Winter-Inspired Wedding Dresses

Just because the temperature is dropping, it doesn’t mean that you have to freeze on your wedding day!

There are a number of dresses and accessories for brides who have set their nuptials during the colder months of the year, without compromising their own personal style. Below are just a few of our winter-inspired bridal gowns for chilly weather.

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3/4 sleeves

Choose a dress with sleeves just under the elbow. Not only will this keep you relatively warm, it also looks very sophisticated for night-time wedding.

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Long silhouette

A floor-length gown is perfect for winter since you can wear close-toed shoes, and keep your feet and pins warm! If this idea seems rather matronly, choose an off-the-shoulder style to keep it modern and fresh.

Screen shot 2014-12-24 at 12.58.03 PM


Anything with sheer sleeves or panels is great for a winter wedding dress since it won’t feel too warm or constricting once you’re inside. It gives the perfect amount of warmth without feeling too over-heated.

Screen shot 2014-12-24 at 12.59.03 PM

Multiple layers

A dress with an abundance of layers is bound to be a good thing if the weather is cold and dreary. They’re bound to keep you warm without requiring any additional accessories such as a shawl or pashmina.

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December 31, 2014

Wedding Dress Trends For 2015

With so many wedding dress styles out there it can be hard to settle on just one, so before you browse Bride Online wedding dresses, get an idea of which trend you can see yourself in on your big day:

Off the shoulders

Invest in a secure strapless bra for this style dress because it doesn’t look like the trend is going to go away anytime soon. The Bardot is possibly the most popular cut for the second half of 2014 and brides wearing such a dress are sure to look classically stylish.

Like this style? Finish off the look with finger waves, simple jewellery and a slick of red lippie.

Tulle skirts

Think Sex in the City’s Carrie Bradshaw for this style of dress, as you twirl on the dance floor to your first song you’ll feel like a fairy princess. Look for a gown with a big, full skirt and a fitted bustier top.

Like this style? Complement such a girly dress with a messy up do and smouldering dark eye make up.

Lace sleeves

Channel Rachel McAdams in The Notebook in an elegant dress, featuring lace sleeves and skirt. Go for a train featuring more lace and diamante embellishments and top off with a simple veil.

Like this style? Keep your jewellery and make up to a minimum, let the dress speak for itself.

Non-traditional colours

Anything but white or off cream ticks this trend box for 2015, opt for a soft blush or a bright pastel colour, reminiscent of sorbets and summery treats. Non-traditional coloured dresses usually team up with more alternative cuts too, so expect to see midi length gowns in mint green or flowing maxi dresses in soft yellow hues.

Like this style? Natural make up and flowing hair complement this trend perfectly as you embrace everything quirky and cute.

Shorter length

Gone are the days when wedding gowns could only be found in long, longer or very long lengths in the bridal shop, now you can choose a midi and even mini styles. Shorter dresses are great for beach weddings or for those brides who stress about ruining their gown by letting it trail along the floor – although that’s what your bridesmaids are for!

Like this style? Embody the bohemian look with a diamante headband or a bindi, a glowing tan and dainty sandals, instead of uncomfortable heels.


Cut out back dresses are going to be popular in 2015 and are great for those more daring brides (who want to show off all their hard work at the gym). They’re also perfect for keeping you cool throughout the day and add a touch of extra sexiness to your gown.

Like this style? Complete the look with a slick up do, long earrings and simple jewellery.

Crop top

The co-ord set has been a real hit throughout 2014, with matching crop tops and bottoms stealing the show. It is a trend that will carry through to 2015 and will be found on plenty of bridal shop rails, but be prepared to bare your midriff with this more alternative bridal trend. Have a browse at these crop top wedding dresses for inspiration; do you dare break away from the norm?

Like this style? For this alternative look opt for a more casual hairstyle and bold coloured lips.


You thought you could away from it, didn’t you? Or maybe you don’t want it to ever leave, but the Disney film Frozen and more importantly Elsa’s incredible ice inspired dress has had a real influence on wedding dress designs for 2015. Just take a look at these Frozen inspired gowns even if you aren’t a big fan of the film itself.

Like this look? A big side braid is compulsory to finish off this look, plus glittering diamante jewellery.

So which dress style will you be considering for your 2015 wedding? The year ahead seems to cover all the bases, for the traditionalist bride who loves lace to the more alternative who wants to test the boundaries of bridal fashion.

December 18, 2014

Wedding Dress Shopping

It’s Saturday morning and you’ve decided you’re ready to hit the wedding boutiques. But before you grab your bag, credit card, mother, mother-in-law-to-be, bridesmaids and sisters you better read our tips. With the cost of wedding dresses averaging around $700- $1000 you might want to make sure you have all the necessary information before you even considering fessing up! SheSaid have come up with 6 can’t-do-without tips. With them in your hot little hands you will conquer successfully that dreaded gown shopping.

In the picture:

We think a clever bride should have snaps on hand when they decide to go wedding dress shopping. If you’ve got the snaps, you won’t forget what you want. This is especially important when it comes to gowns. Once you start hitting those wedding shops you’ll find that it is all too much to look through racks and racks of dresses. There are far too many. With your evidence at hand, you won’t get confused and start going down the wrong road. You won’t have to rely on the taste of the sales assistant. There is nothing more attractive than a girl who knows what she wants, so turn up with your magazine tear-outs and your snaps. Do whatever it takes.

Know your style:

Personal style is what sets you apart from the rest. The style of your wedding has got to go with the style of dress you choose. For eg, an elaborate ball gown is definitely not going to suit a backyard bbq wedding-not that you want that, but you get the picture. Although it is you day and it’s your show, so if you want to walk down a grassy knoll with five sheep and a shepherdess, then that’s your business.

Keep an open-mind

One of the best tips all been there done that brides have said to us is that you should try on at least one dress that isn’t anything you perceive as being ‘you’. It’s amazing how many brides walk into bridal boutiques thinking they want to wear something simple and straight and walk out looking like Cinderella. So, remember the dress you finally decide on may not have been anything you ever imagined yourself wearing and that’s all fine too.

If wearing white know what’s right!

Sounds really silly but there are many shades of white and wedding dresses come in just about every shade. It’s is good to know which shade will flatter your colouring, rather than ending up with a colour that makes you look like death warmed up! We asked 5 bridal specialists what the best whites are to wear if you don’t know? They confirmed that the most flattering whites are diamond white and silk white. However if you don’t like the look of yourself in any kind of white, you can go for a colour. Go for pale hues such as rum pink, champagne or pale blue. Lastly, remember the samples you try on in the store are probably a bit dirty so they are not going to be the exact colour your actual dress will be. Important tip, ask for a swatch of fabric that your dress will be made out of. Hold this up to your face. This will allow you to see if it suits you or not. No one wants to look like Frankenstein’s bride.

Impulse buying…no no no

Never impulse purchase when shopping for a bridal gown. This type of buy is not like purchasing a denim skirt at Witchery you can always return it and get a credit until you find something else. SheSaid did a bit of market research and rang a few bridal boutiques. After a bit of a ring around, no one wants a used gown. If they do take it back, you will definitely not get 50 percent off the total cost of the dress. Oops! On that note, you better be pretty certain that he’s Mr Right too.

Venue Check

If you are getting married in a church be sure to check if there is a dress code. For example, some churches still don’t like you to expose your shoulders. A shawl, wrap or jacket, which can be removed, will certainly solve the problem-unless of course you’re mad keen for a nude wedding.

June 18, 2002