5 Quirky Hairstyles For The Modern Bride

Who says you have to be traditional on your wedding day? When settling on that one hairstyle for your big day, choose something that suits the texture of your hair and is a true reflection of your personal style. We have rounded up five of our favourite quirky hairstyles for the modern bride.

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Messy braid

Take this traditional style and put your own modern spin on it according to the colour and texture of your hair. Accessorise with flowers, pins and crystals to truly make this look your own. Just remember – looks like this are better lived-in! So don’t worry when it starts to fall out after a few hours of dancing.

5 Quirky Bridal Hairstyles 

Faux bob

If you want to keep your hair out of your face without getting the chop, try this quirky faux bob hairstyle. The hair is flipped into itself and pinned into the sides and back of your hair. This makes it easy to conceal bobby pins and looks amazing for a casual summer wedding.

5 Quirky Bridal Hairstyles 

Detailed bun

Bring some spice to a traditional bun by braiding the bottom half of your hair first. This reverse style is easy if you can master the classic french braid and is ideal if you want your hair to stay in place for hours! Just remember to mist your hair with some extra-hold spray before walking down the aisle.

5 Quirky Bridal Hairstyles 

Heart braid

If you’re a bride who is all about the details, then this quirky style is just for you. A cute heart braid is a great way to style thick, straight hair without putting any additional strain on your crown. We haven’t found a tutorial for this look yet, but it doesn’t mean we haven’t tried to recreate it at home!

5 Quirky Bridal Hairstyles 

Coloured hair

If your hair has been coloured a bright and vibrant colour for your wedding, stick to a traditional style to balance out the look. These loose curls fastened with a classic crystal broach are the perfect way to bring some personal style to your look.

5 Quirky Bridal Hairstyles 

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Inspirational Boho Wedding Hairstyles

Relaxed boho hairstyles are one of the most popular ways brides choose to style their hair on the big day. Not only are these styles perfect for hair which is long and thick, but you could also add a few extensions for instant body on your wedding day.

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We have chosen a few of our favourite hairstyles, which can inspire your own personalised boho look.

Flower crowns

Fresh flower crowns are one of the best parts of a spring-time wedding, because not only are the flowers in bloom, but you can also wear them in your hair! Keep the rest of the style simple by curling the ends and pinning the flower crown into the centre of your parting.


Messy side braid

If your hair is naturally big and textured, why not use this natural volume to your advantage? Plus, it gives your hair a break from all the damaging styling tools. A beautiful side braid is always on trend and you can accessorise with seasonal flowers in your hair and bouquet.


Knotted bun

A cute and flirty knotted bun is another fool-proof hairstyle which stays in place all day long. Perfect if the forecast for the wedding day is cold and windy, but do keep a few extra pins in your handbag, just in case.


Waterfall braids

Give your hair a bit of a twist with these waterfall braids, which look amazing with ombré and balayage. To create those large, flirty curls, use a clamp-less curling wand on large sections of hair.


Bangs and braids

If you have a thick front fringe, make it the focal point of your entire look with a classic fishtail braid. Long, voluminous falsies and a bold lip are a match made in heaven for the makeup department (and don’t forget to match your nails!).


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Timeless And Romantic Wedding Up-dos

Whether it’s been your own wedding or even a close friend or family member who is getting hitched, the importance of hairstyle (amongst other things) is often a top priority.

One of the most timeless styles definitely has to be romantic up-do which requires little to no maintenance, and stays in place all day (and night) long.

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If you’re a blonde like Lauren Conrad, then this style is definitely a match made in heaven for you.

The low boho bun is secured at the nape of the neck, with hair pinned back from the front for a elegant finish. Add some cute accessories around the bun before heading off to the reception, and don’t forget some sea-salt spray to keep hair looking full and textured.



Show off your shiny brown hair with a classic undo featuring braids and curls. This is such a stunning look for girls with brown hair (especially if you’re rocking a few blonde highlights), since it photographs beautifully on camera.



If your hair colour is anything between a strawberry blonde and Lindsay Lohan’s signature shade, then some white or pale pink flowers will create a stunning contrast.

Start on curled hair and create a wrap-around bun on the side of your head. Pin through some seasonal flowers, or something like baby breath is also amazing!


Short hair

Just because you have short hair, doesn’t mean you have to miss out on this trend! Take your hair into small, sectioned ringlets and remember to curl in different directions.

This will create a romantic look without requiring too much effort – plus a few flower accessories are must-have for this style.


Thick hair

Thicker hair can often be difficult to style, especially since it feels like it’s weighing down your roots. Why not try a half-up half-down hairstyle which will still look incredible without causing pain or damage to your hair follicle.

A flower garland or wreath is another way to spice up your hairstyle without going over the top.


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5 Vintage-Inspired Bridal Hairstyles

Lots of hair trends come and go, but there’s absolutely nothing wrong with a classic bridal hairstyle for your wedding day.

Not only will these hairstyles photograph beautifully in your wedding photos, but they are also suitable for the bridesmaids and even the mother of the bride!

