5 Things To Avoid When Travelling With Kids

If you enjoyed travelling before starting a family, you can enjoy it with kids, too, but it’ll be different. (You didn’t need me to tell you that, did you?) Here are some things that you may have loved before, but are better to avoid now that you’re not on your own anymore:

1. Overscheduling

Visiting 10 countries in 15 days may have been your thing back in your days as a solo traveller and it’s probably not going to work so well anymore. Your kids will not be able to cope with too much travel and adult activities. They need plenty of time for rest and play, or they’ll be cranky and tired.

2. Failing to plan ahead

I used to work as a travel agent. I was an airfare wiz, but I was not as good at selling packages. I just didn’t get it why anyone would want to book their hotel and their activities before they arrived where they were going. What if they turned up and they didn’t like what they’d booked? Or they didn’t feel like staying there anymore? Now I understand. When you’re travelling with your family, the last thing you want to do is organise everything on the spot while your kids are whining that they’re tired, hungry and want to go back home. It’s not a good idea to plan every single minute of your holiday, but it helps to know that you have a place to stay, a way to get around and food that your kids will eat.

3. Staying rigid in your plans

As much as it’s important to plan, it’s also important to stay flexible. Children get sick easier, they get tired and they have their bad days when they can’t control their temper. Don’t get attached to your plans and whenever possible, choose airfares, accommodation and other arrangements that allow changes.

4. Travelling lightly

While I still like to pack as little as possible, there’s a lot of stuff that comes with children that makes your life along the way much easier. Remember to bring their favourite toys, snacks, lots of spare cloths, tissues, drinks, lollies to ease motion sickness. You may even need to bring your own car seat! Don’t assume that you’ll have everything you need once you arrive. If there’s any doubt that you’ll be able to get it easily, bring it with you.

5. Going without insurance

Travelling without travel insurance is not advisable for anyone, but it’s even more important to have it when you have kids. You want to ensure the best health care for your kids when you’re travelling overseas. The insurance will also cover you for changes to your itinerary, if you have to reschedule due to illness, which can otherwise cost a fortune at busy times.

There’s no reason to give up travelling until the kids have grown up. It takes a bit of adjustment, but you can do it and create wonderful family memories.

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By Tatiana Apostolova

5 Great Holiday Resorts For Kids In Australia

Are you thinking of going on holiday and want to go somewhere you know the kids won’t get bored?  Take a look at these kid-friendly resorts where there is fun for the whole family, grown-ups included!

Kingfisher Bay Resort

If your children love nature then the Kingfisher Bay Resort on Fraser Island in Queensland could be the place for your next family holiday.  The Junior Eco Ranger program they offer during weekends and school holidays provides children with a unique and informative learning experience.  Some activities included in the program are sand sculpture art and craft, spotlighting for bats and frogs, stargazing, leaf identification, canoeing and a ropes course.  They cater for children of all ages, except in the evening sessions when children must be 5 years and over.

Zagame’s Paradise Resort

Zagame’s Paradise Resort, located on the Gold Coast in Queensland is literally a kid’s paradise.  It has a waterpark, kid’s club, rock climbing and ice skating rink all on site.  The kid’s themed hotel rooms are brightly coloured and some of them have a designated area for gaming.  The hotel is located just minutes from Surfers Paradise and is the ideal place for a family holiday, although be warned – you might not want to leave the resort!

Breakfree Aanuka Resort

Looking for a holiday on the Coffs Coast?  Consider a trip to the Breakfree Aanuka Resort in Coffs Harbour which is located just a short stroll from Digger’s Beach.  This resort has a huge range of activities for the kids including a children’s pool and waterslide, cave spas, playground, tennis courts, beach volleyball and mini putt.  They also offer a child minding service so you can take some time off and get pampered in the Mi-Time Day Spa.

Monkey Mia Dolphin Resort

This stunning resort in Monkey Mia, Western Australia is where you will find dolphins and activities galore.  Every day the dolphins come to shore and you can get up close and personal with these amazing creatures, just steps from your beachfront accommodation.  As well as interacting with the dolphins there is a pool, tennis facilities, beach games, wildlife cruises and complimentary barbecues.  Just a short distance from the resort are a number of attractions including Ocean Park where children can learn all about marine life found in the area.

Falls Creek Alpine Resort

If you love skiing then Falls Creek Alpine Resort in Victoria is the ideal place to take your family on your next holiday.  As well as providing kids lessons in the Snowsports Centre the Snowplay Park within the resort has a range of activities including tobogganing, snow tubing, snow trampolines, snow painting and kid’s snowmobiles.  The resort also offers a child care service which is open seven days a week throughout the ski season.  There are a range of accommodation options in the village including apartments, lodges and hotels.

So what are you waiting for?  Book that family holiday today!

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By Karyn Miller

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