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Forget Paris – The New Cities Influencing Style Icons

There is no denying that New York City has laid claim as the fashion capital of the world and with celebrities, socialites, stylists and snappers all busily preparing outfits for Fashion Week the fash pack are out to prove just that.

No stranger to the trendy streets of New York, luxury of the Champs’ Elysees and the high-street mecca of London’s Oxford Street and beyond, Katrina Barry, managing director of Contiki Holidays, notes that there are a few up and coming cities that are only a few stitches off stealing the show.

Here are Katrina’s top tips on the next big cities for style hunters:


It’s not only the street art that has young travellers impressed with Berlin. Laying claim to one of the largest shopping centers in the world and unique street markets Berlin is the go-to city for artists of all kinds. With Mercedes Benz recently adding it to the fashion week roster and with talent such as Michael Michalsky StyleNite’s the city is firmly stamped on the fashion map.


Forget what you know about the red-light district, Amsterdam’s romance with electric fashion provides enough reason to visit in itself. With some of the most notable fashion bloggers in the world residing in the cheese and tulip town there is definitely a sense of style strolling down the cobble paved laneways from shop to shop.


When you are talking Australian fashion, it seems the west knows best. Showing off their unique Australian landscape where the beach meets the desert Broome is not only serving up Paspaley pearls from their oysters but some notable events on the social calendar have A-lister’s flocking to the sunny state.


Helsinki’s eclectic fashion has projected it as not only the standout in Europe’s interpretation of preppy style but is home to the best fashion recyclers the world has seen. Passionate about supporting the cities young designers there are plenty of fashion treasures to be discovered in boutiques throughout the city.


It might not be everyone’s go-to wardrobe but the cartoon inspired outfits in Harajuku are definitely a fashion must stop when in Japan. Not all Sailor-Moon inspired, Tokyo impeccable street style mixes luxury and high-street fashion with their signature Japanese twist, from accessories for accessories to this season’s must-haves Japan has it all.

To experience the street style and shopping meccas in these destinations and more with Contiki visit www.contiki.com or phone 1300 266845 for more information.