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Finger wave

Even though this was one of the most popular styles throughout the 1920s, it still looks amazing today! Give yourself a modern twist by parting your hair down the middle (instead of at the side), and wrap the rest of your hair in a loose bun.

5 Vintage-Inspired Bridal Hairstyles


A classic chignon is ideal for a bride with thick, long hair that is often textured or unruly. A style like this keeps it in place all day long, and won’t create tension at the base of your scalp. Make sure to keep a few extra bobby pins in your kit, just in case!

5 Vintage-Inspired Bridal Hairstyles

Hair comb

Accessorise a classic hairstyle with a beautiful hair comb, which can also be your ‘something old.’ Pearls, flowers and other little hair ornaments are a match made in heaven if your dress features lots of white lace.

5 Vintage-Inspired Bridal Hairstyles


Give your hairstyle a bit of a 1950s influence with ringlets. They are perfect for brides with really thick or course hair, which needs to be tamed throughout the day. Feature a few ringlets on the side of your hair and simply create a neat and tidy bun with the rest that’s leftover.

5 Vintage-Inspired Bridal Hairstyles

Tight curls

Who can resist a classic curl on their wedding day? Use a pair of hot rollers overnight if your hair finds it difficult to stay in shape. And don’t forget to use a generous amount of hairspray for extra hold.

5 Vintage-Inspired Bridal HairstylesWhich one is your favourite style?

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9 Most Popular Wedding Hairstyles Of All Time

Are you searching for a classic hairstyle for your own nuptials over the next few months?

From celebrities such as Anja Rubik to Avril Lavigne, we have compiled a list of nine popular wedding hairstyles of all time, that you can choose from for your big day. Who said that wedding planning had to be stressful?

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9. Top knot

This classic hairstyle can suit every single woman (with the help of some super-strength extensions). Create the illusion of thicker looking hair with a flattering high bun, which can also be accessorised with flowers and other little trinkets.

10 Popular Wedding Hairstyles Of All Time

8. Side bun

The humble side bun is the perfect style for a beach wedding since it looks so effortless. Wear with a pair of diamond earrings to finish off the look, and of course keep a bottle of sea-salt spray at the ready!

10 Popular Wedding Hairstyles Of All Time

7. Half up

Another popular style which keeps any stray hairs away from your face during this long day. Clip your veil carefully into place without fear of it moving around during the nuptials at the beginning of the ceremony.

10 Popular Wedding Hairstyles Of All Time

6. Loose curls

What would we do without some classic loose curls for the bridal party? This is one of the most popular hairstyles for brides because it looks better as the day goes on. Part hair at an angle to create the illusion of added volume.

10 Popular Wedding Hairstyles Of All Time

5. Super straight

Keep it looking classy with a super-sleek hairstyle for your wedding day. This is a fantastic option for women with naturally straight hair, because it requires little to no maintenance.

10 Popular Wedding Hairstyles Of All Time

4. Side swept

An elegant hairstyle which will keep hair in place regardless of wind or humidity. Keep your bangs in place all day by curling away from the face, and carefully pinning to the side before the ceremony.

10 Popular Wedding Hairstyles Of All Time

3. Milkmaid braids

Another hairstyle which photographs beautifully are the milkmaid braids. Ideal for thinner hair, simply braid and cross over in the centre, before pinning down any stray hairs.

10 Popular Wedding Hairstyles Of All Time

2. French twist

A classy undo which conceals any thin patches of hair, and looks timeless in photographs. Embrace any stray hairs at the nape of the neck, since it only adds to this undone look.

10 Popular Wedding Hairstyles Of All Time

1. Flower wreath

This is a must-have for a spring or summer-time wedding taking place outdoors. Keep hair looking simple and classy, but add a flower wreath or garland to be the main focus of the entire look.

10 Popular Wedding Hairstyles Of All Time

Images via Bridal Guide, Pinterest, Hairstyles Weekly, Daily Makeover, The Wedding Chicks, Pop Sugar

5 Romantic Wedding Hairstyles 

Rather than conforming to a slicked-back hairstyle for your wedding day, choose something sexy and romantic which will look stunning in wedding photographs for years to come.

These romantic hairstyles are best for the warmer weather, but you can adapt them to any type of climate or situation – just remember to avoid any dreaded flyaways!

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Oversized braid

Any type of braid is best for hair which is thick and course, since it will stay in place all day long. These hairstyles look better with some wear, so a few loose ends won’t be the end of the world! Keep some bobby pins at hand, and embrace the natural texture of your hair.

romantic wedding hairstyles

Half-up half-down

Hilary Duff wears this style perfectly, making it look sexy and sophisticated at the same time. Ideal for girls with a few longer layers, to achieve that 70’s bombshell look with a touch of volumising spray and powder. Lightly curl the ends of your hair and spritz with sea-salt so they can maintain some subtle bounce.


Soft bangs

Bring a level of warmth to your face by chopping some soft side-bangs just before the wedding. Choose a wispy finish which leaves hair looking side-swept and gorgeous, as opposed to a severe straight-chop which could age your face. A few subtle highlights never hurt!


