Sometimes all I want is to be back in my own bed with a cup of tea.
Visiting the OB-GYN is daunting enough, but doing it in a foreign country? You need to be extra prepared. 
Even if you’ve been together for years, these tricks will get your hearts fluttering again.
Because some people have babies, and some of us have pooches.
Travel pretty and give back while you’re at it, to support the estimated 1.7 million people diagnosed with breast cancer each year.
It’s literally a life-or-death situation.
It’s like nothing you’ve ever experienced before.
Because sometimes you just need a break from all the splashing and the squeals.
I was a willing vacay guinea pig. Here’s what I discovered…
Save up so you can travel the world to eat ice-cream. 
“If you’re afraid of butter, use cream” – Julia Child