6 Beautiful Bridal Bouquets

Bridal bouquets are like the centre piece of the entire wedding – they’re in every single photo, they should complement your dress (without taking away the focus from the bride), and they look so pretty! We have compiled a few of our favourite styles as inspiration for wedding plans.

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Try this rustic-looking bouquet with violet, lavender and greens for an autumn/winter wedding.

6 Beautiful Bridal Bouquets


Choose some muted roses which can also be coloured for your wedding day, to match the decor as well as the bridesmaid’s dresses.

6 Beautiful Bridal Bouquets

Spring peonies

Nothing screams spring-time more than peonies, and this bouquet is ideal for all of the bridal party.

6 Beautiful Bridal Bouquets


Who said there’s anything wrong with daisies on your wedding day? This charming little bouquet would look amazing with an embellished gown.

6 Beautiful Bridal Bouquets

Winter wedding

If your wedding is taking place during the colder months , choose a bouquet featuring lots of greenery to balance out the colour! One of our favourites features stunning eucalyptus leaves with waratahs.

6 Beautiful Bridal Bouquets

Baby’s breath

Not only is baby’s breath available all year-round, but it’s so light when compared to a traditional bouquet. This makes it perfect for even the flower girls to hold!

6 Beautiful Bridal Bouquets

What are your favourite bouquets from our list?

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August 10, 2015

The 12 Month Wedding Planner Timeline

Are you the bride, in-laws, or even the maid of honour at your best friends wedding? Then you’re probably already familiar with the anxiety which comes along with planning the big day.

When is the best time to book the reception, the celebrant, and what about the wedding dress? Never fear! Use our easy guide below to smoothly plan your wedding – without the extra stress.

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12 months before

The 12 Month Wedding Planner Timeline

10 months before

The 12 Month Wedding Planner Timeline

8 months before

The 12 Month Wedding Planner Timeline

6 months 

The 12 Month Wedding Planner Timeline

4 months

The 12 Month Wedding Planner Timeline

2 months

The 12 Month Wedding Planner Timeline

6 weeks

The 12 Month Wedding Planner Timeline

1 month

The 12 Month Wedding Planner Timeline

2 weeks

The 12 Month Wedding Planner Timeline

1 week

The 12 Month Wedding Planner Timeline

2 days

The 12 Month Wedding Planner Timeline

1 day

The 12 Month Wedding Planner Timeline

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May 20, 2015

Top 7 Wedding Invitations Your Friends Won’t Have

An estimated 116, 000 weddings take place in Australia each year. That equates to a hefty price for postage, for wedding invitations alone! But, of course, every bride would be willing to fork it out to ensure that the best day of her life is complete and utter perfection.

For some brides, the wedding invite acts a teaser for what is to come – it reveals to guests snippets of what to expect, without disclosing everything.

Traditional wedding invites are just that – traditional. No one wants a typical, been-there-done-that wedding invitation! Invites now come in all shapes and sizes, with all sorts of designs. So go on, amaze your guests with these seven wedding invitations that your friends wouldn’t have!

1. 3D pop-up wedding invitations

Stand out with these 3D pop-up cards that are taking the market by storm! 3D Cards is an online store that offers intricate 3D pop-up cards that are laser-cut and then assembled by hand. Your guests will love these innovative and beautifully handcrafted wedding invites!

2. Vintage is in, and so are your invitations

Transform old gadgets into funky invitations, like these classic custom-made View-Master wedding invitations. Your invites will look sentimental and classic, and be a ton of fun for your guests to peek into! They are completely customisable, and so cute!

3. Look beyond the page, try something new

Why not try a new printing technique with your wedding invitations? Many couples are now printing their wedding invites on materials other than paper, such as wood, fabric and even metal! The end result: a super cool wedding invite that looks worthy of being framed!

4. Add a personal touch with DIY invitations

Be quirky and creative, and get started on making your own wedding invitations! Not only will this save you money, but you can also add your own personal flair to it. There are plenty of designs to choose from – vintage, rustic, elegant, and more! This is your chance to showcase your craft skills, and personalise your invitations.

5. Chocolate. Always chocolate

What would be better than receiving an invitation for your friend’s special day? Not much else, except quite possibly receiving an invitation in the form of a chocolate bar! Satisfy your guests’ tummies before they even get to your wedding with these quirky and delicious chocolate bar wedding invites!

6. Useful wedding invites

Let’s be realistic, your wedding invites will most likely end up crinkled and torn in a corner somewhere, or even become a makeshift coffee mug coaster. Put your mind at ease by giving your guests a wedding invite they can use! These awesome invitation boxes unfold to make a candleholder, and provide the guests with all the details of the wedding!