1950s inspired

Keep short hair looking neat and tidy with two reverse braids pinned in the middle of the scalp. Not only is this hairstyle quick and easy, it also looks amazing on girls with a hint of balayage, and also photographs beautifully.


Hair accessories

If your wedding is taking place during the warmer months of the year, why not take advantage of this and wear some fresh flowers in your hair? A flower garland is the perfect accessory for long, layered hair, without looking too over-the-top.


Images via VIP Hairstyles, Girls Gone Hair, Vogue UK, Medium Hairstyle Update, Vogue Paris

Flattering Hairstyles For Every Bride

Settling on that final hairstyle for your wedding can prove to be a stressful process. Curly, straight, a chignon or using extensions – there are so many options for the modern bride!

Here are just a few simply hairstyles which are sure to make the decision easier in the lead to your wedding.

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Any shorter layers around the face are ideal for ovals since they create the illusion of a shorter jawline. This means that loose curls and straight hair with some beautiful flower accessories are the best. Avoid loose chignons which could only elongate the chin and jawline.



This sweet-heart shaped face can pull off any hairstyle; whether it’s a low ponytail or cute curls. If you have longer layers at the front of your face, use some hair accessories to make the look feel soft and feminine.



Big, wavy hair can often make a round face look even rounder. Avoid this common mistake by styling hair into chic low-bun which also photographs beautifully! If you have a fringe or shorter layers, you also have the option of leaving them out, or styling them back into the bun.

round face


Make sure to have some type of texture to the hair; any super-straight hairstyles will only make the face look longer than it is. Loose curls, bouncy hair, and lots of volume are all great options for girls with a long face. Choose simple hair accessories which won’t weigh down the entire look.

long face


Soften the dimensions of your face by curling hair away from the face. Again, avoid wearing your hair dead-straight; use big hair accessories and bejewelled clips to add length to the entire face.


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Top 5 Celebrity Wedding Hairstyles

Curly, straight, in a bun, or to the side – these are some of the most popular hairstyles most brides choose for their wedding day.

Lucky for us, we have inspiration from a number of celebrities, which makes the decision of choose just one wedding hairstyle so much easier to make. Below are just some of our favourites here at SHESAID.

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Side bun

Actress Jenna Dewan-Tatum chose a sophisticated side-bun for her wedding in Malibu over the summer of 2009. Not only is this style easy for women who want to dance all night, but it’ll last without dropping!

Top 5 Celebrity Wedding Hairstyles


Model Anja Rubik chose a 1960s inspired hairstyle for her wedding in St Tropez over the summer. Her shoulder-length blonde hair was parted down the middle, curled, and pinned back to create some volume at the crown.

Top 5 Celebrity Wedding Hairstyles


Self-professed Man Repeller, Leandra Medine chose to accessorise her curls with a flower crown on her wedding day in the Big Apple. A bright lip and matching bouquet was a perfect way to complete her entire look.

Top 5 Celebrity Wedding Hairstyles

High bun

Nicole Richie slicked-back her blonde locks for her wedding day in favour of an easy bun. The main focus was her long-sleeved wedding dress and white peony bouquet.

Top 5 Celebrity Wedding Hairstyles

Slicked back

For her nuptials with Kanye West, Kim Kardashian choose an elegant hairstyle which switched the focus onto her perfect makeup. Hair was parted down the middle, then slicked back behind her ears with a slight curl down the bottom.

Top 5 Celebrity Wedding Hairstyles

Images via E, The Front Row View, Man Repeller, Jetting To The Wedding, CT Unwrapped

5 Hairstyles For A Formal Event

Why limit yourself to just a few hairstyles when attending a formal event? There are so many different ways to style both curly and straight hair which won’t have you looking like everyone else at the party.

If you need hairstyle inspiration, then follow these celebrity styles for a flawless look appropriate at any formal event.

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Curly updo

Embrace your natural curls by creating a subtle updo which is perfect for the warmer weather. Create texture in your hair by using a mousse on damp roots, then blow-dry with a diffuser to accentuate your curls.

Secure hair in a tight bun at the nape of the neck, then pin back strands to create a more defined look. Take your curling wand and loosely style any bangs at the front of your face.

5 Hairstyles For A Formal Event

Hollywood curls

Nothing beats some signature waves, and this look is perfect if your hair has been chemically treated or relaxed. Use rollers to create a defined curl (which will last all night long without a touch-up), then mist lightly with hair spray.

If you always part your hair in the middle, choose a side part which will create the illusion of texture on your roots.

5 Hairstyles For A Formal Event

Bouncy waves

A signature style by actress Blake Lively are bohemian inspired waves. Not only is this look perfect for a summer event, but it also accentuates hair which has highlights running through the ends.

Create these curls with a styling wand, then carefully spritz with finishing spray so they don’t completely drop on dead-straight hair. Take small strands of hair from the roots, then plait and pin down under the rest of your locks.

5 Hairstyles For A Formal Event

Messy updo

If you’re working with hair which doesn’t hold an artificial curl, then a messy updo is your saviour. Divide hair into two sections (your shorter layers, and the rest of your hair).

