I Had My Pubes ‘Sugared’ Off To See If It Really Hurts Less Than Waxing

Some people will tell you sugaring is completely painless. Those people are lying. 

6 Ways You Never Knew You Could Remove Body Hair

We’ve all heard of waxing, lasering and tweezing, but what about sugaring? 

New Study Has People Panicking About Pubic Hair

Don’t cancel your Brazilian appointment just yet.

3 Pain-Free Hair Removal Tips

Want to remove your body hair at home without the unwanted pain? Who doesn’t! Try some of these hair removal tips below to get super-soft skin without the extra hassle.

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Although this is probably considered an old-school method of hair removal, it actually works really well. If you’re not quite sure what an epilator is, it’s an electrical device which essentially removes hair from the follicle and is also relatively pain-free.

Use on your legs, arms and bikini area to have super-soft skin which doesn’t require a touch-up for 4-6 weeks. The great part about eplilating is that the more you do it, the weaker the hair follicle becomes. You might need to shave or pluck those stray hairs between sessions, but overall, it’s really quick and easy.

Screen shot 2015-05-06 at 11.58.14 AM

Braun Silk Epil 1170 Epilator, $55.49

Hot wax

If you’re deciding between hot wax and wax strips, always choose the former – especially if you’re working with the bikini area. Hot wax actually penetrates the hair follicle, warms it up, and removes it much easier than waxing strips could ever do.

Make sure you warm up the wax as recommended on the side of the box, and never wax over the same area twice. After waxing, use a gentle aloe vera solution to remove excess wax, then moisturise with a non-scented formula.

Screen shot 2015-05-06 at 11.59.39 AM

Waxaway Salon Wax Sensitive, $12.79


Although threading is a recent find for us at SHESAID, the practice itself has been used for centuries. The best way to get your eyebrows threaded is by a professional, but for other parts of the body such as legs and arms, threading is a quick and effective way to remove hair.

You only need two fine strings and the easy technique to do it yourself at home. It’s also a great way to touch-up between salon visits, especially if you don’t have time to make that next appointment.

What are some of your pain-free hair removal suggestions?

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Hair Removal: What Is Sugaring?

While we’ve all heard about waxing, shaving, and threading, sugaring is often a practice which is barely mention as much as its popular counterparts.

Sugaring is actually an old Persian way of removing hair using a natural, sticky gel made from water, sugar and water to completely remove hair from the follicle.

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How does it work?

The act of sugaring actually works by using a thick paste which is warmed between the hands, applied on the legs, then quickly ripped off (somewhat like waxing).

You also place the gel in the direction of the hair to remove it completely without ripping or causing any in-grown nightmares.


  • Sugaring is actually a quick and easy way to remove hair without causing your body unbearable pain. Even though there aren’t too many salons which offering sugaring, if you find one – stick to it!
  • The process takes no time at all, and can remove lots of hair at once. Unlike waxing, if you miss a few hairs, you can easily apply the paste over without causing additional irritation to the pore or hair follicle.
  • Did you know that sugaring can actually stunt the hair growth? It can cause damage to the hair follicle and actually leave your legs, arms, and bikini line with less hair over time.
  • There are many DIY kits available both in-store and online so you can remove your hair at home. Alternatively, you could also create your own paste at home.


  • Your hair actually needs to be quick long before sugaring can take place – longer than if you’re waxing! Not a good idea if you need to show your legs off over the weekend.
  • If you have decided to remove hair via sugaring at home, just beware that it can leave your skin feeling red and inflamed. Just be careful, and use clean products, jars, and find a sanitary area to remove hair from your legs. After you’re done, wash up with shower gel and pat the area dry with a clean towel. Apply a moisturiser containing aloe vera over the top to soothe the skin.

DIY sugaring

If you would prefer to do it at home, use this easy recipe to create a gel and remove hair directly from the follicle.


2 cups white sugar

1/4 cup lemon juice

1/4 water


1. Combine all of the ingredients into a deep pan and cook on high. Wait until the sugar begins to caramelise, then remove from the heat and allow it to cool. By now, the water will evaporate out, and you will be left with the raw mixture.

