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5 Minutes With The Other Woman Star, Kate Upton

In her first major film role, the very beautiful and delightful Kate Upton proves categorically that she is a gifted actress. She plays the naïve Amber, a classic blonde bombshell who innocently believes she has found true love with her handsome and highly successful boyfriend, Mark (Nikolaj Coster-Waldau), until she discovers that he has been deceiving her. She befriends his wife Kate (Leslie Mann) as well as the lawyer with whom he is also having an affair, Carly, (Cameron Diaz) and we learn that there is far more to Amber than meets the eye. The three women set about untangling Mark’s web of lies, they conjure up clever plots to give him exactly what he deserves.  At the same time they form an unlikely bond, becoming firm friends. Along their journey, the women provide each other with support, loyalty and a lot of fun.

How thrilled were you about landing the role in The Other Woman?

“I was so excited. This really is my first movie role, because the other ones were just cameos. This is the first time I have been involved in a movie from the very beginning to the end. I read the script and I felt right away that the role was something I could do, that I could really be good at.”

What kind of woman is Amber?

“She’s definitely naïve, she is young and sweet and she sees the whole world in a positive way. She thought she had a genuine relationship with Mark. She believed his lies.  Amber seems to be the type of girl everybody wants to hate, but Carly and Kate, Cameron and Leslie’s characters, don’t hate her at all. They make friends with her. They bring her in to their group. The film is inspiring for women because you should probably hate the young girl in the bikini running around the beach, but they realize Amber didn’t know what was happening and is just as hurt by this situation as they are. We help each other through it.”

Do you think men actually cheat more than women?

“Honestly I don’t because I have a lot of guy friends, and they have experienced women cheating on them as well. All of us have been through a cheating situation. It’s really all about how you handle it, and that’s what this movie shows. It is about dealing with cheating and getting over it. At first the girls take the easy way out by getting a little bit of revenge, but they end up taking the high road by being strong enough to move on.”

Did you, Cameron and Leslie become genuine friends while making the film?

“We were playing girlfriends on the set, but we became real girlfriends. I feel so close to them. We would hang out and talk and download our days. I knew I had a support system to go to if anything difficult happened. That’s why girlfriends are important. It was a really cool relationship, and I’m so happy that we are still friends. They’re inspiring, lovely people and they really helped me through my first film. I am so grateful. They’re also so talented, the best of the best at what they do, and I was able to watch them at work.”

What did you learn from them?

“I learned by observing them and by example, how well they carried themselves in person. They’re kind, genuine people. I’ve always looked up to Cameron and Leslie. They’re fantastic actresses. It’s so cool that I got to make my first film with them.”

Any great moments on the set you can share?

“My favorite day on set was when I celebrated my birthday. I turned 21. We were filming the scene where we all meet. Cameron and Leslie’s characters are in the Hamptons and they have found out that Mark isn’t just seeing the two of them, there’s another mistress. We were all a little under the influence, because our characters were in such a weird situation. We were all bonding over wine, at Kate’s brother’s (Taylor Kinney) house. We were having a good time, and Leslie and I end up dancing on the table. Then after we’d finished filming, we went back to the hotel and they threw me a little party in a bar next door. We danced all night. It was so much fun and that was definitely my most memorable experience.”

How interesting was it working with the legendary costume designer Patricia Field?

“She was great. It was really cool working with her. Normally on photo shoots, I decide what I like. I’m working with some of the best stylists and they ask me for my opinion. In a movie, it doesn’t matter what I like. It’s what Amber would like and what the character would wear. So it was a different experience for me being at the fittings. It took me a couple of fittings to really find out what Amber would wear. She’s super casual. She’s always in shorts and she’s young. I’m young (laughs). She has a young, free spirited style.”

What is your own style?

“I kind of have a uniform. I always love jeans, boots and a nice top. I’ll switch it around from there, but that is the place I always start. I have lots of favorite designers.  I love Dior, Lanvin, Derek Lam, Rag & Bone, and Ralph Lauren….. I could go on and on.”

You are so funny in the film, does comedy come naturally?

“I thought I was funny growing up (laughs). But there’s a bit of a difference between being funny and thinking you’re funny. My whole household is funny. Even now, if you saw my family, everybody would be joking around. Everybody is laughing constantly. Growing up, I would act stupid or dumb to get a good laugh.   Just hearing laughter keeps me driven. It’s almost like a high to get people laughing at my jokes. I’ve always wanted to model and act. I lived right by Disneyworld, and whenever we’d pass the studio, I’d be like, ‘I want to be in a Disney channel movie.’ My mom would say, ‘I don’t think that’s how it works. Now, I’m in a Fox film and I am so excited.  People weren’t one hundred percent sure that a model could act, but I focused on acting. I worked hard and I took classes for two years. If I do something, I want to be good at it.”

What are your career goals?

“At this point in my life, I want to focus on learning more about acting and improving and expanding what I’ve already accomplished. Acting and modeling have always been my ultimate goals.”

Kate Upton joins Cameron Diaz and Leslie Mann in the hilarious new film, The Other Woman, from director Nick Cassavetes. The supermodel displays her natural acting talent as Amber, a stunning and sweet young woman who is dating an older man, firmly believing she is the only one in his life. Amber’s illusions are shattered when she finds out that her charming but duplicitous boyfriend is not only married to Kate (Mann), he is also involved in a relationship with Carly (Diaz).  The three women bond as they exact revenge on the deceitful rogue who has been lying to all of them. Funny from start to finish, the film delivers a fresh take on female friendship.

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