Carefully pin a short bun at the nape of your neck, and secure with a clear hair tie if your hair is thick in texture and needs extra support. Now for the front, create a plait which falls over to the side of your hair and pin back. Take a comb and carefully tease out any shorter hairs – this will make the look feel genuine.

5 Hairstyles For A Formal Event

Side braid

Long hair, thick hair, or even working with extensions doesn’t have to be difficult with a messy side-braid. This look is super-easy to achieve, and only requires just a few simple steps. Choose which side you would like your braid to sit on, and braid away from the face.

Tease out the hair by pulling each side of the braid – this will make your look feel lived-in. Create drama at the roots by using a dry shampoo and teasing comb for some extra body and bounce.

5 Hairstyles For A Formal Event

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Planning A Wedding On Etsy: Unique Ideas Under $50

A lot goes into planning a wedding. On top of finding a dress, the music, and the invitations, you probably haven’t even thought about table numbers, party favors, ring cushions and the multitude of decorations that will make the reception look pretty. We all know the price mark-up on wedding products is ridiculous. This is why we’re grateful to have online stores like ebay and Etsy, where you can find these less-necessary accessories on a budget. Etsy is also great for sourcing vintage, handmade or themed items for a unique wedding experience.

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Because wading through the internet to find exactly what you want can be a difficult and time-consuming task, we have collated a small list of some cute and affordable ideas to inspire your wedding.

Guest book

There is no reason a book – bound paper! – should cost more than $50. Sure, there are fancy prints and adornments, but there are plenty of these available online within a reasonable budget. For example, this ivory book from Emerson Bindery ($42+ USD).

etsy guest book

Hair accessories

For those who don’t want to have a traditional veil (although there are plenty of those available online too) there are beautiful, quirky and elegant hair adornments for you to peruse online. To make it easy, try this rhinestone headband ($44 USD).

etsy hair


At some point during the night, you throw this away anyway, right? Who wants to spend a fortune on something that gets flung through the air and clawed at by bridesmaids? Some brides opt to have two bouquets: one to accompany them down the aisle, and a backup to throw to the next bride. Try these hand-dyed, silk red roses ($39.99 USD).

etsy roses

Party favors

It is custom to offer token gifts to your wedding guests. You can go the traditional route of candied almonds or chocolates, or you could try bags of popcorn or personalized water bottle labels! These fortune cookies are fun and only 85 cents each.

etsy fortune cookie

Something blue

Many women choose accessories as their something blue. Etsy is full of these treasures, like this cute feather comb ($18 USD) or custom, handmade garters ($25 USD).

etsy featheretsy garter


Images via Etsy

Popular Bridesmaid Hairstyles

We all know that on a wedding day the bride is the one in the spotlight but that doesn’t mean the bridesmaids can’t look glamorous as well. Trying to find a style that suits all of your bridesmaids can be difficult and that’s why many brides opt for their bridesmaids to have different styles. So if you’re having trouble deciding on a look take some inspiration from these popular styles.

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A messy side bun is a classic bridesmaid hairstyle because it’s easy to execute, it looks great and it can work with most hair lengths. Try this hairstyle with a headband to uniform the bridesmaid look.

Popular Bridesmaid Hairstyles

For a vintage look, similar to the Great Gatsby style try this look that is sure to turn heads for all the right reasons.  You just can’t go wrong with soft curls pulled back into a formal bun.

Popular Bridesmaid Hairstyles

If your bridesmaids have long hair then consider a halo braid which never seems to go out of fashion. This style is angelic and romantic and when teamed with a flower or two it becomes the perfect bridesmaid hairstyle.

Popular Bridesmaid Hairstyles

Yet another take on the bun style is this simple, elegant and classic look. There’s nothing over the top about it, but that’s one of the reasons it works. Sometimes less is more and that’s definitely the case on this occasion.

Popular Bridesmaid Hairstyles

Perfect for an outdoor or beach wedding this gorgeous hairstyle combines soft curls with a small braid to secure the hair in place and keep it from falling in the eyes. No hair accessories are needed for this style as the braid is the feature.

Popular Bridesmaid Hairstyles

Images via short-haircutstyles.com, weddingnya.com, bridesmaidideas.com, belleandchic.com, yourhairstyleideas.com, bridesdream.info

Beach Wedding Hairstyles

Beach weddings can be spectacular so why not use what Mother Nature has provided as a magnificent backdrop to your wedding? And best of all, normally the venue is free! But what about hairstyles? Beaches tend to be a bit windier than other venues so trying to come up with a hairstyle that will suit the occasion as well as the weather can be hard.

Either you want a hairstyle that won’t move an inch, perhaps held together with a braid or headpiece, or you want a style that wont bother you if it does get messed about in the wind, such as leaving your hair completely down. Either way, beach weddings tend to be carefree and fun so your hairstyle should match that.

Here are some beach wedding hairstyles for inspiration:

A messy up-do for a beach wedding is a great idea because if it gets blown about a little, it won’t look as though your hair is out of place. These soft curls have been pinned up into a messy bun then dotted with flowers, ideal for your beach wedding.

