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April 14, 2017

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December 1, 2016

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October 12, 2016

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September 21, 2016

How Young Is Too Young? 14-Year-Old Models For Dior

When I was 14, my life revolved around my friends and school. I watched MTV, complained about too much homework, and didn’t really think about the future.

When you’re 14, you’re not a child anymore, but you’re definitely not an adult either. You’re a teenager: mostly naive and pretty clueless. Signing a $200,000 contract with Dior when you’ve just started puberty might seem impossible, but it’s exactly what happened to Israeli girl Sofia Mechetner.

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It’s a modern fairy tale: Living in poverty with her mother and two younger siblings, Sofia gets signed by a modeling agency who send her to Paris where she is at the right time at the right place (a Dior boutique where designer Raf Simons happened to be too) and gets offered a lot of money for seemingly little work.

Shortly after, she walks in a Dior fashion show wearing a very sheer dress, which of course gives her and the fashion label a lot of publicity. Apparently it was “all for art” and not meant to look sexy. Right.

Sofia is of course happy to earn money to support her family, Dior is happy to have found such a beautiful girl, and they lived happily ever after. Now, let’s talk about the problem here, shall we?

Why does a multi-million dollar designer house feel the need to pay a young teenager to wear their clothes, which are meant to be bought by adult women? Why does anybody think it is a good idea to take a young girl out of school and put her on a runway with hundreds of (adult) photographers taking pictures of her with her not yet fully developed breasts showing through the transparent fabric of her dress?

When you are 14, you don’t know what your rights are. You feel self-concious and insecure and you will believe anything you are told, because you don’t know any better. In other words, you are easily exploited. You are exploited of your kindness and innocence, and most of all, your time to be a child.

The fashion world is tough and even though we are constantly confronted with youthfulness, it is a very adult world. The CFDA and the British Fashion Council have banned models under the age of 16 from New York and London Fashion Week, but Paris remains irreverent.

There is no need for any 14-year old girl to model. Enjoy your childhood and teenage years. Hang out at shopping centres, play sports and worry about exams, not about photo shoots. Once you’re 18, you’ll have enough time to do all the adult things you were naively looking forward to.

I don’t blame Sofia or her family for taking this opportunity, but I am disappointed by Dior. When they made the decision to sign Sofia, they didn’t just make a business decision, they changed a girl’s life. Let’s hope they changed it for the better.

Image via web.de 

August 17, 2015

Why Helping Your Teen Save Will Be Beneficial In The Long Run

Financial competence is an essential skill that any teenager or young adult has to learn. It means knowing how to spend wisely and how to save. As young adults, this skill is vital for their survival and success in the adult world. It can mean the difference between having a house to live in and being homeless, or having the means to buy that shoes you saw on the window and being in card debt. Being financially savvy can spell the difference between homelessness and success, in later life.

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They learn to be financially savvy

By teaching them how to save at such a young age, that lesson is inculcated in their brains by the time they grow up. At an early age, they learn the value of money. This translates to knowing how to spend money wisely. They learn what purchases are essential and what purchases are just mere luxuries. Expenses for food, lodging and the costs involved with driving are essential purchases, but the newest Chanel bag is just a mere luxury. By knowing the difference, they can then decide whether or not they can afford the luxury item, and when they can purchase it. It also includes the question of whether or not they should buy it at all.

They learn to be financially independent

Being financially savvy translates to financial independence. People who cannot control their spending habits become slaves to their credit cards. They start off a cycle of debt, where the person purchases non-essential items using a credit card, without the funds to pay for it fully. They pay the minimum monthly payments but the interest and the principal just starts to pile up until they are so buried under debt. Financial independence also means that they can control their finances without letting it overrun their lives. It can mean taking a mortgage on a house but with a clear plan on how to pay for it. It can mean taking a car loan with a definite monthly budget for its payment. It doesn’t mean your child will not need financing help anymore, it just means your child will be able to maximize the opportunities provided by financing.

They will learn how to be successful

Being financially independent is the first step to success. When they can take charge of your finances, they can manipulate it and maximize its benefits. They can make use of financing to set up their own business without shelling out a big chunk of money. Financial savvy will also allow them to be successful in any business venture they enter. After all, the success of a business depends on whether it is making a profit or not. If the leader of the business knows when to take risks with their investments, the business will be able to avoid bankruptcy. If the business leader knows how to manage the company’s finances, there is no surprise if the company flourishes in the long run.

Starting a child early in the art of saving and spending wisely will be a big benefit to them when they become young adults, and eventually mature adults who are in charge of their lives.

November 13, 2014