The 411 On Cosmetic Tattooing 

Imagine never having to fill in your eyebrows, attempt (and fail) at creating the perfect cat-eye, or even filling in your lips for years to come? This can all become a reality with a little help of cosmetic tattooing.

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The process is quite simple, the cosmetic shape is tattooed on your lips, eyelids, and eyebrows to make it look like you’re wearing makeup. These procedures are very convenient for women who are constantly on-the-go, and don’t have time to sit for hours and apply their makeup. Would you try this for yourself?

The practice of cosmetic tattooing is mostly prominent in Asian countries, where the idea of quick beauty is often a virtue that many women would love to possess. But this doesn’t mean you have to travel out of the country to get your procedure done; there are hundreds of Australian-based centres which are known for eye, lips, and permanent make-up training.

How much does it cost?

Although most procedures can vary depending on what you actually want to get, this is just a guide of how much you could be paying for each procedure.

Eyes ($500+)

Eyeliner tattooing can involve just lining the top of the eyelid, the bottom, introducing a subtle cat-eye on the sides, and even framing the entire eye (just under the water line).

The 411 On Cosmetic Tattooing Lips ($500+)

Give your lips a more defined shape by choosing to emphasise the top, bottom, or even both with the help of a cosmetic pigment. The artist will follow the natural line of your own lips, with a colour that will complement the shade of your lips.

Eyebrows ($400+)

Tattooing eyebrows is very common for women who have lost a lot of hair in this area due to continuously over-plucking. This can leave eyebrows looking patchy and lacking any proper shape or arch.

Does it hurt?

While you can imagine that the procedure isn’t completely pain-free, most clients actually suggest that it’s more irritating rather than painful. A topical anaesthetic cream is applied to the selected area, so a large degree of the pain is numbed out for a short period of time.

If you are experiencing excruciating amounts of pain during your procedure, it’s best to stop it altogether and let someone know.

What is the recovery like?

This all depends on where you get the procedure, but it generally shouldn’t be longer than a couple of days. Don’t start to worry if the area is red and inflamed the next morning, just keep the area clean and free of makeup, and wait for the swelling to go down.

It’s best to keep skin cleansed and moisturised until the procedure has completely healed itself.

Can the process be reversed? What about removal?

Most pigments last for about 5-10 years, and after this period you will start to notice that the colour will begin to change slightly. This doesn’t mean it’s time to get the tattoo re-done, but it all depends on the elasticity of your skin and where you have the tattoo in the first place.

In terms of eye liner, this is very common since the skin does get a little bit droopy with age. Lips, eyebrows and corrective tattooing will last longer since they are on more durable places on the face and skin. You can get the cosmetic tattoo removed or altered (most likely at the same place you got it done), but be warned that this can leave a scar on the skin.

Would you ever try cosmetic tattooing? Have you already had this procedure before?

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August 19, 2015

Weird Beauty Treatments Used By Celebrities

Celebrities are always going to weird lengths to try and rewind the clock and create a visibly smoother and younger looking appearance. But is there anything they won’t do? Take a peek at some of the weird, wacky and gross treatments that celebrities from all around the world participate in – all for the sake of beauty!

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Oil pulling

Celebrity fans: Lauren Conrad, Gwyneth Paltrow

The ancient practice of oil pulling is said to extract the body of all it’s nasty toxins, as well as reduce the amount of bad bacteria in the mouth. The catch? You must hold one tablespoon of coconut oil in your mouth for twenty minutes before spitting it out. It can also improve your oral health by reducing the amount of plaque and actually helps to whiten your teeth. If you dare…

Vinegar face wash

Celebrity fans: Scarlett Johansson

Wanted to know the secret to crystal-clear skin? It’s sitting in your pantry right now! Apple cider vinegar has been known to calm down the skin and also prevent future breakouts. Simply add one teaspoon to your daily cleansing routine and rinse well before applying a moisturiser over the top.

Leech therapy

Celebrity fans: Demi Moore

Actress Demi Moore has been using leech therapy for years, since she discovered it as part of a cleanse whilst visiting a spa in Austria. The medically trained leeches detoxify the blood and help your overall health. But this isn’t a new practice – it has been used for centuries in ancient Egypt as a way to cure almost any ache or pain.


Celebrity fans: Angelina Jolie

There has been much speculation over the last few years that actress Angelina Jolie turned to caviar to remove stretch marks after giving birth. The extremely expensive treatment contains eggs of Baerii sturgeon which help to rejuvenate the skin. You can also use this treatment at home, but it will cost you more than $750 dollars for a 100ml container.