Beach Wedding Hairstyles

This style is so incredibly simple yet beautiful, so if you’re not bothered about your hair blowing about in the wind, leave it down, add a few loose curls and wear a flower halo to top it off.

Beach Wedding Hairstyles

If you’d prefer to keep your hair out of your eyes on your wedding day then consider wearing a bridal headband to keep in under wraps.

Beach Wedding Hairstyles

Fishtail braids are in fashion right now and they’re perfect for beach weddings because they’ll keep your hair from flying in your face. The tiny flowers dotted through the hair are subtle yet gorgeous.

Beach Wedding Hairstyles

Again, this hairstyle with the hair flowing freely would suit a beach wedding down to a tee. The side sweeping bangs and detailed flower halo add a touch of elegance to this otherwise simple style.

Beach Wedding Hairstyles

A halo braid can ensure that your hair doesn’t stray from where it’s supposed to, especially in the wind. Team this look with some flowers at the back or side and you’ve got a gorgeous bohemian look.

Beach Wedding Hairstyles

Images via hairstyleshelp.com, viphairstyles.com, spaparadisoandsalon.com, brides.com, wedding-hair.org, victorhugohair.com

Winter Wedding Hairstyles

Planning a white winter wedding and want to nail your signature look? A hairstyle is often the second best accessory on your wedding (next to your shoes, of course), since it has to look amazing, last all day long and feature in all your photo albums. Peek at our top hairstyle picks for that perfect winter-wonderland wedding.

Braided beauty

Winter Wedding Hairstyles

Nothing beats classic soft curls, but teamed with a messy braid can take your look from good to great. Keep hair simple by curling it away from the face, and plait two braids which will eventually join at the back of your head. Secure it down well, and spritz some finishing spray to keep it all in place.


Winter Wedding Hairstyles

Taking a note from the 1920s, why not keep your hair in a sophisticated low-bun which is sure to look amazing. You can make this look feel really romantic by leaving some loose strands of hair our, and also clipping some crystal encrusted accessories into the bun.

Slicked back

Winter Wedding Hairstyles

Wear your hair parted down the middle, then slicked back into a bun to keep the look very minimal. You can now accessorise with a classic tiara which is timeless (especially if you’re looking back at your wedding photos). A sultry red lip is a must-have since it adds some drama to this very minimal hairstyle.

Images via Conde Nast, Wedding Party App, Homy Fashion

1960s-Inspired Wedding Hairstyles

Channel your inner Audrey Hepburn with one of these easy 1960’s inspired hairstyles which is classic and timeless for a wedding. The ’60s weren’t just confined to super-tight beehives; models such as Jean Shrimpton were one of the first to make big, bouncy curls a leading trend. Whether you have long, short or medium length hair – there is bound to be something which matches your style and aesthetic for your wedding day.

Audrey Hepburn

Known for her immaculate locks in Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Hepburn quickly made the elegant up-do a smash hit representing 1960s style. Perfect for girls with both thick or thin hair, the look is classic and will stay in place the entire day (and night). Wrap your hair in rollers, aiming to produce as much lift as possible.

To nail this look, create volume on the crown of the head by backcombing before pinning the hair into high bun. Accessorise with crystal head bands for a signature Holly Golightly look, which is also wedding veil friendly.

1960's Wedding Hairstyles

Jean Shrimpton 

The bigger, the better! Across the pond, rising model Jean Shrimpton nailed another iconic hairstyle with her voluminous hair and curled ends. Create volume at the crown by blowdrying hair carefully, then applying a generous coat of hair spray for that extra hold.

Complete the look with The Shrimp’s signature pastel eyeshadow and pale pink lips.

1960's Wedding Hairstyles

Brigitte Bardot

An easy to achieve hairstyle which is similar to the look sported by Jean Shrimpton. Brigitte Bardot wore her hair mostly teased at the crown, with her long blonde locks often sitting in a natural looking curl. For a demure sex-kitten look, a low ponytail was tied at the back of the head with a ribbon. Bardot’s signature winged eyeliner helped to make this look sultry and seductive for any occasion.

1960's Wedding Hairstyles

Images via Wikinoticia, Blogspot, Toovia

Benefits of Hair Extensions

Are you finding it difficult to narrow down just one hairstyle for your wedding? If your ends are dry and brittle, it’s probably a good idea to invest in some quality hair extensions for the big day. Not only will they give you a lot more variety in terms of hairstyles, but also fill-out the rest of your hair. Take some of our tips and suggestions into consideration while you’re searching for that perfect hairstyle to stay ‘I do’.

DO: Invest in high quality hair extensions

Do your research and find the kinds of extensions that work for you. There are four main types of extensions which include clip-in, bonding, weaves and mirco-rings. Depending on your needs, you’re looking at spending between $100-$1500 for a good pair of extensions, minus the labour it takes to put them in.

DON’T: Cut them yourself

Even if you’re planning on wearing clip-in’s, head to your hairdresser and get the extensions professionally cut. Despite saving a bit of cash on the side, it isn’t wise to cut your own hair – especially for your wedding!

DO: Experiment with your hair before the wedding

Hair extensions need to be treated with more care, so don’t use heat or styling products on them constantly. If you do have an idea of the type of style you want for your wedding, trial it on your hair beforehand.