7. Folded map invitations

Do you and your partner both have incurable wanderlust and a constant crave for seeing the world? These beautiful map invites are easy to make and also pretty to look at! Share your love of travelling by customising these invitations with the places you and your partner have been, or even by marking the location of where your wedding will be held.

wedding invitations


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September 24, 2014

Is Your Man a Groomzilla?

By now you’ve probably heard that Kanye West is taking over all the wedding planning for the upcoming Kimye wedding, and apparently – he’s not the only Groomzilla out there!

According to research, 19 per cent of men have taken on the sacred responsibility of choosing the bride’s dress. One study has even shown that 46 per cent of men that have admitted to fighting for their choice of ceremony site!

Bridal coach Rachael Bentick blames the explosion of wedding day budgets as the driving force behind this new breed of groom. With the average wedding costing close to $50,000 the once docile groom-to-be is becoming over-involved and far more demanding in the planning process (sound familiar?).

Rachel shares her 5 tell-tale signs that you have a Groomzilla on your hands.

He pushes every supplier for the best price
Everybody loves a bargain. But when your man is having a Mexican standoff with the reception venue manager over a reduced tea and coffee service, you know that he has taken wedding day haggling to the next level.

He has created a wedding page on Pinterest
If your Groomzilla has disappeared for the evening, no longer is it safe to assume he has snuck off to watch the game with his mates. In reality, he will be hidden for hours in the confines of his office, pinning and plotting weird and wonderful ideas for his perfect day.

He has booked grooming and manscaping appointments…before booking your honeymoon
Once strictly bridal turf, nail salons, spas and massage parlors all over the country are being invaded by rough and ready grooms. Instead of preparing for the big day with a boys’ weekend at the Gold Coast, your groom-to-be is busy penciling detoxes, waxes and facials into his wedding calendar.

He has spent more on his tux than the bridesmaids dresses
This is the year of the Groomzilla so expect your future hubby to splash out on his wedding day attire (because of course, everyone’s anticipating his big reveal above all else). Make sure he doesn’t blow the budget on top hates and tail suits though – your bridesmaids won’t be impressed when they have to BYO dresses.

RSVPs being sent to his email, not hers
You don’t have a say if Great Aunt Mildred gets invited to the wedding? Chances are you have a Groomzilla on your hands. Even more of a sure sign is when you discover that certain family members have been mysteriously directed to the wrong wedding venue.

Rachael Bentick is Director of Inligthen Photography, a multi-award winning wedding photography agency. Visit

March 3, 2014

A beautiful bridesmaid

Bag of the week

Bag of the week

We can?t get past British Sports brand Golas? Redford bag. It is sleek, cool, and big enough to fit everything and anything into it. The great thing about the Gola range is that you won?t see too many people carrying them-so you?ll be an individual. For stockists enquiries telephone (02) 9599 4006The Bridesmaid Dilemma We?ve all been there, done, particularly when it comes to having to be the one stuck wearing an ugly bridesmaid dress. That bright pink taffeta number with leg of mutton sleeves is still shoved right to the back of your cupboard. All of you Brides out there-don?t do it to your best friend. When you get married, you should swear that your bridesmaids? dresses will be perfect and wearable? If you?re going to do the right thing by womenkind, you?d better take a read of this.

  • Never go shopping for bridesmaids? dresses with all of your attendants. This is a recipe for disaster. Take one at a time-too many chefs spoil the broth.
  • Don?t match your poor bridesmaids with the napkins or invitations. Everything


a little tacky and make them feel rather silly-remember, they are people, not flower- pots.

  • Choose a colour that suits the skin tone or hair colour of your bridesmaids. It doesn?t matter if you have to design five different styles. They will look and feel so much better if they are wearing a colour they know they look good in.
  • Their figures may vary greatly: always take this into consideration. For instance, a great style for a larger figure is ?empire?. This is fitted on top and loose over the rest of the body. If you have a short bridesmaid, don?t put them in anything that is puffy and long-it will only make them look shorter. If one of your bridesmaids has a big bust, choose a v-neck or scoop neck instead of a plunging or high neck-line.
  • If your bridesmaids live all over the country-and we

Bridesmaid dress

know this is often the case- don?t try to create the same style for each attendant. Think of a few different styles you like to see each in. This way you won?t have to match four different dresses in four different states or even countries. If you trust their eye, let them choose the dress but remember sister, you?re in charge?you choose the colour and stipulate what you do like.

