Throwback Thursday: Who Was The Most Annoying Celeb Of 2005?

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes have been nominated for a swag of awards. Tom was shortlisted for the Worst Actor Razzie for his role in War of the Worlds and Katie was nominated for her supporting role in Batman Begins. The Worst Picture category is also competitive: what’s the worst between House of Wax, Dukes of Hazzard, Son of the Mask, Deuce Bigalow: European Gigalow and Dirty Love? Other stars who have been nominated include Will Ferrell for his role in Bewitched, Jessica Alba for Fantastic Four and Into the Blue and Jennifer Lopez for Monster In Law. Halle Berry actually attended the awards last year and graciously accepted her Worst Actress Razzie for her role in Wonder Woman, so let’s hope one of these stars realise their foibles and turn up! The new category for the awards is the Most Tiresome Tabloid Targets category. Nominees include ‘Tom and Katie: Oprah Winfrey’s Couch, The Eiffel Tower & “Tom’s Baby”, Tom Cruise: Anti-Psychiatry Rant, Paris Hilton and Whoever?, Mr & Mrs Britney, their baby and their camcorder and The Simpsons: Ashlee, Jessica and Nick. Tough competition. Who do you think will win?

Katie’s baby fears

As the big day approaches, it has been revealed that Katie Holmes is getting more and more anxious about the birth of her first child. She is roughly seven months pregnant, but the young actress is afraid she?ll give birth to a premature baby, like her mum did. One friend said: “Katie’s mom went into labour with her almost two months early. Katie was only four pounds at birth and it was touch-and-go for several days before doctors determined that she was going to make it. She seems desperately afraid that the same thing could happen to her!”

Sienna in the arms of co-star

Sienna Miller is reportedly seeking consolation after her break-up with Jude Law with her Factory Girl co-star Hayden Christensen. Apparently the pair have been getting closer during filming and their attraction for each other became obvious at the recent cast party in Louisiana. According to one witness, there was an impromptu Karaoke session and the pair were singing to each other: “The party was just getting going when someone brought out the restaurants karaoke player – Sienna was on it in a flash. She started jokily serenading Hayden before begging him to join her on stage – and it wasn’t long before he complied. They’d had a fair few drinks by this time and their flirting was obvious to everyone.” According to others, their mutual attraction has been obvious for some time: “Everybody has been talking about it for a while and after the cast party they were acting like more than good friends.? Meanwhile, it seems she didn’t impress another of her co-stars. Jeremy Irons starred with her in new release Casanova and said Sienna?s acting performance isn?t particularly impressive. “It doesn’t bear much examination,” he said. “Sweet, but inexperienced.” Wow, what a way to promote a movie, Jeremy!

What Men Want – Love, Sex And Romance

If you think all men want a hot blonde with a DD chest to parade around, then you need to know this: Men really aren’t as superficial as women believe. Think about it – if they were, the survival of the species just wouldn’t happen. Just like us ladies, there are variations between individuals but, generically, most are looking for the exact same thing women are.


Don’t think for a second that men don’t want love. Even the most eligible bachelor, who can have almost any women on the planet, eventually finds a special lady to settle down with, have a family and get on with living a good life. Take George Clooney, for example.

When they do fall in love, they fall pretty hard. They might not talk about it like women do, but they experience the same emotions. Remember when Tom Cruise jumped up and down on Oprah’s couch? Now that was a pretty unusual display of emotion for a man in love. Most have a happy glow about them and avoid conversations about it. They might praise their lady or talk her up, instead of stating the obvious fact that they are in love.

When things go pear-shaped and there’s a break up, they can actually take a lot longer to get over the relationship than women. Unlike us females, who talk through their emotional pain with our closest friends, men internalize a lot of it and suffer in silence. They are bred to tough it out alone and that’s exactly how a lot of them feel – isolated. Most of the time they don’t dare let their mates know they’re broken-hearted. That’s why it’s not uncommon for men to start drinking, gambling, work excessively or have a string of one-night-stands to fill the void after a long-term relationship ends.