DON’T: Colour extensions yourself

Just like cutting hair, leave it to the hairdresser. They will match the extensions to your own natural colour, and make it all blend in seamlessly. If you’re going for the balayage look, pop on your hair extensions before going to the hairdresser.

DO: Wear your hair up

People often think that hair extensions can’t be worn in a bun or ponytail. Take care in hiding any signs of clips, micro-rings, or even glue holding the hair together. Choose a hairstyle which will make you feel confident about yourself on your wedding day.

DON’T: Avoid going over the top

It’s easy to get carried away and add way too many hair extensions onto your natural hair. This look will often seem fake, and won’t blend into your natural hair. Make sure you are happy with the thickness of your hair, without adding too much into it.

Image via VP Fashion

1950s-Inspired Wedding Hairstyles

Whether you have a wedding coming up or simply just need some inspiration for your own, why not channel Marilyn Monroe when it comes to your hairstyle. The 1950’s are perfect for any bride looking for an elaborate undo, defined curls and a real statement style. Below are just a few classic hairdos to get the ideas rolling.

Short and twirled

A classic look which is perfect for any hair type. Requires minimal effort – simply curl hair and pin back before setting with hairspray.

1950s Inspired Wedding Hairstyles

  1. Curl the front hairs which frame the face, then loop and pin back the sections. Do this on the rest of your hair (you may need help or another mirror at the back, to see what you’re doing).
  2. Pin the front curls over to one side – this will make the hair look vintage-inspired. Then set with hairspray!

Voluminous and pinned back 

Works well for women who have medium to long hair, which is very thick and course. If you want to create a little more volume on thinner hair, this is also the perfect style which will mask any problem areas.

1950s Inspired Wedding Hairstyles

  1. Add some mousse to wet hair, then blow dry it on a low heat. Then set the hair in velcro rollers for approximately an hour.
  2. Carefully remove the rollers and tease hair at the crown to create volume. Twist the sides of the hair, then pin back and secure into place.
  3. Secure with as many bobby pins as you need. Choose a colour which will blend in with your own hair.
  4. Brush the curls inward to make hair look full and more voluminous. Pin the waves back, then set it all with hairspray.

Images via Makeup, Style Me Pretty

Bridal Hairstyles For Long Hair

 If you’ve got long hair then you’re spoilt for choice when it comes to bridal hairstyles. Whether you’re going for the casual, elegant, relaxed or sophisticated look there is a bridal hairstyle suited best for long hair, for every occasion. Take some inspiration from these hairstyles that we’re loving right now.

Can’t decide if you want your hair up or down? Consider a half-up do instead! This versatile look would work well for most wedding styles from casual to formal. For a casual beach themed wedding team it with a flower halo and for a sophisticated look team it with a veil.

Bridal Hairstyles For Long Hair

Image source: bridalguide.com

Vintage is all the rage at the moment and it’s no surprise really. If done well like the hairstyle below it is pure elegance and sophistication. Consider wearing a simple veil that flows behind you, rather than a birdcage veil or headband that would detract from the intricate curls.

Bridal Hairstyles For Long Hair

Image source: bridalguide.com

Looking for a classic bridal hairstyle? Then look no further than this. With a sweeping side fringe and long curls pulled back into a formal bun, this look is pure sophistication. The diamante bridal clip finishes it off perfectly.

Bridal Hairstyles For Long Hair

Image source: bridesparkle.com

Sometimes, less is more and that’s quite certainly the case with this hairstyle. These soft loose curls are pulled back into a half-up do and need no further accessorising.

Bridal Hairstyles For Long Hair

Image source: ukhairstyles.net

Braids are incredibly popular for brides at the moment and this stunning French braid with a loose bun off to the side shows us why. It’s a touch of bohemian and is versatile enough to suit a casual or formal wedding style.

Bridal Hairstyles For Long Hair

Image source: brides.com 

You’ll need very long hair to pull off this hairstyle with long braids wrapped around the formal bun. If your hair isn’t that long consider buying a couple of imitation braids to wrap around your bun for the same look.

Bridal Hairstyles For Long Hair

Image source: bridalguide.com

Featured image via weddingideas.pics

Wedding Hairstyles For Short Hair

Short hairstyles don’t have to be boring – especially if you want something fun and quirky for your wedding day. Inject a little bit of old-school glamour into your cropped look, and get creative with makeup and accessories for the big day. Get inspired by just a few hairstyles which work with any colour and hair texture.

Half up, half down

This classic look is sweet and demure with shorter hair – especially since the nape of the neck and décolletage is exposed. Feel free to add larger costume accessories such as necklaces and earrings which compliment the hairstyle. Part the hair at the top, then wrap tiny strands before pinning them at the back. This style is secure and won’t fall out throughout the ceremony or reception.

Wedding Hairstyles For Short Hair

Twist updo

An updo on short hair is a great idea if you want a low maintenance look, which doesn’t require any touch-ups. Start with day-old hair since this will hold better through the day, and is easier to style. Then get creative and add plaits, twists and a small chignon on the nape of your neck for a classic undone look.

