5 Makeup Myths Debunked

Makeup tips and tricks are forever changing and it can be hard to keep up. Establishing what is a tip and what is actually a myth is key to knowing how to avoid makeup blunders like annoying breakouts and smudged eyeliner. Applying makeup should always be a fun routine. However following all the rules can sometimes turn applying make-up into a chore. Stress less, here are some old age make-up myths, debunked to help you out:

1. Makeup will last for years

Expiration dates are not something that you usually associate with make-up, but most products have one and you should take note! For example, mascara has an expiration date of about three months as bacteria can build up in the wand over time. Most products will display a used-by-date and often use the letter M to denote months and Y for years. If you see 12M on your foundation this means it should be thrown away 12 months after being opened.

2. Makeup causes breakouts

Makeup is not always the cause for breakouts and annoying acne, most of the time it is due to a bad make-up routine. Falling asleep with your make-up on, using out-dated products or not using clean brushes and sponges when applying your make-up are key things to avoid, as they will contribute to the likelihood of a breakout.

3. Applying foundation and face creams in upward strokes will help you avoid wrinkles

Sadly wrinkles are one of the great surprises that life throws at you, whether you like it or not, and applying your make-up in a specific way is not going to stop their formation. The good news is that your skin is elastic; therefore it will bounce back when stretched. No amount of applying foundation carelessly will cause wrinkles. In fact, it is actually better to apply foundation and face creams in a downward motion as this follows the natural direction of hair growth and will ensure a smooth finish.

4. Pump your mascara to get more out of your product

Using your mascara to the last drop, whilst cost effective, will not do any favours for your product or for your skin or eyes! Pumping your mascara wand can bring air into the tube, which will promote the growth of bacteria (see point 1). It can also cause the product to break down faster and dry it out. Try twisting the brush gently as you pull it out to avoid adding unwanted air to the tube and remember, if you aren’t getting enough product on the wand it’s probably a good time to throw it away.

5. Not everyone can wear red lipstick

Anyone and everyone can wear red lipstick! The main thing to consider if you are consciences about wearing red lipstick is making sure it is the correct colour and hue for your skin tone. Try multiple shades to ensure you have the right shade for you and one that will allow you to feel comfortable and sexy in your own skin. You can also try pairing the lipstick with a soft lip liner to contrast the two colours.

By Becky Heffernan, an independent business owner with The Body Shop At Home. The Body Shop At Home is the direct selling arm of ethical beauty brand The Body Shop, and enables individuals to start their own business within the beauty industry. For more information about The Body Shop At Home visit

July 3, 2014

Best Beach Products to go For

We’ve searched for the best products to get you ready for the beach – tale a peek…

We can’t get enough of Origin’s Ginger Body Scrub, $62. Ginger is one of those miracle substances that works from the inside out. This scrummy jar of goodness is the perfect way to scrub your body into shape this summer.Don’t leave your house without Dermalogica’s Waterproof Solar Spray SPF 25, ($40). All it takes is one quick spray and you will be protected from the sun’s nasty rays. Applied everyday, you’ll be the one thanking us when you’re fifty!

If you’ve got coloured or treated hair you really need to take extra care when you are out in the sun. Jo from Lily Jackson Hair and Makeup in Sydney says, “Sun exposure is one of the quickest ways to dull a chemically enhanced hairstyle”. With that in mind we found Aveda Colour Conserve, Shampoo, ($35)

Dermalogica’s Waterproof Solar Spray SPF 25, ($40)

and Conditioner, ($36.75). These products not only smell divine but they also have UV protectants in them.Want a little help enhancing your tan? Head straight to The Body Shop. They have decided to re-launch their sell-out Brush-on Bronze, $29.95. This classic product will give you that natural-looking glow you have always been looking for.

The bad thing about summer is that people will see the tops of your legs. The good news is that they don’t have to see cellulite. There is a way to keep it at bay, but you have to be diligent. The loofah is the answer-but we mean it when we say to brush everyday. By brushing those cottage-cheese thighs everyday with a dry loofah you will get the blood circulating and definitely notice a decrease in cellulite. We say start brushing now. For loofahs visit Stuf. For price and stockists telephone (02) 9238 6891

Last but by no means least. It’s about the way you smell. You don’t want to be caught at the beach with bad BO do you? In summer, even the most delicately smelling of us need a little extra help. Why not go glamorous with you anti-perspirant? One of our favourites is Clarins new deodorant range, ($30). It softens the skin and the essential oils in the product encourage well-being. The range is for all skin types, including sensitive skin. Available from Myers/Grace Brothers and selected salons and pharmacies. Smell better than anyone else this summer!

September 26, 2002