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How To Keep A Healthy Vagina

Your vaginal health is more important to your overall health than you might think. When your vaginal health is below average, it can affect your sex life, emotional happiness and even your health and fitness. Keeping your vaginal health in check will ensure that you remain clean and comfortable and that you’re able to go about your daily life without a worry for your downstairs.

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We’ve got a few simple guidelines to follow to keep a healthy vagina:

Keep away from douching

Douching – cleaning out down there with water or other mixtures – throws out the natural pH balance in your vagina that keeps everything healthy. The pH balance keeps healthy bacteria that protects your vagina from infections, therefore, douching makes your vagina more susceptible to infections and will only cover up smells. If your vagina has a strong or unpleasant odour, you should see your doctor.

Safe sex

Using condoms when having sex will help to protect your vagina from Sexually Transmitted Infections and will ultimately keep you healthy. Creating a barrier, condoms are a must when having sex to stop any nasties getting into your vagina.

Eat a healthy diet

It’s not just what you put in your vag that makes it healthy, but also what you put in your mouth. Making sure you get enough fruits and vegetables and eat a well balanced diet will keep it healthy. Some foods that can also help to fix vaginal problems include yoghurt and cranberry juice, which are very effective in helping to restore vaginal health from yeast infections. There is even some evidence to suggest that foods reflect how your vagina will taste, with healthier foods producing a nicer flavour. No joke!

Cotton bottoms

Wearing cotton underwear lets your vagina breathe. Underwear made of synthetic materials like lace and nylon can cause infections from the suffocation of your vagina and moisture. Going commando to bed will also let your vagina air, which is healthy.

See the doctor regularly

Going for a yearly check up can be a great preventative measure on vaginal health issues. The doctor will be able to tell you if your lady bits are healthy and anything else you should be doing. If you notice any changes in your vagina, you should see your doctor straight away to get a test in order to fix whatever is happening down there.

Be careful with hair removal

If you regularly shave your vagina, you should proceed with caution. Ensure to wash your razor properly and make sure it’s not blunt, as this can cause irritation and infection. You should always make sure that your hair removal methods are clean and are not irritating to your vagina.

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