The One Unsuspecting Beauty Product You Should Use Year-Round

Come rain or shine, summer or winter, this is your skincare routine.

5 Summer Sunscreens For Face and Body

Planning to spend some time in the sun this summer? Make sure to apply a generous amount of sunscreen on both your face and body to protect the skin you’re in. Try these sunscreens which are ideal for both face and body (which aren’t too greasy) to avoid a nasty sun burn.

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Invisible Zinc Face and Body Sunscreen SPF 30, $31.95

A light, everyday sunscreen which doesn’t leave a thick caste on the skin. Gentle enough to use on both the face and body, packed with moisturisers to keep skin hydrated throughout the summer sun.

5 Sunscreens For Face and Body

Eco Tan Natural Sunscreen, $29.95

Sick of the white colour of sunscreen, especially in holiday pictures? Try this revolutionary sunscreen which is tinted to adapt to your skin tone. Works also as a tinted moisturiser and can be worn in the beach or pool without washing off.

5 Sunscreens For Face and Body

La Roche-Posay Uvidea XL Fluid Extreme SPF 30, $30.95

If you want to save and use a 2-in-1 sunscreen, then Uvidea should be your must-have purchase. The hydrating formula doesn’t leave skin feeling dry or patchy, and applies evenly thanks to its super-light texture.

5 Sunscreens For Face and Body

True Solutions All Day Moisture SPF 30, $60

True Solutions have perfected the face and body sunscreen which is light, creamy and protects skin from the suns harmful rays. Pack in your beach bag and re-apply as required.

5 Sunscreens For Face and Body

ModelCo Daily Face Mattifying Sunscreen SPF 50 & Lip Balm, $24.95

If ultimate protection is what you’re after, ModelCo have an SPF 50 sunscreen which is ideal for both face and body. The tube comes with a scented lip balm to protect your lips from the sun.

5 Sunscreens For Face and Body

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Holy Grail Beauty Tips For Fair Skin

Sometimes fair skin requires a little extra TLC, especially during the summer when sea salt and exposure to the sun can leave it looking less than perfect.

If you have fair skin, brush-up on your skincare and try some of our tips so it looks amazing all year round.

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Even if the sun isn’t shining, it doesn’t mean that the rays won’t harm your sensitive skin! Make sure your moisturiser and foundation have at least an SPF of 20 added into the formula. Carry some additional product into your handbag if you feel the need to touch-up through the day.

Tip: Use a translucent formula which won’t leave a white, thick caste on your face all day long. This might involve using a lightweight moisturiser underneath your foundation for ultimate protection against the sun.


Wear a wide-brimmed hat if you will be out in direct sunlight. Not only will it protect your scalp against sunburn, but also your decolletage and shoulders from sun damage.

Remember to apply additional sunscreen to your neck and ears since these are painful places to burn.


If your skin is quite light, odds are that it won’t be easy to find a foundation which suits your colour seamlessly. Search for BB creams or light perfecting formulas which are pink-based, lightweight, and will improve the look of your skin. They are also packed with high volumes of SPF to fight against imminent skin damage.

Tip: Most concealers also feature SPF, so apply onto your problem areas and follow up with a moisturiser to hydrate the skin.


Most harsh exfoliators can leave fair skin looking rough, especially if you already suffer from regular red patches or eczema.

Exfoliate in a gentle way by using a flannel and carefully remove the scrub in an upwards motion. This won’t leave your skin red and flakey afterwards, but will remove excess skin and dirt without the additional unpleasantness.


Avoid rinsing your face and body with hot water since it can open your pores and soak in bacteria and grime. Get into the habit of washing your face with cold-lukewarm water which keeps the pores tight and firm.

Tip: Use pore strips a few times a month to open the pores in a safe way (and in concentrated areas of your face such as the forehead and nose).

Razor burn

If you have fair skin, then the hair on your arms and legs is probably blonde or light brown. Rather than shaving and causing any inevitable razor bumps on your fair skin, wax once a month. Not only does this remove the hair from the follicle, but it will be better for your skin in the long run.

If you do suffer from razor burn, cleanse the area with natural aloe vera then rinse with cold water. Apply a nourishing moisturiser over your legs and relax as the pain subsides. Also, never apply fake tan onto skin which is damaged since it can cause a severe allergic reaction.

Brown mascara

Most women with fair skin find that using a traditional black mascara often looks too harsh on their skin tone. Why not switch it up and use a brown formula, instead? It makes your lashes look natural and won’t look too weird if you have little to no makeup on.

Tip: Use a waterproof formula to make your lashes last for longer and wiggle the applicator from root to tip for best coverage and lift.

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A Beauty Therapist’s Guide to Spring Cleaning – Part One

We asked our friends at The Harem Beauty and Wellbeing for Women in Sydney’s CBD to give us the low-down on what a gal needs to know to prepare to bare her winter body this spring.

