp canvas and leather bag ($375)

Salvatore Ferragamo canvas and leather bag ($995)

Fashion News

Keep ahead of the rest with our up-to-the-minute fashion news:

Eclectic Creations

Sydney based artist Natalie Wood, (you might know her as one half of the label, Sample) is working on a brand new project. Wood?s new label ? Beauty of Nature is a mixture of collage, lace and antique pieces. For further information and stockists tel: (02) 9358 6003

The eyes have it

The only sunglasses to be sporting right not are a pair of Histoire De voir. All the Hollywood heavyweights are wearing them. Naomi Campbell has 8 pairs. We can?t get enough of the leather detailing. For stockists telephone (02) 9363 9040.

No more bum crack!

Sick of you g-string being on display? Then check out the Levi?s Red jeans. This old 1850?s style jean has been re-worked so it?s very 2002. They have a very low slung front and a higher rear cut. Thank god, is all we can say. They are the jean to get into.


September 3, 2002