Your lady garden has a few things it’d like you to know. And it ain’t all pretty…
Just because it’s natural doesn’t mean it belongs in your vag!
I was irritated at the lack of knowledge, and angry, because this shouldn’t have happened to me.
Solving your vagina’s deepest mysteries just got easier.
I never thought I would feel competitive with my own vagina.
Visiting the OB-GYN is daunting enough, but doing it in a foreign country? You need to be extra prepared. 
It all began with adolescent me, a bathroom, and a box of tampons.
Just when you thought your lady flower was fine as is.
You don’t have to just lay there and take it.
My vagina knew months before I did that we weren’t going to paddle off into the sunset together.
Our vaginas are magical things. So why do we still feel acknowledging them is…dirty?
The shame almost made me not write this essay.
Can dabbing your own intimate scent on yourself make men more into you?
From their size to their function, vaginas really are amazing things.