Wear Sunscreen

I’ve made this statement constantly since becoming a therapist (I’m sure I must mouth it in my sleep!). Still, we live in a society where people continually ignore information on the damaging effects the sun has on us. Let’s face it, we all love a tan, but it’s time to jump into the 21st century, girls.

Sunscreen is the only anti-aging cream on the market!

Australians suffers from premature aging of the skin more than any other country, and our sun is 70% responsible. Excuses, excuses! For those of you who would argue sunscreens are too oily or too heavy, Dermalogica have 5 sunscreens available which cater for all skin types. There’s a formulation for oily or dry skins; sensitivity; people who like a sheer tint; a booster 30+ that can be added to moisturisers; as well as full spectrum body wipes for quick applications, and a fake tan that contains a 15+. Phew! That pretty much covers everyone. Now you just need to get into a good habit. Leave your sunscreen it in the bathroom then after you’ve showered, you can apply it each morning after drying yourself. Easy!

What to look for

Get yourself a sunscreen that you are happy wearing. There is no use forcing yourself to wear one that doesn’t feel good, as that will be a short-lived phase. You need one that is therapeutic as well as SPF efficient, one that you can trust to do good things to your skin. Once you find it, make it your best friend, and you’ll develop a great lifelong habit.

Fake Tan

Get cheeky and fake it! Fake tans have come a long way. They no longer make you look like you’ve overdosed on carrots or have an odour that would keep even your dog away. Most tans are now developed to react with molanacites in the skin which is exactly what the sun does to darken the colour of skin giving a truly natural result that you can lie through your teeth about and no one need know! Dermalogica fake tan has a SPF 15+, so not only will it give you a great natural looking tan, but it will also protect your skin from the sun.

Most salons offer fake tan application treatments, and for those new to faking it, this is an excellent way of demonstrating preparation of the skin before self-tan application. It will also show you just how easy and quick it is to fake it. Treatments are usually an hour and range from around $65.00 to $120.00.

by Natalie Lehrer, Head Therapist, and Rita Paul, Director and Founder, The Harem, Sydney – where ‘Every Woman is a Goddess’.

The Harem is Sydney CBD’s most exotic beauty boutique. For more information or to make a booking, email feelgood@theharem.com.au, and receive The Harem’s full price list and awesome Spring Clean Specials. Or phone 02 9262 3466 for information on to make a booking. The Harem is located on Level 6, 99 York Street, Sydney.

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Get Ready For the Beach

The body and bathers: With the recent spate of balmy and warm days it’s no wonder bikini and surf shops are getting crowded with an anxious pre-summer collection of girls looking for the right pair. One thing you have to make sure is that you are ready to hit the beach and this is where bathers come in. We all want to look good in next to nothing on the beach and contrary to popular opinion, it is possible.You’ve got your sunscreen, hat – we recommend Zimmermann’s beach hats ($66) – and beach mat, but you won’t be going anywhere without your bathers- (unless of course you’re off to a nudist beach, which is an entirely different story all together). Choosing the right bathers for you can be a lot like choosing a pair of jeans.

Two important points to remember: it can’t be done in a rush and it can’t be done alone. Always take someone you trust completely with you. Make sure you can ask them honesty what they think? There is no point taking a girlfriend who won’t tell you that your bum looks like it’s been given a fat injection or your breasts look all flat and shapeless in that bikini top. Here’s the go:

Curvy J.Lo kind of gals – Go for a singlet top with regular bikini bottoms. Don’t go string bikini’s or anything too risquZ -they will end up making your gorgeous curves look rounder. Play them down and they will look great.

The round bottom – If you’re conscious of your bum, then the best look is the boy-leg board shorts that are baggy. Looks fantastic on a girl with a larger derriere. Team them up with a fitted lycra singlet. This look will balance everything out and you’ll feel confident.

The flat chested gal – Go for the padded bikini top with string bikini bottoms. Or a triangular shaped bikini with bikini bottoms -a la Kate Moss.

Got short legs? – Don’t worry because the answer is spaghetti side bikini bottoms. They will make your legs look longer.

Big Bazookas? – nothing looks better than a halter-style top, but remember to match the bottom to the top. Don’t do it Sarah-Marie style – remember to retain a little mystery girls. The halter-top looks stunning with bigger panties -a la Marilyn Monroe – now we’re talking real style!

Tom Boy shape -or stick thin? Well first of all, we envy you, but if you do have that metabolism where you’re just all straight up and down, go tomboy-style with boy leg bottoms. Wear a very fitted style singlet top with them. Sporty, lean and you’re lucky!

The Pear shape– go for a singlet-style bikini top but wear a standard bikini bottom because the top half will help emphasise the rest of your body. It’s all about balance and it’s all an optical illusion!

Best shops to head to:

Sea Folly. For stockists telephone 1300 130 715

Zimmermann. For stockists telephone (02) 9294 8008

Piggott’s Store. For stockists telephone (02) 9362 8119

Zambesi. For stockists telephone (02) 9267 7277