Hairstyles Inspired By The Great Gatsby

The Great Gatsby is a novel, and now a film, set in the roaring 1920s – a time of fabulous fashion and exquisite hairstyles. Now, 90 years on, that fashion and those hairstyles are coming back into fashion, probably thanks to the film. Whether you have short or long hair, there’s a Great Gatsby hairstyle to suit you and although a lot 0f the hairstyles are best suited to wavy hair, making it easier to mould the curls, the same look can be achieved with straight hair – it may just involve slightly more work or hairspray.

So here we look at some of the best 1920s-inspired hairstyles and hairpieces:

This diamanté spider web hairpiece combined with a classic messy bun is elegant and perfect for an exquisite event or party.

Hairstyles Inspired By The Great Gatsby

If you’ve got short hair, this beautiful lace headpiece combined with the silk flower could suit you down to a tee.  Consider this look if you’re a bride wanting something just that little bit different on your wedding day.

Hairstyles Inspired By The Great Gatsby

The 1920s look can be achieved by wearing something as simple as this fine headband with diamante flower attached.  Add a few curls to your shoulder length hair and you’ve got the look.

Hairstyles Inspired By The Great Gatsby

If you’ve got long wavy hair then give this intricate hairstyle a go.  Perfectly suited for a bride or bridesmaids, the simple gold hairpiece adds a touch of the Great Gatsby.

Hairstyles Inspired By The Great Gatsby

Feathers and diamonds are a beautiful combination and this Great Gatsby headpiece is no exception.  Wear this as pictured below or with a short bob haircut for that 1920s look.

Hairstyles Inspired By The Great Gatsby

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September 11, 2014

1920s-Inspired Wedding Hairstyles

If you’re an old soul at heart, or simply adore the style in Jay Gatsby’s era, the 1920’s was an extremely influential period in regards to women’s style. Hair was kept short, makeup was sultry and dresses were worn long and beaded. We have taken inspiration from this era and created three hairstyles which are a nod to the fabulous 1920’s.

Tuck and cover

Perfect for longer hair, this style is all about choosing a glamourous head band, and pairing it with a chic side bun.

1920's Inspired Wedding Hairstyles

  1. Start with clean hair, and choose weather you want to curl or straighten the ends.
  2. Part hair on the side, then put the head band over the hair. Then take one strand and thread it through the side of your head, (covering up the band).
  3. Do this with the rest of the hair, until you can no longer see the head band. Then push to the side and flip hair into the head band. This will also keep it secure.
  4. Tie with an elastic, and pin any loose strands back under the bun.

Vintage vamp

This glamourous hairstyle is made for women with short hair (which touches the nape of the neck). Pair with dark eyes and red lip for a statement look.

1920's Inspired Wedding Hairstyles

  1. Prep hair with styling lotion, and focus this on the ends (avoid the roots since it could make the hair too oily to work with).
  2. Section hair from the nape of the neck, cover in a thin tissue and curl hair anti-clockwise around the finger. Then clip to secure it into place.
  3. Continue to curl hair in rows, remembering to do this in an anti-clockwise motion. Allow hair to sit like this for a few hours before brushing out the curls.
  4. Lightly use a finishing spray to secure the curls.

Straight with a statement

Perfect for anyone who wants to incorporate a statement accessory from the 1920’s into their look, without an overwhelming hairstyle.

1920's Inspired Wedding Hairstyles

  1. Work with the natural texture of your hair, (whether it is straight or curly), and create some volume at the crown. Loose waves works perfectly if you have longer hair, or keep hair sleek and straight if it’s short.
  2. Finish off with a huge statement piece such as a rhinestone bridal sash to spice up the entire look.

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July 31, 2014