Tips For Thin/Sparse Eyebrows

Whether you’ve over-plucked them over countless years, or simply weren’t born with full, bushy brows, then there’s definitely something you can do about it.

Rather than rocking the au naturale look, fake the appearance of stronger, more defined brows by using some of these miraculous tips and makeup tricks.

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Use a pomade

Rather than using an eyebrow pencil which can often leave harsh lines on your skin, a pomade actually mimics the style of a natural brow. Use in conjunction with an angled brush, then dip the tip into the pomade and apply in small strokes.

For the illusion of thicker brows, take some of the product off of the brush with a tissue and carefully use the remainder on the beginning of the brow. Brush them out regularly for a natural look which matches the colour of your own brows.

Clear gel

If you do have a few hairs which tend to stray, lock them in place with a clear gel. The formula shouldn’t feel too drying on your brows, but still keep them in place for hours on end. Apply onto the tip of your brows for extra holding power, then allow to dry naturally.

Eyebrow marker

If you’ve ever applied a liquid eyeliner before, then this should be a piece of cake. A marker is usually a felt-tip which carefully draws on precise hairs onto the bald patches of your brows. Once you’ve made a mark, leave it to set for 30 seconds then continue with the next hair. Eyebrow markers are typically long-lasting and don’t rub off in water.


You might moisturise your entire face, but don’t forget your brows! The skin can often become dry and flakey (especially in the warmer weather), and needs hydration as well. Use a fragrance-free moisturiser through your brows and pat over dry patches before going to bed. Your makeup will also glide on much easier with extended use.

Growth serums

It might feel a little too good to be true, but there are actually serums which help the growth of your brows. The best place to apply the serum is over your bald patches twice a day, before you notice any big changes. Be careful where you apply these products – they can also make your hair grow in unwanted places!

Increase your intake of Biotin

There is no denying that biotin aids the growth of healthy hair and nails, so focus on food and supplements which will keep them looking strong and healthy. Biotin is most popularly found in eggs, carrots, almonds, berries, and swiss chard.

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Grow Better Brows In 5 Steps

Do you suffer from intolerable brows that are naturally too thin, or even too coarse to tame? The secret to perfect brows is a solid skincare routine which requires minimal maintenance for maximum results. Follow our five simple tips for better groomed brows in no-time! All you need is some patience and a lot of attention to detail.

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DO: Use an eyebrow serum

Are your brows natural super-thin and don’t grow much? This could all come down to over-plucking or basically removing too much hair from your eyebrows over the last few years. Even if your brows don’t naturally have an arch, it’s best to let them grow out, and get them maintained by a professional on a bi-monthly basis.

Grow Better Brows In 5 Steps

Otherwise, you can always turn to eyebrow serum, which helps to grow back your brows if you have any bald patches. Just apply the serum in a small concentrated area (making sure not to get it anywhere else on your face!), and you will see results after the first month.

We recommend: Prevage Clinical Lash + Brow Enhancing Serum, $56

DON’T: Over-pluck

If you don’t want to slaughter your eyebrows one at a time, then we highly suggest that the tweezers should never come out. They’re good for plucking a few stray hairs here and there, but never rely on them to shape your brows. The hair could break, and can result in painful in-grown hairs instead.

Grow Better Brows In 5 StepsDO: Moisturise

Have you every thought about moisturising your brows? Every night while applying a night moisturiser, run the product through your brows as well. This will tame any dry skin patches that run from the beginning of the brow, but also will smooth down any stray hairs.

Grow Better Brows In 5 Steps

We recommend: Estée Lauder DayWear Advanced Multi-protection Antioxidant SPF, $45-65

DON’T: Over-draw your brows

Give your brows a little definition by filling in any patchy areas with a powder or eyebrow pencil. The best way to do this is by lightly applying the product, then combing it out so it looks natural.

Grow Better Brows In 5 Steps

Avoid the ‘scouse brow’ which is commonly referred to a much darker brow, especially where the brow begins. Choose a colour which is as close as possible to your natural brows.

DO: Contour your brows

Make sure the shape of your brows works with your face shape. As a general rule it’s best to avoid super thin brows since this look often feels fake and artificial. The arch of your brow should usually align with the tip of your eye colour.

Grow Better Brows In 5 StepsThen simply use a slightly darker colour on the arch of your brow, and apply a little bit of shimmering contouring powder on the brow bone.

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