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Spring’s Hottest Trend: Lace-Up

Are you as excited about spring in Australia as I am? Finally we can turn off our heaters and put away those big, bulky jackets. In fact, wearing lighter clothes is one of the things I love most about spring; it feels like a huge weight lifted off your shoulder – pun intended.

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With every new season comes new trends in fashion. The 70s are still the decade to channel; think flared pants, flowy blouses and lots of suede. The main trend for spring, though, is anything lace-up.

First seen on the Chloé runway, lace-up sandals, gladiators and clothes have found their way into high street fashion labels’ collections. So get inspired by the following finds of spring’s hottest fashion trend, lace-up.

Chloe lace up sandals

This is where it all started: The original Chloé lace-up sandals are every fashionista’s dream this season. They’re extremely versatile and thanks to a low heel, comfortable, too! With a hefty price tag of $1890, they’re going to remain a dream for me. Thankfully, a lot of cheaper brands have picked up on the trend.

Spring's Hottest Trend: Lace-Up

MissGuided lace up gladiators

These MissGuided gladiators are the more dramatic version of the Chloé ones and are sure to make any summer dress look extra cool.

Spring's Hottest Trend: Lace-Up

Asos lace up denim dress

If effortless had a name, it would be Asos Lace-Up Denim Dress. Not only are denim dresses on trend, but combined with the white laces it takes you to the next level of fashionable.

Spring's Hottest Trend: Lace-Up

Shopbop lace up blouse

For a more elegant, feminine look, opt for this white lace-up blouse. It will take you from work to drinks with your friends effortlessly without a need to accessorise. The lace-up neckline is a showstopper all by itself.

Spring's Hottest Trend: Lace-Up

Yoox lace up pencil skirt

This pencil skirt is anything but boring. With its lace-up details on the hips, it accentuates your waistline and seems inspired by corsets – definitely not for the timid!

Spring's Hottest Trend: Lace-Up

Images via Chloe, Missguided, Shopbop, Asos, Yoox

August 30, 2015

How To Pull Off The Single Earring Trend

It’s one of the biggest trends of the past year and it’s still as relevant as ever: The single earring. From the runways in Paris to the red carpets of pretty much every award show, the single earring is making appearances everywhere at the moment, but how do you pull off this rather unusual look without people constantly telling you that you have lost one of your earrings?

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It can be a bit tricky to wear one big statement ear piece only, but if you get it right, you are very likely to be the best accessorised person in the room wherever you are. Here are a few tips on how to style the single earring trend:

1. Find the right balance

Wearing a single earring should not be taken too literally. You shouldn’t leave your other ear un-accessorised, but instead choose a small earring like a simple stud or pearl depending on what your statement earring looks like. This is the key thing to remember in order to avoid comments by others about your “lost earring.”

2. Opt for a cuff

If you’re new to the single-earring-game and you want to play it safe, opt for a cuff earring on one of your ears. Whether it’s a studded cuff or a simple chain adorning your ear, it will give you that edgy but chic look you’re after.

3. Stay focused

Don’t make wearing one statement earring more confusing by combining it with a sparkly necklace. Instead, leave your neck bare and draw all the attention to your bold ear piece choice. Make sure you wear your hair up or at least styled to the opposite side of your bejeweled ear and let your single earring shine.

 Image via

April 3, 2015

Our Favorite Trends For Fall 2014

This season is all about oversized everything, with bulky knits and wide-leg pants featuring prominently on catwalks and sidewalks alike. Bold prints, metallics and the occasional neon color pop are also on-trend, but for pieces that look great on everybody, try these versatile fall fashions.

Sixties mod

This fall is all about sixties retro, particularly the return of the A-line skirt. Whether midi, mini, or in between – the a-line skirt can be dressed up or down. Be inspired by Louis Vuitton’s collection, celebrating warm colors and vintage prints. Gucci, on the other hand, prefers pretty pastels, paired with knee-high boots. guccie3
Louis Vuitton                              Gucci

Robe coats

Look to Altazurra and Richard Chai Love for evidence of this trend. As the cold sets in, you will be eternally grateful for these bulky overcoats. Try with a turtleneck for extra warmth and style points.

fashionista3fashionista - richard chai love
Altazurra                                   Richard Chai Love

Over-the-knee boots

If you’re not already fortunate enough to have this classic wardrobe staple, you should definitely invest in a pair this season. A basic brown or black leather boot is a must for any fall wardrobe. Pair with a mini skirt and turtleneck, a la Alexander Wang.


Images via The Zoe Report, Fashionista,

August 21, 2014