Belle Gibson Shows No Remorse In 60 Minutes Interview

Last night in an exclusive 60 minutes interview Belle Gibson was given the chance to come clean. After being exposed in recent months for profiting on the back of lie and giving false hope to terminally ill cancer patients via her wellness empire, the disgraced food blogger instead insisted that she was the victim.

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“I’ve not been intentionally untruthful,” she told journalist and reporter Tara Brown after insisting that she was led to believe by immunologist and neurologist, “Mark Johns,” – yet to be confirmed by records – that she had terminal brain cancer.

Describing her diagnosis, Gibson argued: “He went to my home and did a series of tests. There was a machine with lights on the front. There are two metal pads, one below the chair and one behind your back, measuring frequencies and then he said to me that I had a stage four brain tumour and that I had four months to live.

“At the time, I believed I was having radio therapy. When he gave me medication, I was told it was oral chemotherapy and I believed it.”

According to 60 minutes, the evidence provided by Gibson didn’t stack up – and Brown, who was relentless in trying to get to the truth, was quick to call her out by consistently challenging the 23-year-old to “just be honest.” At one point she even asked: “Do you accept that you’re a pathological liar?” only to be met with a firm “no” from Belle.

Giving the disgraced entrepreneur a lashing, easily likened to that of the literal terminology, the reporter insisted that Gibson had a history of claiming dramatic health problems including three heart operations, two cardiac arrests and a death on the operating table.

Proving that she’s either in way over her head, or that she does in fact have a serious mental health issue, Belle continued to insist that she believed she was dying of cancer until earlier this year.

“I’m not trying to get away with anything. I’m not trying to smooth over anything,” she said. “It’s not easy for me to be here.”

“Once I received the definite, ‘No, you do not have cancer,’ that was something I had to come to terms with and it was really traumatising and I was feeling a huge amount of grief,” she said.

What’s more, Gibson was given an out more than once in the interview. In one part, Brown said: “I just wonder, Belle, if – and I don’t know if you’re at a stage where you’ll ever admit it – but whether you just didn’t know what you were getting yourself into. You probably thought you weren’t doing any harm … you thought you could get away with it.”

The 23-year-old replied: “There was nothing to get away with, Tara.” She also denied, or more so wouldn’t accept, that she might have Munchausen syndrome, a mental disorder in which someone pretends to suffer physically or psychologically to get attention. So this raises the question: Is Belle Gibson’s mental health issue far more complex than initially comprehended?

The final indicator being that the former entrepreneur couldn’t give a definitive answer to a simple question regarding her age. While her birth records, according to 60 minutes, show that she is 23, , she said: “I’ve always been raised as being currently a 26-year-old,”

This then prompted Brown to ask: “This is a really, really simple question. How old are you?” to which Gibson replied: “That’s probably a question we’ll have to keep digging for.”

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Has Belle Gibson Been Caught Out Lying Again?

Just when you thought disgraced health entrepreneur Belle Gibson couldn’t land herself in anymore hot water, the 23-year-old’s mum has come forward and called her bluff – again.

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Talking to the The Australian Women’s Weekly, Gibson’s mother Natalie said she wanted to “set the record straight” after the former health guru blamed her “troubled childhood” for her problems in sorting fact from fiction.

Slamming Gibson’s family troubles as “a load of rubbish,” she said: “Her brother is not autistic and she’s barely done a minute’s housework in her life. I’ve practically worked myself into an early grave to give that girl everything she wanted in life.

“I just couldn’t sit by and let her say these things about her family.”

Gibson, who last month confessed to lying about having cancer and building her The Whole Pantry empire off the back of a false story, tried to pardon herself with the tale of growing up without parental guidance. “It was my responsibility to do grocery shopping, do the washing, arrange medical appointments and pick up my brother. I didn’t have any toys,” she recently told the Women’s Weekly.

“I think my life has just got so many complexities around it and within it, that it’s just easier to assume [I’m lying].”

Well, her mum Natalie is calling bullshit and told the magazine that the 23-year-old needed to apologise for her actions and spend a good part of her life repaying her debts and doing volunteer work. “She’s got to look inside her own soul. The only way she is going to get forgiveness is to stop playing the victim card and spend the next few years doing nothing but charity work for cancer victims.”

While Belle still hasn’t issued an official apology, because let’s face it – “respectfully coming to the table” and asking  “to heal and grow” is far from a sincere sorry, her mother has stepped up to offer condolences. “I can’t tell you how embarrassed we are about what she has done. And we sincerely wish to apologise for anyone who was deceived by Belle.”

What happens now is anyone’s guess. Will Gibson respond to her mother’s claims? Will she finally take full responsibility for her actions and try and make amends? Or is it too little too late?

What do you think?

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Belle Gibson’s Fall From Grace

When Belle Gibson founded The Whole Pantry with the story of healing herself from terminal cancer via alternative health and nutrition, she gave hope to thousands suffering with the disease. Now, after months of speculation, the 23-year-old has confessed to lying about the whole ordeal.

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Sitting down with The Australian Women’s Weekly, the disgraced blogger admitted: “No, none of it’s true,” when she was asked if she has, or has ever had, cancer. Failing to give an appropriate or clear reason as to why – “I am still jumping between what I think I know and what is reality. I have lived it and I’m not really there yet,” – Gibson instead directed the blame to her troubled childhood.

“When I started school, my mum went, ‘My daughter is grown up now’. All of a sudden I was walking to school on my own, making school lunches and cleaning the house every day. It was my responsibility to do grocery shopping, do the washing, arrange medical appointments and pick up my brother. I didn’t have any toys.”

So does not having parental guidance pardon the fact that she created one of the biggest hoax’s the health industry has ever seen? Or the fact that she deceived several charities by withholding up to $300, 000 in promised donations from the sales of her app? Or what about potentially putting the lives of those who made choices about their cancer treatment based on her advice in jeopardy?

No doubt Belle Gibson has copped furious backlash, with the 23-year-old being slammed via social media, but is mental illness behind her wrongdoings? The Australian Women’s Weekly speculated that Gibson suffers from a psychological condition called Munchausen syndrome — a condition where sufferers often lie about disease or illness for attention.

“I think my life has just got so many complexities around it and within it, that it’s just easier to assume [I’m lying],” said Gibson in the interview. “If I don’t have an answer, then I will sort of theorise it myself and come up with one. I think that’s an easy thing to often revert to if you don’t know what the answer is.”

Regardless of her reasoning, financially the former health guru’s web of lies has left her in turmoil. The Whole Pantry app has been dropped by Apple, Penguin Australia have stopped supplying her book and she has also been instructed by accountants to give any leftover profits to the charities she pledged money to. So, what’s next for Belle Gibson?

She says she doesn’t want forgiveness. Instead, she wants people to say: “‘Okay, she’s human. She’s obviously had a big life. She’s respectfully come to the table and said what she’s needed to say, and now it’s time for her to grow and heal.’”

Sorry Belle, but it’s going to take a lot more than a measly apology for your followers to let you off the hook that easy.

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