  • If you are trying to cut costs then don?t get dresses made. It always ends up being more expensive than you think. Go to a regular store, and go for something that just hit the stores so there are lots of sizes. You can find some great, memorable dresses at boutiques like Allanah Hill, Lisa Ho or even Espirit. These stores are all over Australia so it will make it very easy to get as many different sizes as you need. Leona Edmistons? new boutique on William St, Paddington has some fabulous dresses that would look great as bridesmaid dresses.
  • If you are going to go the seamstress way, then go with somebody you know or who has been referred to you by someone you like. Always ask the seamstress if you can see an example of her work. See if they can create dresses that will work for different body shapes. This is a little extra work and research, but we would suggest you even call someone who has had a dress made by the seamstress. She will tell you if she was happy with the outcome.
  • When choosing fabrics ? think about the season your wedding is in. Perfect summer fabrics are: raw silk, light satins and chiffons.

    Winter fabrics: go for Duchess satins, brocades or thick luxurious satins. Don?t make your bridesmaids wear a flowing light silk dress in the middle of winter. That is just not fair. If you need any help or want to find some incredible fabrics go to Fabric Fantasy in Sydney,

    tel: (02) 9211 5536.Big Day Beauty Emergency Kit

    Even if you?ve planned your wedding to the nth degree, unexpected things can go wrong-and talk to any ex-bride, they always do. So, that said, SheSaid decided to compose a Big Day Beauty Emergency Kit. You can print it out and store it somewhere safe. This list is a must-have for any bride-to-be, so if you?re a bridesmaid and at a loss as to what to give her-we?ve solved your problem. It is the perfect treat to give before she takes the plunge.

  • Panadol
  • Bobby pins
  • Clear nail polish
  • Emery Boards
  • Earring Backs, (if she is wearing earrings)
  • Clear Eyes
  • Hair spray
  • Needle and thread
  • Safety Pins
  • Tissues
  • Small scissors
  • Mints -to freshen her breath
  • Extra perfume
  • Baby wipes
  • Stapler (great savior for that loose hem)
  • Bottle of water
  • Face Powder
  • Spare lipstick
  • Spare pantyhose
  • Tampons-you never know!
  • Aesop face spritzer
  • Champagne
June 11, 2002

Wedding Planning : What’s yours is mine (what’s mine’s my own)

Shared banks accounts, insurance and wills are just some of the things that you need to think about when entering into a domestic partnership – be it marriage or de facto. Check out our top tips from Karen Deighton-Smith’s book “Your Wedding” a practical guide to organising the perfect wedding, published by Pan Macmillan.Financial planning

Before your wedding it is a good idea to discuss and agree on the financial arrangements you want to put in place during your married life. Differing attitudes to money are often a potent source of conflict and ill will, so it is important to establish the ground rules early on.

Decide what is join spending and how much each of you will contribute, who pays for what, how you will agree on spending priorities, how you are going to share bills and assets, and what sort of financial plans you want to make for the future.

You may decide to set up a joint bank account and put all your money into it. Alternatively, you might decide to deposit an agreed amount each month, with some money for personal spending going into your separate personal accounts. Some partners expect equal financial contributions at all time, especially if they have been financially independent for many years. This system can operate will while both partners are working, but it won’t run so well if one partner leaves paid employment for whatever reason. The change in the ability to financially contribute equally can often challenge deeply held convictions about financial responsibility and the definition and value of a contribution.


If one or both of you have private medical insurance, it is worthwhile reviewing your policies and deciding if they meet your needs as a couple and if there is any advantage in having a joint policy. You may also want to review other insurance policies, such as life insurance, income protection, mortgage protection, and house and contents insurance, to see if you still need them or if the details need to be updated to reflect your new status as a couple. This is also the time to update who will be the beneficiary of any superannuation entitlements.


A will helps to ensure that your wealth and possession got the people you want to have them. In Australia, if you die interstate (without a legal will) the public trustee in your state or territory will become the executor of your estate and will decide how your assets will be distributed, usually giving them the closest living relatives. Marriage automatically voids any will you made as a single person with your spouse becoming the main beneficiary to your estate in the event of your death.

It is important to consider how you want your assets divided in the event of death. What can be a relatively straightforward matter for couples marrying for the first time with no children from previous relationships can be more complicated for others with complex family and financial arrangement. Guardianship of any children from the marriage should also be considered. Ask your solicitor for advice on how best to draw up your wills to suit your needs.

In Australia, it is possible to draw up a legal will without a solicitor. There is a range of legal will kits available on the market for about the same price as a music CD, which will guide you through the process and supply forms for your to complete. Kits are sold in some bookshops, newsagencies, by direct mail and on the Internet. There are also websites giving advice on legal maters relating to will and some offer legal services to draw up your will.

— from “Your Wedding” a practical guide to organising the perfect wedding by Karen Deighton-Smith.

June 4, 2002