Don’t Tell The Bride: Master The Art of Subtle Suggestion

For most brides, finding their dream dress is a moment they’ve dreamed of since forever; they want to cry with joy and want their entourage to love the gown. A wedding dress appointment can also be an emotional whirlwind, with wedding jitters, body image and the pressure of finding ‘the one’ making for a very overwhelming experience. That is why the loving support of family and friends is so important during a bridal appointment.

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Seasoned bridal expert and White Lily Couture Style Director, Alera Kingham has been pairing brides with their perfect gown for over a decade. In that time she has come across some absolute horror bridesmaids and mothers. So if you, like many others lack a filter, check out Alera’s top tips for mastering the art of subtle suggestion during bridal appointments.

“It’s not very flattering on you.”

No woman ever wants to be told her bum looks big in anything, especially not her wedding gown. Even if you and the bride are sisters or best friends, it is always best to steer clear of comments like “it’s not flattering.”

Instead, try saying: “What if you tried something in a different shape? I feel this style isn’t enhancing your best assets.” This is safely implying that the dress doesn’t suit her, but isn’t as abrupt as saying: “It doesn’t look good on you.”

 Don't Tell The Bride - How To Master The Art of Subtle Suggestion

“It’s okay, but it’s not the one.”

Finding the perfect wedding dress is all about the bride having an unspoken connection with the dress she is going to wear when she marries her prince charming. The bride will know when she has found ‘the one’ and doesn’t need her entourage confusing her.

Instead of saying: “It isn’t the one,” why not try “how does it make you feel?” or “does it make you feel the way you had hoped?” These two options show her you understand it is all about how she feels and what she wants.

“I’m paying for it, so my opinion matters.”

This one is simple. While you may be paying for the dress and your opinion probably matters to the bride, it is important to remember it is her day and she will be wearing the dress. Depending on the situation, it is best not to discuss payment at a dress fitting, unless it has to do with the budget.

 Don't Tell The Bride - How To Master The Art of Subtle Suggestion

“Does it really matter as much the second time around?”

Every bride has the right to feel beautiful on her big day, whether it be her first wedding or her tenth. Some women place less importance on the gown whereas others make it more of a priority. Depending on the situation, a tactful option may be to say: “What does this gown offer that you missed the first time around?”

“I just don’t think it’s very you.”

If the bride walks out of the dressing room and is in complete awe of the gown she is wearing, then it is best not to say: “I don’t think it is very you.” However, if she comes out and her reaction is underwhelming, then this is a great, honest way to tell the truth. The trick is, watch her reaction before making a comment.

 Don't Tell The Bride - How To Master The Art of Subtle Suggestion

“You look great in everything!”

While this sounds like a great comment for a bride to be, it can be just as confusing to a bride as the negative comments. Even if it is true and she does look amazing in everything, it is important to focus on her emotional reactions and draw her attention back to the gown that made her glow. This can be the little push that she needs to lead her to ‘the one.’

“You’re only going to wear it once, is it really that big of a deal?”

At the end of the day it’s not about the time. To most brides it all hinges on that moment when she walks down the aisle, makes her entrance as a bride and exits as a wife. Regardless of how much the gown costs, it’s whether she can visualise herself in the moment in the gown.

 Don't Tell The Bride - How To Master The Art of Subtle Suggestion

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Runway To Aisle: 5 Emerging Trends For 2016 Brides

If prince charming finally popped the question and you’re on the hunt for your perfect wedding gown, White Lily Couture Style Director and seasoned wedding expert, Alera Kingham has exciting news for you!

Alera advises that next year’s brides-to-be will be spoilt for choice as stunning trends are headed to Australia from the Europe’s bridal runways as early as August this year.

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Structured softness

International designer’s 2016 collections heavily feature gowns with structured bodices made from soft, floaty fabrics. The return of fabrics such as crepe and georgette bring a soft, romantic look to a classic fit and flair and ball gown wedding gown.

For a structured gown with a difference, Pronovias has released a beautiful collection channelling this trend.

Runway To Aisle: 5 Emerging Trends For 2016 Brides

Party at the back

Sexy backless gowns are making a comeback! Brides looking for a sultry yet wedding-worthy gown should check out Enzoani – their simple gowns with stunning embellished details draw attention to a curvy bride’s best assets.

