Beat The Frizz: Hairstyles For Humid Weather

Is the humid weather ruining your chances of straight hair? Instead of blow-drying, straightening or even curling your hair, only for it to go frizzy, try these humid-friendly hairstyles which will keep you looking cool and stylish all summer.

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Slicked back

Even if your hair is naturally straight, curly, thin, or thick, this hairstyle will mask any concerns. Comb hair and apply a serum to keep it looking extra shiny and nourished. Fasten the hair with a thin hair band (you might want to use 2 if your hair is extra thick).

5 Hairstyles For Humid Weather


To keep your hair from getting tangled, braid it on the side when it’s still wet. This is also a protective hairstyle which keeps the follicle from getting damaged and will also give your hair a bit of texture after you take it out.

5 Hairstyles For Humid Weather

Ballerina bun

A slicked-back ballerina bun is a great option if your hair is wet from the shower and needs to be taken care of ASAP. Use a sock bun if your want some extra volume on your hair, just make sure to disguise the bun with strands of your own hair. Bobby pins also come in handy to control stray hairs.

5 Hairstyles For Humid Weather

Milkmaid braids

Don’t let the title fool you, this is a seriously cool hairstyle! If you’re suffering from an oily fringe simply braid the hair and pin it into your bun or ponytail. A quick spritz of dry shampoo is the best way to set it all in place.

5 Hairstyles For Humid Weather

Top knot

If your hair is too short for any of these styles, try a classic top knot instead. Divide your hair in half, then use some hair mousse to keep it all in place. Fasten with an elastic band, and use hair spray to keep any strays from getting into your eyes throughout the day.

5 Hairstyles For Humid Weather

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3 Difficult Hairstyles Made Easy

Have you ever spotted a hairstyle from Pinterest but had no idea how to actually do it yourself? We have done all the hard work for you, and found three difficult-looking hairstyles and made them super easy! Now onto the attempts..

Round braid

Medium to long hair

Far from a normal braid which is flat on box sides, we can refer to it as a 3D braid instead.

3 Difficult Hairstyles Made Easy

1. Comb through your hair ensuring there are no tangles or knots. Then divide the hair into 4 strands and pull over to one side of your shoulder.

2. Take the fourth strand and thread it around and over the second. Then reverse the direction and bring strand two over strand four.

3. Then repeat the same steps with the other side. Take the first strand and thread it around and over the third. Keep repeating this step under you reach the very bottom of your hair, and secure with a hair tie.

Top knot

Long hair

Don’t spend half of the morning creating your top knot – especially if you don’t have the time. This 10 second top knot requires minimal effort and a lot of creativity.

3 Difficult Hairstyles Made Easy

1. Apply some dry shampoo at the roots to give hair a better hold and texture.

2. Hold your hair into a high ponytail, then pinch and tug the strands at the crown to create body before securing into a top knot.

3. Loop your hair around twice halfway down the ponytail, then slowly twist it around the crown of your head on the left side, then on the right side.

4. Only secure the bun with an elastic about halfway – this will create texture within your hair, and will look like a genuine sock-bun hairstyle!

Inside out ponytail

Medium hair

This super-easy style has been on our radar for years – but just how do we give some life to a simple ponytail?

3 Difficult Hairstyles Made Easy

1. Apply a tiny bit of gel, then apply it onto your flyaways as well as the ends of your hair.

2. Comb hair neatly and secure the ponytail just below the nape of the neck. There should be a small gape between the hair and the hair tie itself.

3. Divide this part of the hair into two sections, hold it open and fold the ponytail through. Pull it  through and adjust it as you see fit.

Which hairstyle would you try?

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3 No-Fuss Hairstyles For A Summer Wedding

Now that the dress is sorted, the caterers are booked and a makeup look has been decided, it’s time to focus on the hair! Choosing a hairstyle for your wedding can prove to be difficult, especially when it’s set in the summer time. The big decision that bride’s face is often between two styles – keeping their hair down or instead choosing a fabulous up-do. We provide three versatile hairstyles which just might help you with your own.

1. Half-up with loose curls

Loose curls is probably one of the most popular wedding hairstyles for as long as we can remember – but this doesn’t mean it’s no longer trendy! This style is often accompanied by highlighted ends and relaxed loose curls which just look better as the day goes by. If the hot summer weather is something you’re worried about, simply divide the hair in half, and put it into a sleek up-do which is sure to be a good compromise.

2. Side ponytail

Another popular choice but also on-trend and weather appropriate, a messy side ponytail is a fantastic option since it’s a combination of two very popular styles. Perfect for women with lots of layers and volume since the hairstyle would give a lot of body and bounce. The look is very casual and looks best when accompanied with minimal makeup, strong lashes and a glossy lip.

3. The up-do

We’re calling this hairstyle the up-do, but it can involve a whole bunch of techniques. Brides could use a top-knot, braids and even curls to make this look their own. Hair doesn’t need to be super-slicked back, but can look relaxed and put together at the same time. Experiment with different styles and find which one works best for your hair’s length, colour and texture. Pair with a bold lip for instant -chic (just make sure it lasts the entire day!).

By Felicia Sapountzis



Get the Look: Lea Michele’s Top Bun Hairstyle in 3 Steps

Lea Michelle looked cute as a button in NYC today having lunch with friends rocking one of our favourite celebrity hairstyles. Top buns with a fringe like Lea’s are perfect for weekends and nights out, and we think it makes a fun hairstyle for a wedding, whether you’re the bride, bridesmaid or guest!

Best of all, these hair up styles are so easy to recreate you can do it at home in just three easy steps:

1.   Pull hair together at the top of the head.

2.   Twirl hair into a tight bun and tuck in the ends

3.   Swivel one Scunci Pin Twirl in from the top and another from the bottom of the bun: do not connect them.