Wedding Hairstyles For Short Hair

Slicked back

A slicked back hairstyle looks amazing on short hair, since it won’t lose it’s hold throughout the day. The shorter the hair – the better! Simply comb through hair and apply a texturizing mousse which will keep your locks looking flawless.

Wedding Hairstyles For Short Hair

Finger waves

Take some inspiration from Daisy Buchanan and replicate the 1920’s finger waves for a classic look. Pair with dark eyeshadow, lots of lashes, and a blood-red lip for instant glamour.

Wedding Hairstyles For Short Hair

Images via Bella Sugar, Daily Hairstyles, Loxa Beauty, The Small Things Blog

3 Floral Wedding Hairstyles

Accessorise your wedding hairstyle with a few seasonal blooms for an extra touch of summer-loving. The best part is that you can really choose to experiment and create a one-of-a-kind look which suits the texture and colour of your hair. Below are just three hairstyles which can be used to keep the inspiration flowing.

Flower garland

Taking inspiration from Kate Moss and her spring-themed wedding to rocker Jamie Hince, the supermodel chose a strong flower theme for her bridesmaids and flower girls. Hair was mainly kept straight, but volumised to create body throughout the ends. A simple flower garland acts as the focal point of the entire look, which is completely on-trend during the warmer months.

3 Floral Wedding Hairstyles


Not only are up-do’s clever at keeping away any loose hairs or flyways, but are a beautiful way to style any type of hair texture. For this look, start with day-old hair which will hold better throughout the day and won’t fall out of the style. Then incorporate various plaits, twists, braids and chignon-style buns to complete the entire look. Top off with some tiny fresh blooms at the nape of the neck.

3 Floral Wedding Hairstyles

Hair comb

If you want to incorporate a pop of colour into your hairstyle, choose a hair comb instead. There are many different colours and styles out there which come encrusted with Swarovski crystals and classic pearls, to bring a sophistication to the entire look.

3 Floral Wedding Hairstyles

Images via One Wed, Wedding Party App

3 No-Fuss Hairstyles For A Summer Wedding

Now that the dress is sorted, the caterers are booked and a makeup look has been decided, it’s time to focus on the hair! Choosing a hairstyle for your wedding can prove to be difficult, especially when it’s set in the summer time. The big decision that bride’s face is often between two styles – keeping their hair down or instead choosing a fabulous up-do. We provide three versatile hairstyles which just might help you with your own.

1. Half-up with loose curls

Loose curls is probably one of the most popular wedding hairstyles for as long as we can remember – but this doesn’t mean it’s no longer trendy! This style is often accompanied by highlighted ends and relaxed loose curls which just look better as the day goes by. If the hot summer weather is something you’re worried about, simply divide the hair in half, and put it into a sleek up-do which is sure to be a good compromise.

2. Side ponytail

Another popular choice but also on-trend and weather appropriate, a messy side ponytail is a fantastic option since it’s a combination of two very popular styles. Perfect for women with lots of layers and volume since the hairstyle would give a lot of body and bounce. The look is very casual and looks best when accompanied with minimal makeup, strong lashes and a glossy lip.

3. The up-do

We’re calling this hairstyle the up-do, but it can involve a whole bunch of techniques. Brides could use a top-knot, braids and even curls to make this look their own. Hair doesn’t need to be super-slicked back, but can look relaxed and put together at the same time. Experiment with different styles and find which one works best for your hair’s length, colour and texture. Pair with a bold lip for instant -chic (just make sure it lasts the entire day!).

By Felicia Sapountzis



Celebrity Hairstyles: Taylor Swift’s Curly Loose Bun

Award-winning hairstylist Lizzie Liros shows us how to get a curly loose bun like Taylor Swift, one of our favourite romantic hair up styles for weddings, parties, anything!

1. Start by parting the hair into a side part just off the middle part line, then curl the hair with a Conical Curling Wand.

2. Lightly run your fingers through the hair to separate the curls.

3. Working away from the face sweep the hair back and tie into a low loose ponytail at the lower side nape, on the opposite side to your part. Ensure that the front fringe section is loose around the face and avoid slicking the hair back as this will take away from the textured finish desired.

4. Starting from the outside pieces of the ponytail, working your way inwards, take small sections of the hair and twist / twirl it to the desired shape and place then secure with a bobby pin.

5. Do this with all the hair and then with your fingers, separate the curls of the bun to give it a looser more textured finish.

6. Use Shine Spray for a soft shinny finish.

Tip: Use a clip in hairpiece to create length and volume for this style if your hair is not naturally long enough to create the look. Lizzie recommends the 10 Piece Clip-In Hairpiece Set by Amazing Hair Australia, RRP $269.00.

For more information on Lizzie Liros visit www.lizzieliros.com

What do you think of Taylor Swift’s updo?

Celebrity Hairstyles: Charlize Theron’s Plaited Side Bun

Award-winning hairstylist Lizzie Liros shows us how to get a gorgeous plaited side bun like Charlize Theron. It’s such a romantic hair up style that we can’t help but think it would make a gorgeous wedding hairstyle whether you’re the bride, bridesmaid or guest.

