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The Time And Day You’re Most Likely To Have Sex

There’s a specific time of day, time of year, and place that we prefer to have sex. This is pretty damn specific, but there’s research to back it up. What do you think is the time and day you’re most likely to have sex?

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LifeStyles condoms have done a national survey analysing the sex lives of more than 5,000 people. According to their findings, there are two very specific days of the year that we like to get down and dirty the most – and honestly – it’s not that surprising.

Coming in second place, drum roll please… a whopping 73 per cent of people say they enjoy sex on Valentine’s day over the other 364 days of the year. But if that wasn’t already predictable enough, the gold goes to our birthdays! It was a close one, but 79 per cent of people have, and want, to have sex on their birthday. To narrow it down even more, there’s also a specific time of the day that most people prefer to have sex.

Another survey from earlier this year found that men prefer to have sex early in the morning, from approximately 6-9am, while women favour doing the deed later at night, from approximately 11pm to 2am.

This same survey also discovered that male and female sex drives are generally out of sync – apparently 63 per cent of women and 68 per cent of men have had relationships where their sex drive was incompatible with their partner. So next time your boyfriend/husband whines that you never want to have sex, it could be appropriate to point out that you want sex, just not at the same time as they do.

If that wasn’t already enough, the time of the year and the day of the year isn’t the only thing that affects your sex drive, where you live can too. Another study has come out and said that your geographical location plays a role on your level of libido. EliteSingles.com.au surveyed 25,000 Australians and found that beach-side dwellers have higher libidos than small-town folk.

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Good news for residents of Coogee, Manly, South Melbourne, Cronulla, and Port Melbourne, who apparently are among the tope five places with the highest sex drives.

However if you live in Shepparton (Vic), Caboolture (QLD), Sunbury (Vic), Glenroy (Vic) and Albury (NSW), it might be time to consider moving, because according to these findings you’re most likely to have a lower sex drive.

Image via usnews.com

What Your Man’s Valentine’s Day Excuses Really Mean

Valentine’s Day is a day dedicated to romance. And while some continue to argue that you don’t need a specific day to tell someone that you love them, the exchange of gifts, love letters and romantic endeavours is high. But what if you’re man refuses to buy you a present or take you out? Does this mean that he’s not crazy in love, or even interested for that matter?

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Lyn Winston from The Dating Angel, says: “If you are his dream girl he knows Valentine’s Day is important to you. He will want to do something romantic for you, without you ever having to drop a hint. If he sees you as a Casual Girl – a girl he dates because it is easy and convenient… he may come up with some excuses as to why he didn’t get you something romantic for Valentine’s Day.”

Here are some of the top excuses debunked:

He says: “I can’t afford it…”

Okay, you really don’t have to dig deep to buy a Valentines Day card or a box of chocolates. And if times are really tough, Lyn insists that your guy can make you a card or write you a poem. Or even pick some flowers from Grandma’s garden for that matter.

He says: “It’s so commercial…”

Does your man say that to his mum on Mother’s Day, or to the rest of his family at Christmas? Probably not. All holidays are commercial, but that’s not why we celebrate them.

He says: “It’s an American thing..”

While Valentine’s Day didn’t originate in Australia, it’s largely celebrated here. It’s one of the busiest times of the year for florists and  the majority of shops are adorned with love hearts and cute stuff alike.

He says: “I shouldn’t have to tell you on Valentine’s Day how much I love you, I tell you every day…”

“Guys know how it makes you feel when one of your girlfriend’s receives chocolates, flowers or jewellery and you don’t,” says Lyn. So while it’s a valid point, your man is well aware of how dissapointed you will be if he fails to come up with the goods.

He says: “All the restaurants I tried to book are booked out…”

If your partner leaves his reservation to the last minute, securing a table at your favourite restaurant (or any restaurant for that matter) can be difficult. While it’s not a great sign that it was last on his to-do list, people do genuinely forget. There are alternatives says Lyn, including a picnic or fish and chips on the beach.

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Can Dining Etiquette Make or Break a Date?

They say it takes three seconds to make a first impression, but can dining etiquette make or break a date? With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, we asked Levi Aron from Yumtable to share a few tips on how to approach your first dinner date in order to secure a second.

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Don’t be late

Turning up fashionably late is disrespectful and embarrassing. To avoid this, Levi advises giving yourself a 15-30 minute buffer depending on how long the commute is. Don’t forget to factor in parking if you opt to drive!

Do offer to pay

Okay, this one is more for the lads than the ladies. But nonetheless, offering to pay is a kind gesture that will ensure your date doesn’t feel like they’re being taken for granted. If you make them feel appreciated, you’re more likely to see date number two.

Don’t just walk into a nice restaurant

Save time and hassle by booking ahead. “It shows thoughtfulness to plan the date ahead of time,” insists Levi. Restaurant booking apps such as yumtable.com.au are quick and easy to use and discounts are generally applied – extra brownie points!