2. Use a thermometer and wait until it drops in temperature. It should be of a slimy consistency.

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Easy Ways To Remove Unwanted Hair

The struggle to remove unwanted hair on the face, arms, legs, and the rest of the body is most definitely real.

Whether you prefer to shave, wax, or use a tweezer on those unmentionables – there is no denying that any of these methods can leave skin looking red and inflamed. Below are just a few quick and easy ways to remove unwanted hair at home.

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Hard Wax

Ideal for: bikini line, underarms

Remove stubborn hair straight from the root with a hard wax formula. All you need to do is warm the wax-pot, and apply it straight onto the skin. Wait for the wax to set, then just pull off to remove hair!

The formula is gentle enough to use on sensitive skin, and won’t leave red bumps and irritation afterwards. Use a fragrance-free moisturiser to hydrate skin and assist in the healing process.

Screen shot 2014-12-19 at 10.44.45 AM

Andrea Brazilian Hard Wax, $14.99

Ready-To-Use Strips

Ideal for: legs, arms, underarms

Large wax strips are great since you can cut them up, and use them for various parts of your body. Warm them up between your hands, and apply to freshly washed and dried skin. Hair should remove entirely from the root, and last for up to 4 weeks.

Screen shot 2014-12-19 at 10.44.39 AM

Magic Large Wax Strips, $7.95

Mini wax strips

Ideal for: lip, chin, navel, bikini line

A mini wax strip which is perfect for cleaning up any stray hairs on the face and body. Infused with a natural geranium oil to soothe skin, you won’t find any irritation or redness after the process is complete. Use on clean, fresh skin which is free of moisturiser, makeup or even fake tan for best results.

Screen shot 2014-12-19 at 10.48.49 AM

Julienne Soft Feel Wax Strips for Face, $7.99

Muslin cloth

Ideal for: legs, arms, bikini line

100% cotton strips to be used in conjunction with any liquid wax product for maximum results. Washable so you can save some money and reuse them any time you need to touch-up.

Screen shot 2014-12-19 at 10.59.03 AM

Nair Reusable Cotton Wax Strips, $7.99

Hair removal mit

Ideal for: face, legs, arms, navel, bikini line

A gentle hair removing and exfoliating mitt which leaves legs feeling silky smooth after each application. A great alternative for women who find shaving and waxing too painful or irritating on a weekly basis.

Screen shot 2014-12-19 at 10.53.59 AM

Silky Mit Glove, $6.99

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How To Get Bikini Confidence This Summer

One of Australia’s hottest in-demand exports, Natasha Oakley (pictured) – the LA-based, Sydney born swimwear model, fashion and lifestyle blogger and entrepreneur – has been announced as the body of Veet’s new Natural Inspirations range.

The rising star, who is fast becoming a global social media phenomenon with more than 657,000 followers on her Instagram alone, is passionate about empowering women to feel great. Her site, http://abikiniaday.com, which she runs alongside her best friend Devin Brugman, tackles the big issues of positive body image and confidence.

Idolised worldwide for her natural beauty and relaxed, beach-chic style, Natasha, 23, counts model, presenter, designer and producer among her many talents and credits. In addition, Natasha and Devin created their own swimwear label, Monday Swimwear – inspired by their constant search for that everyday, stylish yet comfortable ‘go-to bikini’.

With her entrepreneurial spirit and promotion of positive body image, Natasha is striving to be an inspirational role model for young women.

Leading depilatories expert Veet’s new hair removal solutions for all skin types, and for face and body, contain shea butter, aloe vera and grape seed oil for all skin types.  The Natural Inspirations range includes Wax Strips, $12.79; Sugar Wax, $15.49; Face Wax Strips, $11.49; Cream, $9.49; and an In Shower Cream, $15.99.