1. Ensure the hair is completely dry.

2. Part the hair in a side part and pull back into a low side ponytail on the opposite side of the part, leaving only the fringe section out.

3. Split the ponytail in two and plait one section at a time. Then twist the sections in a circular motion to create a bun. Ensuring the hair band is hidden and pin the two plaits in place.

4. With your fingers using small amount of serum if desired, smooth out the front fringe section working away from your face, leaving a couple of stands to fall freely around your face.

5. Finish with a light hair spray to hold the hair in place, without creating stiffness.

Tip: Use a clip in hairpiece to create length and volume for the bun if your hair is not naturally long enough to create the look. Lizzie recommends the 2-Clip Clip-In Hairpiece by Amazing Hair Australia, RRP $42.00.

What do you think of Charlize Theron’s plaited side bun hairstyle?

For more information on Lizzie Liros visit www.lizzieliros.com.

Celebrity Hairstyles: Blake Lively’s Braided Updo

Award-winning hairstylist Lizzie Liros shows us how to achieve one of our favourite hair up styles, Blake Lively’s effortless goddess look which would be perfect for a boho wedding.

1. Apply a volumizing mousse on dry hair and blow-dry until completely dry.

2. Taking the hair in small sections curl all the hair with a medium curling iron.

3. Run your hands through the hair to separate the curls and to create soft movement throughout the hair.

4. Create a side part. Then leaving a small section of hair at the crown of the head for the fringing, start to do a loose braid on the opposite side to your part, taking the braid to the tips of the hair. Don’t be too worried about incorporating each strand of hair, a loose braid is perfect for this bo-ho glam look.

5. Once braided, wrap the hair into a loose loop at the nape of the neck and pin into place ad desired.

6. Smooth out the front section with your fingers away from your face and take a few strands to the bun and pin, leaving a couple of stands to fall freely around your face.

Tip: To add natural looking highlights to your hair to perfectly create this bo-ho style, Lizzie recommends Amazing Hair Australia Tape-In Hair Extensions, which start at $50.00 for highlights.

What do you think of Blake Lively’s braided updo?

For more information on Lizzie Liros visit www.lizzieliros.com

The Best Romantic Wedding Updos

As you prepare for your wedding, you’ll start thinking about which bridal hairstyle to wear. If you’re deciding between hair up styles, we’ve chosen some of the most romantic wedding updos to inspire you.

Chignon with large curls
A loose chignon is both formal and sophisticated (which is why it’s a favourite look for Eva Longoria), and the large curls at the front of your hair create a romantic frame for your face. This style is especially flattering if you have an oval or heart-shaped face. Use a medium or large-barrel curling iron to create loose spiral curls that look great when accented with a large flower or a short veil. Hold your chignon in place with bobby pins and apply a few mists of alcohol-free hairspray to keep your curls intact throughout the day and night.


Crown braid
A crown braid like the one Jessica Alba is wearing is a chic wedding updo. You can achieve this look by parting your hair on the side and creating a French braid that circles your head. Keep the braid in place with hairpins, and hold the end of the braid together with a ponytail holder. Pin the braid into a bun at the end, or bring the braid over to the side of your head and secure with a bobby pin. This look is perfect for showing off your neck, décolletage and back.


Low braided bun
The low braided bun is one of Kate Middleton’s most copied celebrity hairstyles, and is a sophisticated look that is ideal for whimsical weddings. To achieve this updo, pull your hair into a low ponytail and braid the ponytail. Form the braid into a bun, and gently pull out a few pieces to make the bun looser if you don’t want the style to be so structured. You can even include small pearls or decorative barrettes in the bun or on the sides of your head, just like Kate.

What is your favourite wedding hairstyle? Tell us in the comments!

Get the Look: Nina Dobrev’s Braided Updo

Nina Dobrev looked so pretty at the TrevorLIVE event in Hollywood on the weekend, wearing a braided bun that is one of the most elegant hair up styles we’ve seen on the red carpet.

It might look intricate, but celebrity hairstylist Marcus Francis explains how to recreate this look in just 5 easy steps (so if you’re looking for summer wedding hair inspiration, pay attention!).

1. Apply a generous amount of Suave Professionals Volumizing Mousse to damp hair and rough dry with hands and a blowdryer.

2. Make a messy side part and divide hair into two sections — down the center in the back. Lightly tease the crown with a tail comb for a little height.

3. Spray each side with Suave Professionals Dry Shampoo to revive hair and add volume and texture. Begin French braiding the first section against the head, continuing to the ends like you would a side ponytail, and secure with an elastic. Repeat with the other side.

4. Loosen each braid by pulling each side, allowing for pieces to come out, giving that soft, effortless look. Take one of the braids and pin it across the back to create a large bun using hair pins. Do the same with the other braid, going back and forth along the back to blend in with the first braid.

5. Finally, pull out a few face framing layers and spray the entire look with Suave Professionals Touchable Finish Extra Hold Hairspray to set.


What do you think of Nina Dobrev’s red carpet hair?

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