6 Things Before You Renovate – Getting It Right

Let’s face it renovations are not all sunshine and smiles. A dream home doesn’t come easy – especially when you are dealing with a bunch of different tradies. Most of us brace ourselves for a fair amount of sweat and tears – it comes with the territory, right?

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Well, yes and no! There are ways to help minimise the pain – even though you may still encounter a hiccup or two, it is possible for it all to run to budget and on time. So how do you ‘get it right’ and make sure it is a (mostly) sunshine filled experience?

Well, being organised is undoubtedly a good start – think timing and coordination – otherwise these 6 pointers should set you on the right track…

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1. Planning

Planning is all about considering every aspect of your project and what it involves. Here you need to think outside the box and work out:

  • Scope of your project
  • Budget for your project
  • Materials to be used
  • Who is going to carry out the work?
  • Timeframe for all stages of your project

2. Budget

Budgeting is a crucial aspect of any reno – and goes hand in hand with a thorough project plan. If you don’t take every single cost into account, you are likely to encounter some nasty surprises down the track. That means itemising every material and labour cost down to the last nut and screw. Then add a 10% – 15% contingency – for anything unforeseen, quite a likely scenario.

3. Regulations and red tape

If you are doing any structural (building) work to your home, it is very likely that you will need to get the relevant permissions from your local council. Even a relatively small project like building an outdoor deck may require this. So it pays to research this beforehand. The tradie who is carrying out your work may also be able to assist in this process.

4. Hire the right team

Getting the right team to work on your project is another must. Besides having all the right licences and insurance – tradies should ideally also come recommended by other homeowners. Don’t take anything for granted! Personally inspect their licences and insurances to make sure they are valid. Larger projects may also require you to enter into a formal contract with the tradie. All this may seem like a hassle, but it is your best protection in case anything goes wrong during (and after) your project.

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5. Schedule

Having a schedule helps to keep your project on track – and is especially useful for larger, more complex jobs. Here a calendar or spreadsheet can help you keep on top of it all – including your expenditure and the timing of the various elements of your job.

6. Get inspired!

Last but not least – and definitely the fun bit – collect ideas and inspiration for your project. Besides the obvious sources – blogs, magazines, TV and forums – I also get cool ideas from these three sources:

  • Commercial and industrial buildings often have innovative materials and design solutions which could look awesome in your home.
  • Hotels and spas are full of inspiring ideas to take back home – so take note when you are on holiday.
  • The homes of your friends, family and neighbours may have reno ideas you can ‘borrow’ 🙂

Bottom line is to have fun and try to think of any obstacles as stepping stones to the greater goal!

By Craig Gibson, the online editor of hipages.com.au, Australia’s largest network of trade professionals. Helping more Australians complete more jobs everyday. Why don’t you let us help you find the best tradie for your job.

Tradies Voted As The Manliest Of Men

The votes are in! According to a survey conducted by manly scented grooming brand Old Spice, Australian tradies have been voted Australia’s most manly breed (53%), narrowly beating firemen (52%), security guards (50%), miners (49%) and mechanics (49%). But what’s most surprising is it seems our manly tradie heroes have achieved this great honour despite their mum’s unwillingness to let go of their baby boys. In the Old Spice Great Manliness Survey, one third of the mums of tradie types* aged 18-24 have been found to still buy their son’s underwear (36%). Over half are still insisting on doing their son’s washing (56%) and a third are following their son’s every move on social media (32%).

And it gets worse for the most hardened of our rugged manly warriors. On the extreme end of the scale, no less than four percent of these mums have been caught stalking their tradie sons while on a date with a girl. Around the same number have called their son’s girlfriend the wrong name on purpose. Another 8% of these mums have walked in on their sons while in the act.

Australia’s most well-known tradie Tom Williams understands only too well:

“I for one love my mum, but even she has been known to cause the odd case of severe man-barrassment over the years. From sharing a naked photo from my childhood at my 21st to freezing out a girlfriend she didn’t like. When I think back to my younger tradie days I really do understand these guys’ plight.”

While having a manly occupation is one way to show your manliness, we all know Australia’s manliness is inherent in our culture. Those who can’t claim a manly occupation like to make up for it by enjoying beers with the boys (23%), watching Friday night football (20%) and hibernating in their self-constructed man caves (20%) – all good manly activities to do while wearing the manliest of Old Spice body sprays regardless of mum next door cooking you dinner!