iPhone Apps For Travellers

Technology has changed the way we travel. It’s made travel easier, but also more complicated – we now have so many options that often we don’t even know where to start. Not sure how to make technology work for you? Check out this list of my favourite iPhone apps for travelers.

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Packing Pro

Love to travel, but hate packing? Packing Pro makes your job a lot easier with a pre-designed packing list and suggestions on what to bring based on your personal needs, trip duration and destination type.


This app gives you the weather conditions at locations worldwide plus the forecast for the next 5 days, invaluable when you’re planning your trip.


When you’re not sure what to do at your destination, check out TripAdvisor for recommendations. And if you’re worried about your mobile data usage, download the TripAdvisor Offline City Guides before you go – you won’t even need to access the internet.

XE Currency

Ever walked into a shop in a foreign country just to realise that you have no idea how much everything costs, because the prices are in a different currency? You can easily convert every world currency with this app plus it stores the last updated rates, so you can use it offline.

JetLag Genie

JetLag Genie creates a personalised plan so that you can get over jetlag as quickly and easily as possible. It gives you a daily list with the best time to wake up, sleep, get sunshine, stay in the dark or take a nap.

myTracks – The GPS Logger

This app helps you record where you’ve been and presents your tracks on a map. You can even take photos and attach them to the tracks so that you remember interesting places you’ve seen and you want to revisit. What’s great about myTracks is that you don’t need internet connection to use the maps.

Google Translate

A bit of local language can make your life easier in a foreign country, whether you need directions to get to your hotel or you’re ordering a meal at a traditional restaurant.

Finally, a word of warning: iPhone apps are great to make your travels smoother, but remember to check the rates you’ll be charged for using your iPhone before you leave or your bill can give you quite a fright. If you’re staying in the same country for a while, it can be worth getting a local SIM.

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