5 Reasons You Should Use A Wet Brush

If you’ve never heard of a Wet Brush ($13.95) before, then we’re about to blow your mind.

Not only are they the trendiest new hair accessories that you need, but they’re perfect for girls who have a few too many knots and tangles in their hair.

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Each brush actually skips the plastic bristles in favour of unique IntelliFlex which helps to untangle knots with minimal damage or irritation. You won’t find yourself constantly tugging at your ends to remove those stubborn knots, and the bristles aren’t likely to fall out or break.

Scalp stimulation

The bristles are longer and equipped with a tiny bead on the end for maximum scalp penetration. Simply apply in circular motions around your scalp to boost circulation, and penetrate the hair follicle.


As opposed to other popular brushes on the market, the Wet Brush is relatively pain-free especially on those tough tangles. Long-haired girls can definitely feel my pain on this one.

Instead of causing breakage, the bristles carefully remove any knots without tearing the hair and leading to nasty split ends.


Since the bristles are so soft and thin, they are perfect for women who regularly wear hair extensions or wigs. They don’t damage your real or synthetic hair, and absolutely will not create additional breakage with extended use.

Thick hair

Brushing thick hair can be a task in itself, especially when you’ve come out of the shower. The Wet Brush was specifically designed for damp and thicker hair types, and is available in number of paddle brushes and colours to suit your lifestyle.

Are you convinced yet? We’ve already replaced all of our other brushes and combs with this amazing hair tool!

Thicker Hair in 5 Easy Steps

Thicker hair doesn’t mean succumbing to hair extensions which can cost a small fortune to maintain. It’s all about using the best products for your hair type, mixed in with a few homemade masks which are quick and easy to make. Keep reading below to find out how to achieve thicker hair in just five steps.

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Blow Dry

Sometimes drying your hair in a particular way can cause it to lose volume. One of the best tricks used by hairdressers is to tip your head and dry at a warm temperature (nothing too hot!).

If you have a round brush, you can always use this when drying your hair to achieve a fullness at the roots.

Thicker Hair in 5 Steps

VS Sassoon miniPRO Dryer, $19.99

Thickening products

Use a thickening spray on your roots to create some gentle volume without leaving your hair too sticky afterwards. Perfect for fine or thin hair, all you need to do is mist lightly onto your hair (wet or dry, it doesn’t matter), then style using your fingers.

Thicker Hair in 5 Steps

Bumble and Bumble Thickening Spray, $12

Homemade hair mask

Simply combine one ripe banana, one egg, 1/2 cup flat beer, and one tablespoon of honey and mix well. Apply the entire mixture starting from root to tip, then leave in for up to one hour. The beer creates thickness in the hair follicle, and gives the illusion of volume.

Shampoo and conditioner

Did you know that women with blonde hair typically have thinner hair as well? Must have something to do with the peroxide! Use a thickening shampoo and conditioning solution to create some much needed drama in your hair. Make sure to apply conditioner to just your ends, it has a flattening effect when applied (and not properly washed) from the scalp.

Thicker hair in 5 steps

Organix Thick & Full Biotin & Collagen Shampoo, $17.99


Yes, gelatine! Add 4-5 tablespoons into your usual shampoo and shake well. The gelatine adds texture and thickens fine or dull hair after a good blow dry!

How do you achieve thicker hair?

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Flattering Hairstyles For Thick Hair

Thick hair is by no means the easiest texture to style; braids never stay in place, buns often feel too heavy, and curls never hold their intended style! If you want to branch out and create a fuss-free hairstyle for your thick hair, then simply try a few hairstyles below.

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No-fuss bun

Rather than combing through all your hair and twisting it in a bun, this is a much easier style which is accommodating to thicker hair.

Divide your hair into two sections, and create a bun on the top part of your head. Divide the middle sections into two, then twist them around the bun and secure with a clear elastic. Super easy and won’t have your hair falling out of place throughout the day!

Flattering Hairstyles For Thick Hair

Voluminous ponytail

Divide your hair into two sections just like the previous hairstyle, but spray some texturising product at the roots for extra lift.

Tie the first ponytail (the upper layer), securely with a hair elastic, then do the same with the bottom. It should blend in seamlessly if your hair is one colour.

Flattering Hairstyles For Thick Hair

Classic bob

Why not get the chop and use your thick hair to pull off a short bob. Not only is this hairstyle really easy to style (especially if you hair is naturally quite straight), but you have enough volume to pull of this look without ageing your face.

Remember to apply a deep-conditioning mask to your ends once a week to keep your hair looking healthy and fresh.

Flattering Hairstyles For Thick Hair

Textured braid

Although this style only suits girls with longer layers, feel free to try it on your thick hair as well! Create a loose braid at the nape of your neck, and progressively make the braid tighter as you finish up with a clear elastic.

Tug at each side to make it more lived-in, then use a dry shampoo to create the illusion of more volume. A fishtail braid also looks really on thick hair as well!

Flattering Hairstyles For Thick Hair

Images via Pinterest, Jelly Web, Jolie.

The Beginner’s Guide To Hair Extensions

Are you after longer locks or just want a thick set of hair to work with? Hair extensions suit a variety of needs and can look amazing if you know how to treat them right. Regardless of which colour and style you choose, hair extensions are usually defined as various layers of hair which are meant to be applied onto the scalp in either clip-in, bonding, weaving or micro-rings. Below is just a short guide for choosing the extensions which are right for you and your hair.

