Trans-Seasonal Dressing 101

It’s that time of the year when the weather is unpredictable and it feels like winter in the morning and summer in the afternoon. The temperatures can literally rise or fall 15 degrees within a few hours – a nightmare when it comes to dressing appropriately.

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This is why your current wardrobe needs to be trans-seasonal. But, how do you do that? Basically, it’s all about having a few key items in your closet and knowing how to combine them. So on that note, ladies, this is the trans-seasonal 101:

1. Get the right jacket

For those low temperatures in the morning and at night time, you need a light jacket that you can throw over your outfit at any time. A trench coat is perfect because it not only suits pretty much every outfit, but it is light enough to carry around during lunch time when it’s warm and sunny. A really good alternative is a leather jacket for the same reasons.

2. Ankle Boots

Even though you’ve lived in slide sandals all summer long and would love to keep wearing those oh-so-comfy shoes during winter, please don’t start wearing them with socks. Instead, get a good pair of ankle boots with a medium heel. They will keep your feet warm – but won’t make you feel too hot on warmer days – and can also be just as comfy as slide sandals.

3. Invest in a good scarf

I cannot stress enough how useful a big cashmere scarf is in trans-seasonal weather. It’s chic, it will keep you warm, it doubles as a blanket, and when it gets too warm you can simply put it in your handbag. Get one in grey, black, or navy blue so you can combine it with most other colours.

4. Layering

This is easily the most important thing to remember for trans-seasonal dressing: It’s all about layering. Wear a summer dress with tights, a cardigan, a trench coat, and that cashmere scarf we were just talking about on your way to work. During your lunch break, leave the scarf and the trench coat on your desk. It’s like two outfits in one.

If you keep these few tips in mind (and carry around an umbrella), the unpredictable weather will never make you feel bad about your outfit choice again.

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How To Style A Mini Skirt

The mini skirt should be a wardrobe staple, regardless of height, build, and even your age. Sometimes wearing a maxi skirt or any other design that cuts off mid-leg can make your body look shorter than it actually is… and, anyway, who doesn’t love a mini-skirt?

Below is a short guide to nailing that perfect look every season (layering isn’t merely a suggestion, it’s a way of life).

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Did you think we were going to start off with any other season? Summer is the epitome of short skirts, tanned skin and exposed legs. A mini skirt is a staple of the summer season since pants, long dresses, and bermuda shorts are clearly out of the question – we’re talking out of pure necessity here!

Pair your mini skirt with flat sandals for a casual look, or at night with a button-down blouse and heeled-sandals if you’re heading out for a date of dinner and drinks. An a-line skirt is a must if you want to draw attention to your waist (which, by the way, will make it look slimmer), and create the illusion of full hips.

How To Style A Mini Skirt


As the temperature begins to drop, there are still many ways to rock the mini skirt in fall. If you dare to brave the cold with bare legs, try a structured blazer to balance the proportions of the look. Whether it’s double-breasted, made of linen, or crafted in breathable cotton – it’ll look amazing with a structured mini skirt underneath.

In terms of footwear, you can experiment with ankle boots, ballet flats, and even open-toe sandals if the colder weather doesn’t bother you. After all, it’s all about formulating that perfect outfit!

How To Style A Mini Skirt


It’s finally time to bring out the pantyhose and layer-up your outfit for the cold weather. The mini skirt is allowed to stay, but open-toe shoes are certainly not an option anymore. For a refined daytime look, pair a mini skirt with a light cashmere jumper, pantyhose (nude or black whatever you prefer), and slightly heeled ankle boots for a comfortably-chic look. Throw an oversized coat over the top if the weather is particularly windy or unstable that day.

How To Style A Mini Skirt


Now there’s a reason we left the best until last; spring is the best weather for combining your summer and winter clothes and creating a happy medium. A trench coat can be your best friend, especially for trans-seasonal dressing since it’s all about balancing your proportions.

Style your favourite leather mini skirt with a trench coat, basic white t-shirt and sneakers for a casual look which is also weather appropriate. Who said you can’t have your cake and eat it too?

How To Style A Mini Skirt

Which look would you try?

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How to Find the Perfect Blazer

Not a massive fan of the humble cardigan here. I know, I know, they are good for the office when the air-con is too high, and they cover the tops of your arms when you wear a sleeveless top.   But have you even considered a blazer can do all these things, plus make you look super-stylish and sophisticated?   I have a cupboard in my house just for my blazers – I love them. They sharpen your look,  give you shape through the waist, and if left undone, they create a flattering vertical shape down your body.   Here are a few things to think about when buying a blazer.

Start with black
I know this sounds boring, but trust me, you will get much more wear out of that black blazer that goes with everything, rather than that awesome gold-sequinned number that you saw on Shopbop.com.

A black blazer plus a black pair of tights and ankle boots could pretty much be your trans-seasonal uniform. Just swap the dress every day and you’re good to go.

Fit is key
Since you are going to take my advice from tip number one and buy a black blazer first, you are going to wear it a lot. So best get one that fits you really well!  My biggest tip for a good fit is to buy a blazer that fits you across the back, not around your bust. Rarely do you do a blazer up. So chances are, when you buy it to do up, it will be too big across your back and around your waist.

Also look for a blazer that has some shape in it – this will be in the form of panelling in the back (look for vertical seams, as opposed to just one or two pieces of fabric), darts in the front to fit over a bust, or a peplum is always a key to good shape.

Fabric is king
Along with finding a good fit, fabric choice is essential. You want to look for a fabric that has a little stretch in it so it’s comfy to wear, as well as a fabric that won’t pill or stretch out of shape.   Look for a viscose blend – it will have great drape and be light and easy to wear. Remember, you are going to get a lot of wear out of your blazer so spend a little more on a good quality blazer and it will serve you well for years.

My top spots for finding a good blazer? Try Portmans and Cue for great fits for curves, Country Road and Witchery if you are tall and Trelise Cooper Boardroom if you want exceptional fit and quality.

Are you a blazer, jacket or cardigan kind of gal?

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