When it comes to romance, ladies aren’t the only ones who want it. But there’s a minimal number of men who would actually admit that they want more romance in their lives. For men, romance is about connection. For women, it’s more about being made to feel special and appreciated, as well as the connection. Both sexes like snuggling on the couch, hold hands while walking along the beach and all that other stuff that fills romantic comedies. They just don’t like to admit to it like us girls do!


Now, we all know that men want sex, but many of us ladies haven’t been educated that men would rather have sex with emotional connection. So, what about one-night stands? You’d have to agree that most would be alcohol-fuelled, when people meet at clubs, pubs or parties. Neither sex would therefore care very much about that emotional connection in this type of situation. Outside of that environment, single men will go for a friends-with-benefits type arrangement instead. It works if they don’t want a girlfriend and still want that emotional connection.

So, you can see here, that men aren’t that different in their wants and needs than many women. It’s a myth that men and women are completely different. The main difference is that men are usually less vocal about how they think and feel. Once you’ve got that sussed, men are much easier to figure out.

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Nicole Kidman: Tom and I “Lived in a Romantic Bubble”

Nicole Kidman has opened up about her marriage to Tom Cruise, describing their intense relationship as “deeply romantic.”

Kidman, 46, revealed that being an A-list celebrity caused her and Cruise, 51, to feel like they were living in a “bubble.”

“There is something about that sort of existence that, if you really focus on each other and you’re in that bubble, it’s very intoxicating, because it’s just the two of you,” she tells Vanity Fair’s December issue.

“And there is only one other person that’s going through it. So it brings you very close, and it’s deeply romantic.”

The Oscar-winning actress admits that not many people can understand the intensity of their 10-year marriage.

“I’m sure Brad and Angelina have that, because there’s nobody else that understands it except that person who’s sleeping right next to you.”

The Aussie actress was quick to point out that she’s much happier now with husband Keith Urban, 46. The couple have been married since 2006.

“With no disrespect to what I had with Tom, I’ve met my great love now. I didn’t want to jump from one relationship to another … I was a child, really, when I got married. And I needed to grow up,” she admits, alluding to the fact she married the Hollywood star when she was only 23.

Kidman might be busier than ever – she’ll next be seen on the big screen as Princess Grace of Monaco – but she loves living in Nashville with Urban and their two daughters, Sunday, five, and Faith, two, as she says, “because I can kind of have a very odd, idiosyncratic kind of path.”

Photo: Vanity Fair

Courteney Cox pregnant

Courteney Cox pregnant

Friends star Courteney Cox is pregnant with her second child, according to US tabloid Life & Style. Apparently the 41-year-old is in her first trimester and is concerned that there might be problems down the line. Her husband David Arquette told an insider: ?We?re expecting a child, but she doesn?t need the pressure of everyone watching us. She?s not that far along, but she has it in her head that there might be problems. You can never tell until after three months. It?s scary enough as it is. I just wish it hadn?t gotten out.” Apparently close friend Jennifer Aniston is thrilled by the news, David saying: ?It?s really good for her psyche that this happened. And she?s a great support, telling Courteney not to worry too much.? Another friend confirms the pregnancy as well, saying ?She?s very concerned. Not that anything?s wrong ? but there are risks as you get older.? Courteney?s rep denies any pregnancy.

Madonna vs Mariah
The claws were out at the Grammy Awards last week. Apparently Mariah Carey is ticked off that Madonna was given the coveted opening performance, saying she ?really wanted to open the show with her choir-backed rendition of We Belong Together.” Even though Mariah?s career resurrection resulted in 8 Grammy Nominations, Madonna has more celebrity cred and put in a few demands of her own. She told Grammy producers that if she wasn?t given the spot she wanted, she wouldn?t turn up at all. According to the New York Daily News, the producers gave in because they thought her Confessions of a Dancefloor collaboration with the Gorillaz would be good for ratings. Apparently this isn?t the first time Madonna and Mariah have battled. According to one insider: “The war between Madonna and Mariah has been going on for years? Mariah was also steaming last summer when Madonna stole the show at Live 8.”