Clip-in extensions

Probably the most popular and inexpensive form of extensions, clip-in’s are the best option for beginners since they are easy to put it and take out of hair if you change your mind. These come in a variety of colours, lengths and sizes which you (or your hairdresser) can style and flawlessly fit into your own hair. Perfect as a semi-permanent look for a night out or a special event.


This process involves taking the hair extensions and bonding it onto the existing roots of your hair. A great option if you want to invest a little more into your hair, since it’s better for the longterm and will give you a flawless finish when completed. Bonded hair extensions can last up to six months, but require many hours to complete depending on how thick and long you want your hair to be.


Weaving is an extremely popular way to achieve long locks without harming your own hair. Natural hair is styled into cornrows (with the fringe and layers at the front usually an exception), then a weave is sewn onto the hair to hide any tracks. This method is usually much quicker than bonding, and is a great option if you want your hair to grow without waiting it out. Despite this, weaves are usually heavy and inconvenient so it’s best to weigh out the options before considering this method of longer hair.

Micro rings

Probably one of the most comfortable ways to achieve longer and thicker hair, micro rings are the most popular tool salons use at this present time. The small micro rings are made from a combination of plastic and silicone which are usually coloured to blend into your natural hair line. The extensions are then attached onto your real hair and flattened so you can brush, shampoo and style your hair with ease. You will have to go back to the salon every few months to get the micro rings tightened since they will drop every time your natural hair grows.

Image via DKW Styling

By Felicia Sapountzis

5 Celebrity Hairstyles for Thick Hair

Thick hair has plenty of volume, but managing a head of thick hair can present quite a few style challenges. Luckily, there are tons of easy-to-do hairstyles inspired by celebrity hairstyles that can help you control your mane with ease. Here are five easy hairstyles for women with thick hair:

Julianne Hough’s Surfer Girl Waves

Waves add plenty of movement to thick hair and look effortlessly chic. Getting them is really easy and you don’t even have to use heat, which can fry your strands. To achieve this look, apply a salt spray to your hair to encourage the formation of waves and braid small sections. When your hair feels dry, release the braids and enjoy your look.

thick style hair

Taylor Swift’s Curls

Taylor Swift’s curls are iconic, and everyone wants to achieve the look. These curls are highly versatile and look great for any occasion. For this look, you’re going to need a ¾-inch curling iron, heat protectant, some hairspray and a few bobby pins. Start out with dry hair and generously apply heat protectant to the strands. Take the curling iron and wrap small sections of hair around it to create a very tight curl. The last step is to tease the crown of hair for volume and apply hairspray for hold.

great thick hair

Demi Lovato’s Bun

A high bun is a simple way to keep thick hair out of your face. For this look, you will need to have hair ties, a bun shaper, smoothing gel and hairspray. First, brush out your hair to remove unwanted tangles. Then, tie your hair into a high ponytail and slip it in the bun shaper. Once you’ve created the bun shape, apply hairspray and you’re good to go.

Ponytail thick hair

Eva Mendes’ Ponytail

A ponytail is an easy look for thick hair. To achieve Eva’s chic ponytail, back tease the hair at the crown. Then, scoop the hair into a low ponytail and secure with an elastic. The look works best when it’s a little messy, so pull out a few strands around the face and tease the ponytail at its base.

straight Layers thick hair

Ashley Tisdale’s Pin-straight Layers

Getting layers added to your mane is a fantastic way to give movement to your strands. Since thick hair has a tendency to pouf out on the ends, it’s recommended to get the layers thinned at the bottom so they hang just right. To style this look, start by parting your hair into a deep part. Using a flat iron, go over the ends and slightly twist the wrist to create a slight bend. Finish with hairspray to seal in the look.


5 Hairstyles For Round Faces

Whether you’ve got full, thick hair or fine, thin hair, you will have noticed the difference that your face shape makes on how your favourite hairstyle looks. Complimenting a round face isn’t always easy so we’ve put together five of the best hairstyles for round faces, plus some styling tips to help you style your new cut.

Whatever your hair type, long hair will elongate a round face. Selena Gomez’s longer, layered cut really compliments her round face. If you have very thick, curly hair, try taming it with specialised hair products and hair tools.


With short hair or tied-up hair, try adding volume on the top of the head with moose, spritz, back-combing or wax, just like style queen Ginnifer Goodwin who adds texture to her pixie cut with a little hair product, instantly elongating the face.


Fringes can look amazing on round faces, just avoid thick fringes on hair that is shoulder length or above – this will just swamp your face. Kirsten Dunst opts for a soft, side-swept fringe will looks romantic and feminine yet flattering.


Thick or curly hair can look very dense when cut short, making your face look rounder. If you have very thick hair and wish to cut your hair to shoulder length or shorter, layering and feathering can make the hair look lighter and smoother. Law and Order’s Mariska Hargitay might have thick, full hair, but her chic short hairstyle and clever layering makes her hair look lighter and younger.


When wearing hair up, trail some hair at the front to frame the face – Emma Stone is a pro at the updo with soft, feathered layers around the face.

Hairstyling tips for round faces:

1. Frame your face by curling the front of the hair inwards. This looks best when done at around chin length.

2. As with any face shape, healthy, well-kept hair will always make you look and feel great, so stick to a daily hair care beauty regime, avoiding heated styling aids and chemical-heavy products when possible. Pay attention to your hair type and condition when choosing from among the many fashionable hairstyles for round faces that are out there.

What’s your favourite hairstyle for round faces?