Strawberry teeth whitener

Celebrity fans: Catherine Zeta Jones

Why use painful whitening strips that destroy your gums when you could just use strawberries instead? Catherine Zeta Jones has been known to rub the delicious fruit all over her teeth and gums for a whiter smile. It does make sense – strawberries contain malic acid which can lighten stained teeth. Don’t believe us? Just take a look at them…

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October 5, 2014

What Is Eyebrow Threading?

You may have heard about eyebrow threading and how it’s quickly taking the place of plucking, waxing and everything in between when it comes to eyebrow maintenance. Threading is not only a less painful alternative to getting your brows waxed, but it actually last longer. A great alternative for anyone who wishes to steer away from waxes, lotions and chemicals on the surface of the skin.


Eyebrow threading originated in the Middle East, and now has quickly spread to almost everywhere around the world. Head down to your local shopping mall and there will most likely be a threading centre that promises flawless brows in minutes.


The technique starts off with cotton thread which the artist uses on each hand and loops around the thumb and index finger. The twisted thread is crossed over into an X shape and this pulls hair from the surface of the skin.


This varies for each salon, but on average will set you back between $25-35 depending on where you go. Threading lasts for 3-4 weeks until brows need to be touched up again. Although the great aspect of eyebrow threading is if you get the technique correct, you can do it yourself at home. This could take lots of patience and practice, but is a great idea if you know the shape of your eyebrows and find it quick and simple to master.

Facts and Questions

  • Eyebrow threading is ideal for anyone who suffers from sensitive skin, and wants a quick and fairly painless path to flawless brows.
  • Men can benefit from threading to keep brows looking clean and groomed.
  • Threading can be adapted to any part of the face for instant hair removal. Popular areas include above the lip, chin, and jawline for a painless tidy up.
  • Before your appointment, remove all aspects of makeup, and keep the skin clean to avoid infection.
  • Communicate with your artist about the particular shape you would prefer. A great way is to bring pictures of the eyebrows you want.
  • Redness after the procedure is a common reaction, so don’t be scared if the area is looking slightly red and tender. Apply a cooling pad to help nurse the skin back to normal.

Have you tried eyebrow threading?

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By Felicia Sapountzis

May 5, 2014

7 Skin Care Tips For Healthy Skin

Acne, large pores, blackheads and oily skin are some of the most common skin conditions that many of us deal with, even into adulthood. Keeping these skin issues under control can be quite the challenge, so we’ve put together 7 skin care tips to help you get healthy skin.

1. Use the right products
You may be using the wrong skin care products for your skin type. Wash your face twice a day with a basic cleanser to keep your skin bacteria-free, and make sure you use an oil-free moisturiser. It’s also a good idea to try natural and organic skin care which has gentler ingredients as well as no preservatives and parabens (these can cause skin problems).

2. Reduce stress
Like hormonal imbalances, stress can cause the skin to flare up. Thankfully though, this is preventable. Try reducing your work load and activities in the day, spend some time meditating, doing yoga or just relaxing and doing what you enjoy, and you’ll find that your acne gradually improves.

3. Get sufficient sleep
Maintaining a healthy sleeping routine is very important to not just your skin, but your physical and mental wellbeing, so make sure you’re getting at least 8 hours of quality sleep each night. If you have trouble sleeping, cutting out caffeine intake in the late afternoon, drinking chamomile tea, taking a soak in the bath, and switching off the TV 30 minutes before bed can help to reduce stress, helping you sleep.

4. Drink plenty of water. Hydration is key to healthy skin and your general health, so try to get into a routine of consuming at least 2 litres of water a day. Drinking plenty of water flushes out toxins, keeps you hydrated from within and regulates your digestion, all key factors for healthy skin.

5. Eat more fruits and vegetables
Why is it we’re mad for the latest antioxidant-rich, vitamin-laden skin care, when we can get this naturally from within by eating more fruits and vegetables? Some fresh produce are specifically amazing for keeping your skin healthy and glowing. These include strawberries, plums, orange, red grapes, kiwi, pink grapefruit, artichoke, beetroot, cabbage, broccoli, red chicory, red chilis, dark and leafy greens, sweet potato and carrot, among many others.

6. Check with your doctor whether you might have a hormone imbalance
An imbalance in hormone levels can cause a host embarrassing skin conditions. Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) affects an estimated 7 percent of all women, with symptoms including excessive hair growth, oily skin, blackheads and acne. Although there is no cure, your doctor might prescribe the contraceptive pill or progesterone to help balance your hormones and control the problem. If you do have PCOS, this will likely help with other symptoms of the condition too. Remember that treatments such as laser hair removal may not work in the long-term reduction of hair caused by a hormonal imbalance.

7. See a dermatologist
If you can’t find the cause for your skin troubles, a visit to a specialist can be very revealing. A dermatologist might be able to help determine whether an allergy is the cause of your problem, or may subscribe some effective products to help control, the condition.

July 19, 2013