Tom’s gay investigation
Acclaimed biographer Andrew Morton is determined to find some dirt on Tom Cruise, and the Hollywood star isn?t happy. Tom is threatening to sue because Andrew has hired a gay porn star and a Los Angeles private investigator to shed some light on his private life. Their brief: to find evidence that the Top Gun star is gay. The porn star, Paul Baressi has reportedly already come up with letters from Tom?s attorney implying that he enjoyed a homosexual liaison while shooting Eyes Wide Shut. But Tom?s lawyer has denied the claims, saying: “I wrote a letter to Mr. Morton back in November and said he obviously was entitled to write the book but ‘make sure you check your facts’. If he tries to use my letter to create the impression that Mr. Cruise did have a gay affair, we will certainly sue… because the story is false. Mr. Cruise is not gay.” Andrew Morton is previously known for collaborating with Diana, Princess of Wales to write a biography of her life.

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Tom and Penelope call it quits

Tom and Penelope call it quits

All over red rover
Actors Tom Cruise and Penelope Cruz have decided to call their three-year relationship quits, according to reports from the States. The two met in 2001 on the set of Vanilla Sky, shortly after the breakup of Cruise?s marriage to Nicole Kidman. Cruise’s sister and publicist, Lee-Anne Devette, reportedly said that the couple broke up in January, and had managed to keep the news of their split quiet until now. She said the break-up was “amicable”. Robert Garlock, spokesperson for Cruz, 29, told People magazine the two “remain good friends”. He reportedly added that the split was not a result of Cruise’s religious affiliations, and confirmed that Cruz had not converted to Scientology. Sources revealed that neither actor is involved with anyone else at present. No doubt the romantics of the world are already hoping for a Cruise/Kidman re-union on the horizon? Don?t hold your breath!

The original Samantha – Elizabeth Montgomery
Ah MacLaine, you’ve done it again
If you loved the hit TV series Bewitched then you will be happy to hear that not only has Nicole Kidman signed on to star as Samantha Stevens in the forthcoming big screen version. But that?s not all. Veteran actors Michael Caine and Shirley MacLaine reportedly “look set” to play Samantha Stevens’ parents in the feature film, according toVariety magazine. And further casting news has funnyman Will Ferrell as Samantha?s hapless human, husband, Darren, aka Derwood. When will it hit our screens? That’s what we’d like to know?

Jen isn’t giving anything away on this one.
Jennifer Garner single again
Is Jennifer Garner headed for the single bars again? Last year she split with hubby Scott Foley, whose career just happened to be taking a downturn at the time, then weeks later she revealed that her new lover was none other than Aliasco-star Michael Vartan. The couple was pleased when their relationship become public knowledge, as it meant they didn’t have to hide it any more. Jennifer said at the time: “Of course Michael and I are dating, it’s so new and exciting.” Apparently love in the public eye is a little too much for the the star, as now reports that the two have broken up due to the pressure of celebrity. One friend revealed: “Jennifer has been telling people she and Michael broke up.” But according the New York Post a spokeswoman for Jennifer has denied the couple have broken up. Guess we have to wait to see who is telling the truth on this one!

The blushing bride
Aguilera secretly engaged to marry
Christina Aguilera, 22, looks set to follow in girl-pal Britney Spears? footsteps and run off to Las Vegas for a quickie in the Chapel of Love. But who is the mystery man that has captured Aguilera?s heart? The young miss has been dating 27-year-old, Jordan Bratman, who works for her management company, for seven months. Now it seems the couple has decided to tie the knot although their marital plans were meant to be a secret. Jordan?s granny let it slip to reporters on Tuesday. “Jordan asked her in Los Angeles,” said 72-year-old Sally Bratman. “He called me and told me two days ago. I’m very happy they are engaged. His mum and dad are very happy too. I don’t know when the wedding will be – soon, hopefully.” Aguilera is already sporting an engagement ring, she said. “They have a ring and she’s worn it. I think it has a diamond in it, but I haven’t seen it myself.”

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