Here, Natasha talks her fave Veet products and how to get bikini confidence and beach-ready this spring/summer:

What are your Veet must-have products for summer? The new Natural Inspirations Range contains three depilatory creams and three wax products, all of which smell divine. However, I have always only ever been a wax girl so for this summer I highly recommend Veet’s Natural Inspirations Wax Strips (for body or face) and the Natural Inspirations Sugar Wax (both pictured below), or if you are at home with a bit more time for DIY hair removal, I would suggest using Veet’s Electrical Roll-On Kit.

hair removal, waxing, positive body image, spring/summer, bikinihair removal, waxing, positive body image, spring/summer, bikini

What do you love most about Veet? Apart from how well their products work, what I love the most is the convenience of the wax strips while travelling! They are so light and convenient to pack – I just remove from box and place the flat strips in my bag.

How can women best prepare for bikini season?  Working out regularly is important, but I also feel confident in my bikini from little things like manicured nails, waxing with Veet for silky smooth skin at the beach and keeping your skin exfoliated and moisturised. Finding the right bikini is also very important – remember to find the suit that fits your body type best and don’t be afraid to go up or down a size from your regular size, just ensure the bikini is comfortable and not squeezing anywhere so it will be as flattering as possible to show off your naturally beautiful figure.

What body confidence tips do you have for young women? Confidence not only comes from embracing who you are and understanding that everyone is beautiful in their own way, it comes from leading a healthy balance lifestyle. If you are working out, eating correctly and maintaining a positive outlook on life, everything falls into place and with it you will feel more confident within yourself. Also remembering to never compare yourself to others, which can be hard as we all naturally do, is a key to confidence. If everyone was the same, the world would be boring – individuality is a beautiful, natural thing.

What bikinis are best suited to each different body shape? The article on my blog http://abikiniaday.com/what-is-your-body-type-and-which-bikini-should-you-be-wearing/ is a must-read for all women.

What bikini trends are hot for summer? The latest trends I saw recently at Miami Swim Week are neoprene, zips, mesh panelling and also a newer trend, rashies!

Can every woman wear a bikini?  Yes! It’s about knowing you body type, what suits and fits you best and rocking your bikini bod with confidence!

Visit www.veet.com.au.

hair removal, waxing, positive body image, spring/summer, bikini

Wax On – Wax Off

“I let a complete stranger pour hot wax on my fanny!”

She Said’s intrepid Body and Soul editor headed off to The Harem in Sydney to experience the latest hair removal sensation, The Brazilian, first hand. Read her blow by blow account.

Stepping into the Jeanie-bottle that is The Harem, I felt immediately at ease in my exotic, sumptuous surroundings. Dimmed lights, sheer drapes, gorgeous aromatherapy oils wafted and soothing but sexy music played pleasantly distracting me from the nail-biting nervousness I felt.

Rita Paul, salon founder explained the range of pampering treatments on offer – all sounding delightfully luxurious – Venus Beauty package, Cinnamon Queen body treatments. At the end of her list were the words I was dreading. Brazilian Wax.

My mind was filled with images of gaffer-taped-skin-ripping-eye-watering-savagery. Pain and no pleasure what so ever. It was going to take some sweet-talking, or a lot of drugs to get me to relax into the idea of having my private parts preened to a pre-pubescent state. The Harem have prepared answers to your Frequently Asked Questions. And I know you have questions.

Taking the time to explain the before, during and afters of this most delicate and intimate process is as much of an art as the actual waxing itself. This is crucial to the client who is, for the first time at least, understandably nervous about the idea of flashing her fanny to a complete stranger while being covered in hot wax. I usually need a few wines before I’m up for something like that!

My therapist Susie, ushered me into the treatment room in where the sensuous docor of the reception is carried over making you feel like every bit of the pampered princess that you are.

Susie gets to work making me feel at ease, explaining everything, step-by-step. And as if by magic, ‘the fear’ (and my inhibitions) starts to evaporate.

“With the Brazilian, we usually leave a little landing strip here. Did you want to do that, or do you want the Full Monty – which we call the Hollywood,” she asks.

