Invest In Wearable Tech To Improve Your Health

Technology is such a huge part of our lives now that it is incorporated into everything. Smart phones, tablets and laptops are such a great help to us at work and at home and assist us with anything from research to recipes.

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Technology has also become a huge factor in our fitness, with workout apps and dieting advice being delivered straight to our phone to keep us healthy. But instead of taking your phone with you to the gym, there are better technologies that can be worn to help you with your fitness.

Wearing tech is a great way to monitor your health and fitness and a reliable motivator to keep going on those body goals. Having a monitor around your wrist or as a necklace, that tracks your everyday activity compels you to beat yourself each day. Taking the stairs, walking to work and moving around at your desk are great ways to burn extra calories that you’ll be able to see on your wearable tech.

Not only is it great competition against yourself, wearable tech can be used to motivate the whole workplace! By investing in some pieces that monitor fitness levels, colleagues can compete against each other to see who burns the most during the day. By creating some healthy in-office competition, you’re also creating a supportive environment and healthy habits where colleagues can work off each other to keep fit and get their fitness levels up and their weight down.

A great way to keep fit in the workplace is to have some healthy competition between colleagues. Implementing schemes that have prizes such as a free personal training session, a rostered day off or a valuable incentive will have employees working hard to a achieve a goal, while getting fit and healthy.

wearable tech, health, fitnessA recent study has highlighted the importance of keeping active throughout the day with nearly two thirds of employees admitting to higher levels of engagement and productivity when they have participated in wellbeing programs at work. Officeworks health and safety manager Angela Kostanopoulos knows all about keeping her workers healthy and how great it is for them and their productivity. With that in mind, she has put together her top tips for keeping yourself healthy and utilising some great wearable tech to track your progress.

  • Get a good night’s sleep: If you’re not getting six to eight hours sleep each night, you may experience a lack of concentration and fatigue at work. Use the Fitbit Charge HR Activity Tracker Large RRP $193.00 to monitor your sleeping pattern.
  • Get a training buddy: Try group fitness with colleagues to not only boost your mood, but to also help build better teamwork within the workplace. You can share your progress with each toher by setting up a group within the Fitbit App. Try the Fitbit Flex Wireless Activity and Sleep Wristband RRP $99.00 – some healthy competition goes a long way!
  • Standing desk: Standing desks are growing in demand and trending in many large corporations including Google, partly due to the health implications of sitting all day. Speak to your boss about getting a standing desk if you’re concerned.
  • The little things count: The workplace is full of everyday exercise opportunities. Take the stairs, put your hand up to do the coffee run, stretch while you’re waiting at the printer and get up and grab a glass of water every hour. Keep count of energy burned and duration of activity with the 3SIXT Edge Activity Tracker RRP $64.00.
  • Step outside: Don’t underestimate the power of fresh air and sunlight, even just ten minutes outside the workplace can help awaken the mind and provide your daily dose of Vitamin D. Take advantage of sunny days by using the Motorola Moto 360 $299.00 to check the daily weather forecast.
  • Move your way: When it comes to exercise, it’s not one size fits all. For example, ditch the work run club if jogging isn’t your thing and try something low impact like swimming. Clocking laps before, during or after work can be tracked by the waterproof Misfit Shine Activity Tracker RRP $108.00.
  • Feed your brain: Food fuels brainpower and the good news is over 65 per cent of employees are aware of this. You can use the Fitbit Flex Wireless Activity and Sleep Wristband RRP $99.00 to track your calorie intake and manage your energy levels.
  • Set an alarm: Alarms aren’t only for waking up in the morning; you can use them as reminders to get up and move. Use the Motorola Moto 360 Silver RRP $299.00 to set regular notifications to stand up and stretch, go for a short walk or shift eye focus from the computer screen regularly.
  • Stay connected: Time is money, which is why we’re increasingly required to work on the go. Never miss an e-mail, text, incoming call, or appointment by syncing the Samsung Gear Live Black RRP $188.00 to your smartphone.

Investing in some wearable technology can help you monitor your day-to-day activity and let you know if you need to step up your workouts or add a little extra in. Officeworks has a great range of wearable technology that can help you achieve your body goals and actually know what your body is doing every day.

Invest In Wearable Tech To Improve Your Health

Wearable tech is a great way to keep yourself happy, motivated and focused, not only in the workplace, but also at home. Staying productive isn’t just about activity; it’s also about keeping your brain healthy by getting enough sleep, eating well and taking rest when needed.

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March 29, 2015

Why Wearable Tech Is Geek Chic Not Stylish

I’m just going to go ahead and say it: wearable tech isn’t cool and will never be anything more than geek chic. At least, not right now with these current innovations. Sure, I love new technology, and I have the iPhone addiction to prove it, but unless you’re an anti-social geek, wearable tech isn’t, well, particularly wearable.

And this is despite the best efforts of Israeli-American luxury fashion designer Elie Tahari, who recently showcased a black, mesh dress covered in more than 50 iPhones at New York Fashion Week.

I’m still not clear why the designer created the dress (pictured above) but is it wearable? Nope. Imagine the uproar from your loved ones, and deservedly so, if you, while wearing said frock, started fiddling with one more smartphones at once in their company? Red card!

Sure, geeks adore wearable tech, but when was the last time you looked at, say someone wearing a Bluetooth headset, as another example, and thought anything other than: “Wanker”.
People wearing them look just plain ridiculous and appear self-important in the extreme. The last person I saw wearing a Bluetooth headset was a middle-aged male real estate agent. Say no more.

And aside from the high-wanker factor associated with wearable tech, there’s the hefty price tags attached with these gadgets – wearable tech is bloody expensive.

Take Google Glass, for example (pictured below) – the latest Google Glass Explorer Edition 2.0 was estimated at 1000 pounds, or about $1825 Aus. And, as a very funny UK reviewer called Andrew Williams recently wryly observed: “The plain truth is that unless you actually enjoy the sort of attention Google Glass is certain to get you, the benefits don’t outweigh the awkwardness of the experience – social and physical. And if you don’t feel any of that social awkwardness at all, you’re probably a psychopath. Or American.”

Then there are the problems associated with the wearable technology with an optical head-mounted display: it seems anti-social at best, hence the new slang term “glasshole” to describe a Google Glass wearer – even if you are as pretty as the lass pictured below.

wearable tech, geek chic, google glass, apple watch

Next up, let’s look at the recently-released Apple Watch (pictured below). I can’t see Apple’s latest smartwatch invention ever replacing a classic timepiece. It’s too Inspector Gadget to become a true fashion accessory, in my opinion, and again, unless you’re a bona fide geek, I can’t see anyone really really wanting one.

Sure, Apple are doing their best to tempt fashionistas with an 18 carat finish and sporty and colourful watch options, but would you really choose one over say, a Cartier, Rolex or Louis Vuitton? No, I think not. NB wearable tech designers: women like to look good and dress up in classic, timeless (excuse the pun) pieces that are stylish and edgy, not gadgety.

wearable tech, geek chic, google glass, apple watch

The only wearable tech that I truly currently want to wear is a jet pack or “Beam Me Up, Scotty”-type device which can transport me to and from the world’s most glamorous shopping destinations. Now, can someone please invent that?!

iPhone image via usum.in and Google Glass and Apple Watch images via www.techradar.com

September 21, 2014