Do You Always Feel Drained of Energy?

Here we give you some brief guidelines and help tips to identify how to fight that awful ‘fall asleep at your desk feeling’.

Problem: Getting up in the morning

Symptoms: Inability to motivate yourself. Feel unable to do anything

Answer: Have 1mg of vitamin C per day. Take morning walks. Oxygen is a powerful tonic.

Problem: Mid-day drop in energy levels

Symptoms: Hits around 10am or 5pm.

Answer: Take zinc, nickel and cobalt to tackle against mid-day slumps. Don’t drink too much coffee, as it won’t actually wake you up.

Problem: Stress

Symptoms: Running on nervous energy with little sleep

Answer: Vitamin C, magnesium and zinc can help. Exercise regularly and drink herbal tea containing passion flower.

Problem: End of day exhaustion

Symptoms: Desire to collapse on couch as soon as day is done.

Answer: Get enough rest. Vitamins B1, B2, B6, sodium, magnesium and manganese can help boost energy levels.

June 3, 2001