Now, to be honest, I don’t really see that much difference between the two options, but my inner nerd tells me the landing strip option would be far less shocking an option.

“We take the whole lot off. We go all the way to the back. We take everything off the lip area and we just leave this little strip,” says Susie explaining the first step to becoming a virtually hairless Brazilian Goddess.

I get my gear off, leaving my shirt on to grasp at some shred of modesty, then position myself as instructed on the treatment table, covering my bits with the hanky-sized loincloth provided. This is to make me feel less exposed. As if.

As the wooden spatula laden with deep aqua-coloured Aloe Vera wax comes closer to me, I get ‘the fear’ again. I’m not sure how some of my pinkest bits are going to cope with having hot wax poured on them and ripped off. I cry when I have to take a Band-Aid off for heaven’s sake!

“Well, you’d be surprised. Actually, I think the worst area is the top triangle. This is where it can be most sensitive. I supposed because we’re made for having babies, the lip area is actually quite resilient. I mean, it’s not going to be like ‘Oh, I didn’t feel that,’ but it’s usually up here that people complain about the pain and down there, they get quite a surprise,” says Susie as she gets to work with the wax.

As if reading my mind, Susie, with the tone of a consummate professional is quick to assure me that the sight of people’s girly bits doesn’t even register with her anymore.

Wax On – Wax Off (Cont’d)

“It’s funny because it doesn’t even enter my head now, seeing people’s vaginas. It’s like eyebrow wax / Brazilian. Same thing,” she says matter-of-factly and with that the first of the wax is off. The pain is sharp, but short and it certainly awakens my senses.

Realising that I was half-naked on a table with a complete stranger and now in a position that was usually reserved for gynecological examinations or advanced practitioners of the Kama Sutra, ‘the fear’ is nagging at me once more.

“I did my first Brazilian a long time ago, probably about 5 years ago. They weren’t that popular. It’s only since I’ve been here that they’ve become more popular. Here I do about 5 a day,” her experience with the process is both obvious and comforting. “Everyone has different hair growth cycles. Some people’s hair grows back very quickly and they can need a touch up in three weeks. It’s nowhere near as painful,” she assures me.

I try to focus on the colour of the wax, soothing, cooling blue. I know the lower parts are about to be tackled. I breathe deeply, in and out. I try to be brave as Susie lets rip.

“How was that?”

My tongue might as well have been ripped out too because I seem to have lost the ability to speak. Feeling like the world’s biggest Band-Aid has just been ripped off less than taut skin will do that to a girl.

Susie takes my mute silence as an opportunity to explain the crucial home care routine for my newly depilatoried body.

“The most important thing is tea tree wash, it’s a very gentle wash with a very high grade tea tree oil and use it for about seven days after you’ve had your Brazilian because what it does, it prevents any infection. The other thing we recommend is Bikini Saver and what that does is prevent ingrown hairs. Also it stops that itching feeling of hair growing back. It’s very good and everyone raves about it, says it’s fantastic,” she says.

“So we’re nearly finished. We’ve done one side,” she says proudly and I look down to survey the damage. It’s certainly smooth and very pink and it looks well, very tidy.

The second half is over much faster than the first and hurts surprisingly less, partly because I now knew what to expect and partly because the salon atmosphere has kicked up a notch, the music a little louder and funkier, the place buzzing with the Rio vibe.

The results are quite amazing. But don’t take my word for it. You go girl! Go to Rio!

By Sally Schofield

And to make it even easier for you to ‘Go To Rio’, SheSaid have secured some complimentary waxing sessions at the salons below. See our Competition for more details.


The Harem

Level 6, 99 York Street,

Sydney, NSW.

Phone 02 9262 3466

Email feelgood@theharem.com.au for a full list of treatments and prices


Devine Decadence – a place for people who love themselves

150 Greville Street,

Prahran, VIC.

Phone 03 9529 4355


Mosaic – Hair, Body, Skin, Make-Up

Shop 3, 59 Hardgrave Road,

West End, QLD.

Phone 07 3846 2777

Thanks to Lycon Cosmetics.

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