The Bachelor’s Happy Ending… Finally?

Blake Garvey, otherwise known to Australia as The Bachelor, has announced to the world that he is finally with his one true love – apparently. Garvey had proposed to Sam Frost in the last episode of the series before coming out and revealing that the pair were no longer together just 24 hours after the finale aired on Network 10.

We all know what followed. Even if we wanted to avoid it, it’s become almost impossible and the network have done a fantastic job at continuing the storyline despite the the actual series having now ended almost two weeks ago.

So what did we learn on The Project last night? Blake and Louise, one of the ladies booted off the show (in the second last episode to be exact), are happily in a loving and committed relationship with each other… since Saturday. Yep, Saturday, as in three days ago. Sounds legit, right?

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If we didn’t already have our reservations about playboy Blake (via the naughty party pics that have emerged of him as a topless waiter), you’d have to question the fact that this guy proposed to one girl while having “feelings” for another.

And then the first bombshell – Louise points out that Garvey actually wrote her “a very beautiful, very heartfelt letter” that she had received BEFORE the finale. Hmmm…

Louise also pointed out that she believed Blake had been “protecting me by sending me home”. Sorry Louise, that’s not quite how the show works.

Regardless of all that, Louise says, “It feels right… I need to trust in his word”. Well, Sam trusted his word, too. But we all know how that ended.

The pair will now get on with their lives, posing for Woman’s Day, which had followed them to Thailand for the exclusive images, and maybe we can focus on something else for a while – like Big Brother’s plummeting ratings.

But no, not yet. Because tomorrow the jilted ladies, Lisa and Sam, get their say on the matter and The Project gave us just enough for a teaser: “That is the biggest load of shit I’ve ever heard in my life” – thanks Sam. Me too.