The Best and Worst Teeth Whitening Products

Since hitting the market more than a decade ago, teeth whitening products are impossible to avoid.

If a whitening toothpaste just isn’t your thing, there are strips, mouthwashes, and even at-home UV treatments which are a fraction of the cost compared to a dentist visit. We’ve shared with you some of our best and worst whitening products over the last year.

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Purchase: Pearl Drops Glam White, $8.99

A gentle formula which whitens teeth with daily use over a period of just 2 weeks. Use once a day to decrease the appearance of plaque, remove stains from your teeth, and create a glossy finish which is perfect for sensitive teeth.

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Pass: Colgate Optic White Toothpaste, $9.99

While this toothpaste leaves a minty, fresh after-taste, it doesn’t do much to actually whiten your smile. Even when used twice daily for a prolonged period of time, the formula doesn’t appear to remove stains, let alone plaque.

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Ideal for sensitive teeth: Cleverwhite Dissolving Whitening Strips, $29.99

Effective whitening strips are notoriously difficult to get your hands on in Australia. Most people resort to dupes through eBay or other speciality whitening sites, but Priceline offers a great alternative at an affordable price. The whitening strips dissolve into your teeth so there’s nothing to remove, without causing additional sensitivity to delicate teeth.

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Pass: Polident Whitening Cleanser Tablets, $5.79

Although the tablets leave your breath feeling minty fresh, they don’t do much to whiten the appearance of stained teeth. Rather, they are effective at removing nasty plaque from hard to reach places.

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Purchase: Desert Essence Whitening Plus Mouthwash, $5.40

The only mouthwash which effectively whitens teeth after just one week, and is perfect for those suffering from sensitive teeth and gums. Use both morning and night after brushing for a refreshing taste, and whiter teeth.

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Image via The Dental Guide

How to Get White Teeth?

The thing that separates celebs from us mere mortals has got to be teeth! Smiling at ourselves in the mirror can often be a depressing experience. Those bright, white smiles that smile out at us from the pages of magazines make us all look a little like we have been smoking for fifteen years and eat licorice dipped in red wine every night and then go to bed without brushing. With a little discipline you too can have a sparkling smile!It’s not really that much of a mystery…their pegs have probably been photographically enhanced to look brighter. But it does make you wonder. A smile can be very inviting and it is possible for you to have that affect on others if you give teeth absolute priority. Bright, clean and healthy teeth can move your beauty look onto a higher plain. Sometimes our teeth are all too easily forgotten, so maybe it’s time to pay a little more for the dentist this season and put that Burberry bikini on hold. (Well…for a little while anyway)

Check it out

A yearly check up is imperative for the average person. The teeth also need to be cleaned properly at least once a year. A dental hygienist will clean the teeth and gums to get rid of the plaque and scale build up that we just can’t get to ourselves. This regular hygiene treatment will help to prevent gum disease – which is the most common cause of tooth loss in adults. You, of course have to brush twice a day for two minutes, morning and night, using a fluoride toothpaste and a soft bristled brush. Very important. Oh, and don’t forget to floss with waxed dental floss!

The Wash

A lot of people favour mouthwashes. Generally, they are used for freshening the breath, but they can also dislodge any debris from food before you brush. The best washes are the ones that contain an antibacterial agent to help diminish gum disease. Look for fluoride in them too. This is the product that fights against decay. If you are using one that has alcohol, you should go easy on it and use it in moderation.


It can be a killer. If your breath is lacking a little freshness, it can sadly be a very quick way for someone to judge you?and it won’t be favourably either! The major problem with bad breath is that often we are the last person to know if our breath is bad. We all know how mortifyingly offensive bad breath can be too. Try this: lick your wrist and wait for 10 to 20 seconds before you smell your wrist. If the smell is unpleasant on your wrist, then you can pretty much be guaranteed that the smell emanating from your mouth is pretty bad too. This is where flossing comes in. Do it every day and you will avoid bad breath and clean your teeth properly. Take your toothbrush to work with you if you are going out after work and give them a brush before you go. The mouthwash will help in this area too. Also, check to see if your mouth gets dry. If you have a dry mouth, drink more water. One of the causes of bad breath is a dry mouth.

How to Get White Teeth? Continued

The Buzz

Are electric toothbrushes better than manuals? We all know they look better?that slick state of the art little appliance on your bathroom bench, so sexy – but are they better? The truth is that powered toothbrushes have proved to be up to 25 percent more thorough at getting rid of plaque than manual ones. They are a feasible option because a battery operated one can cost not much more than an expensive manual. Rechargeable ones are more expensive, but the writing is on the wall. They are designed to get rid of the plaque and they do. Maybe it’s time for you manual users to upgrade?Sharing

This is a disaster area. Three words. Don’t do it. Research has proven that it can spread very harmful germs such as hepatitis C. Apart from not sharing your brush, you still have to replace it every three months. Loads of germs build up in there after a while and it’s a good opportunity to get a new colour!

When Whiter is Better

That celeb smile is something we can all have now. Tooth whitening is the perfect way to upgrade your smile and your appearance at the same time because it will not damage the surface of the tooth. Power or laser lightening is another area all together. It is a procedure that is much more expensive. Just like agreeing to pay a lot of money for anything, it’s a good idea to get a quote before you start on the treatment.

Even though there are take-home whitening kits, it’s really something that is best handled by a dentist. Some dentists warn that some brands may contain mild acids that can be abrasive and cause ulcers and gum damage if not used correctly. Whitening is not as simple as it seems. It involves science, time and money. The dentist should do a detailed examination of your teeth before they commence. A consultation is the way to go when it comes to whitening up.

I Hate Dentists

Most of us have a morbid fear of that visit and it’s funny how images from Marathon Man (with Lawrence Olivier and Dustin Hoffman) seem to plague us as we wait in the waiting room. We imagine the worst and quite frankly, having someone fiddle around in our mouths makes you feel pretty vulnerable. If you are really scared, then there are some practices who recognise this and will cater to your needs. Take a recommendation from a friend whose opinion you trust. Most dentists realise that the patient does not enjoy the experience of the visit, but what would we do without them? Just like the eyes, the smile is a sign and you want to give out the right signal – one of brightness and good health. A healthy set of pegs can change your appearance have you turning heads because of the attractiveness of your smile.

Tooth Cleaning Spa

It’s no secret that preventative action helps you avoid the dreaded drill and a professional cleaning is something you should invest in at least once a year. Clean Smile, Australia’s first tooth spa is based in Sydney’s CBD. The very experienced, friendly and professional dental hygienists not only clean your teeth thoroughly but also give you up-to-the-minute information on ongoing oral care plus the latest on tooth whitening and cosmetic services. Treatments are conducted in a calming, spa-like environment fitted out with impressive state-of-the-art equipment and to help keep you relaxed and entertained, you can choose from dozens of latest release DVDs to watch during your visit. Call Clean Smile on 02 9232 2112 for more information.

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