Do have a plan for after dinner

This doesn’t mean going back to your date’s apartment for post-dinner ‘coffee.’ Instead, scout out another restaurant nearby for dessert, insists Levi. Maybe you want to try that new Gelato place that’s opened up down the street, or head to that dessert bar that you’ve been dying to check out since forever – either way, a “nice romantic walk” will mix things up a bit.

Don’t use your hands

This rule is a given when it comes to eating – unless you’ve ordered crab or lobster, in which case it’s inevitable. But if you want to make a good first impression remember your table manners. You might also want to avoid messy dishes all together – there’s nothing more unappealing than someone slurping down soup and spilling it all over their new threads.

Do take your time

If you’re the type of person who tends to get nervous, you may be inclined to wolf down your food. Be mindful and try not to get too ahead of yourself. Try putting down your knife and fork between meals or sipping on water. Alternatively, “take some extra time to talk to your date,” says Levi. “It’s not a race to see who can finish eating first.”

Don’t touch your phone during dinner

Unless you need to slip to the bathroom to organise an ‘emergency’ call from one of your girlfriends, leave your phone in your bag or pocket. Also, refrain from leaving it on the table, urges Levi. Not only is it a distraction, but it takes away your attention from your date.

Tips courtesy of Yumtable

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Most Popular Pet Names for Partners

Gone are the days of calling your other half Sweetheart or Honey, with a recent study revealing Tiger, Happy feet and Bubba Rabbit are fast becoming popular pet names used for partners. Red Balloon, an online destination for gifts, analysed purchasers’ gift messages to their ‘Bae’ to unveil the most common (and strange) nicknames ahead of Valentine’s Day.

Chi Chi, Sugar Bum and Sexy Shiny Pumpkin were among the most out-of-the-ordinary that appeared on the list, while classics such as Beautiful, Baby and Sexy came in as the most popular. Darling reigned as the number one pet name for a significant other and almost doubled the amount of Dearest – the second most common.

“We’re in the business of giving good times so there’s nothing we love more than when a surprising name comes through on a gift message – it never fails to make us smile,” said Founding Director, Naomi Simson.

“It also shows that our customers share our value of having a sense of humour and fun. The more adventurous the name, we’d like to think the more unique the experience they choose.”

If you’re still searching for gift ideas for your Mr Drop Bear or Fancy Face – yes both of those names made an appearance – Red Balloon also provided a list of the top five Valentine’s Day presents purchased. A champagne breakfast was number one, followed by tandem para-sailing, massages, make-up lessons and a romantic dinner.

Most popular pet names:

1. Darling

2. Dearest

3. Baby (Babe)

4. Beautiful

5. Lovely

6. Gorgeous

7. Wonderful

8. Sweetheart


10. Princess

Most unusually popular pet names:

1. Tiger

2. Big Duckie

3. Bubba Rabbit

4. Chi Chi

5. Sugar Bum

6. Fancy Face

7. Sexy Man

8. Happy Feet

9. Sexy Shiny Pumpkin

10. Moo Moo

Image Via Google Images

5 Valentine’s Day Breakfast Ideas

With Valentine’s Day just a few sleeps away, indulge your partner in a themed breakfast or even brunch recipe.

Our guide gives you quick and easy ways to create a delicious meal which is perfect if you haven’t decided to exchange gifts this year. A few heart-shaped pancakes never did anyone harm, right?

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Pink cinnamon scrolls

Just about the perfect scrolls you will ever have, and the best part – they’re pink! Use white and pink icing sugar to create a sweet texture which will won’t last until midday. We warned you!

5 Valentine's Day Breakfast Ideas

French toast

Who doesn’t love French toast, nutella and love hearts? Use a cookie mould to shape your french toast before baking in the oven or over a hot pan. Strawberries and nutella are an extra treat which count as a cheat meal, right?

5 Valentine's Day Breakfast Ideas

Red velvet pancakes

Possibly one of the best ideas we’ve ever seen. Take a conventional red velvet recipe and alter it to create some yummy cupcakes. The cream-cheese icing makes for the finishing touch to a sweet breakfast recipe.

5 Valentine's Day Breakfast Ideas

Pink hot chocolate

Simply sprinkle pink and red icing sugar with cream over the top of your usual hot chocolate. Yum!

5 Valentine's Day Breakfast Ideas

Bacon hearts

For the true bacon lovers, take a single rasher of bacon and curve the ends into a heart shape. Grill or bake until crispy, and serve with a poached egg and avocado.

5 Valentine's Day Breakfast Ideas

Those are just a few of our favourite breakfast ideas for Valentine’s Day. Comment below with some of your must-haves!

Images via House Hunt, Rachel Schultz, Simply Kierste, Recipe By Photo, Love From The Oven, Something Swanky

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