Enzoani’s beautiful beading and lace finishes make for simple gowns perfect for a modern, sexy bride.

Runway To Aisle: 5 Emerging Trends For 2016 Brides

Nice neutrals

In addition to classic ivory and off-white hues, designers for 2016 are playing with soft, neutral shades. Colours like caramel, nude and cocoa are a sophisticated and contemporary way to wear colour with a bridal edge.

Mori Lee has released a beautiful new selection of neutral tones in bridal-wear for this coming season.

Runway To Aisle: 5 Emerging Trends For 2016 Brides

Layer love

From a dreamy tulle train to a dramatic detachable over-skirt, designers are loving layers! Adding extra material turns a simple gown into a statement and creates an angelic bridal look.

Augusta Jones’ collection features a number of dresses that can be transformed by adding a beautiful skirt.

Runway To Aisle: 5 Emerging Trends For 2016 Brides

Floral embellishments

This is such a delicate and feminine trend. While dainty floral embroidery has come around in waves, 2016 will see no restraint, with three-dimensional embellishments adorning bridal gowns. This trend is perfect for brides chasing a bohemian look.

Runway To Aisle: 5 Emerging Trends For 2016 Brides

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1960’s Inspired Wedding Dresses

What isn’t there to love about fashion in the 1960s?

Hemlines were getting shorter, white lace was was way too common (but who is complaining?), and the wedding dresses were purely magical.

If you need a little inspiration for your own bespoke wedding dress, take a few style tips from the swinging sixties.

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Swing dress

Not only does this style flatter the tummy area, but it suits almost any body type! Perfect for brides who want to show a bit of leg on their wedding day, or want their shoes to shine.

1960's Inspired Wedding Dresses

Long sleeves

If your wedding is taking place during the colder months, why not choose a long-sleeved dress. The show of leg is worth the extra bit of cold, we promise. A style like this will look classic in your wedding photos, especially if they’re black and white.

1960's Inspired Wedding Dresses

Layered skirt

Create the illusion of extra curves with a spectacular layered skirt. Not only did Olivia Palermo do it (she was also married in a sweater), but it can easily be worn again as opposed to sitting in your closet.

1960's Inspired Wedding Dresses

Cinched waist

If you want to keep to a traditional style, then a cinched waist is an absolute must-have. The sleeveless design won’t constrict you from dancing all night long, and the fuller skirt balances out the entire outfit.

60's Inspired Wedding Dresses

Baby Doll

A sixties inspired wedding dress would be nothing without a classic, baby doll style. Not only can you incorporate some white lace (we can’t let it go), but are free to wear heels, flats or anything in between!

1960's Inspired Wedding Dresses

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Winter Wedding Dress Ideas

Planning a winter wedding? The snowy season can add a certain atmospheric charm to your nuptials. While most people equate a cold and wet wedding with a nightmare, just think of a warm and cosy ceremony and even cosier wedding night by an open fire. Here are a few of the hottest winter wedding dresses this season.

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The princess dress

A lot of people imagine a princess dress to be the Disney kind with a big full skirt and a sweetheart neckline. However, the real princess – like the Duchess of Cambridge, or Princess Grace of Monaco – tend to opt for the conservative, and elegant sleeved gown. Take a look at the following by Rosa Clara.

rosa clara2


rosa clara 3

blossomb wordpress

The sweater dress

Thanks to Olivia Palermo, the sweater dress is all of a sudden a big thing. Two-pieces also dominated the catwalk in the fall 2015 bridal fashion week. So why not walk down this aisle in a skirt and sweater this winter?

buzzfeed brides.com2


hello magazine

The wedding coats and capes

You can wear whatever you want underneath, but for those outdoor photos you will need something to keep your back, chest and shoulders warm! Try a long and elegant coat, a cute shrug, or a fairytale cape.


boho weddings




Images via brides.com, boho weddings, blossomb.wordpress.com, wintergraffiti.com, pinterest, hello.com, nordstrom, buzzfeed, rosa clara

5 Bridesmaid Outfit Ideas

Bridesmaid’s dresses can often prove difficult to choose; colour must be flattering for a number of skin tones, not all the girls can wear the same style, and what about those who just hate being told what to wear?

Here are just a few ideas for tracking down that ultimate bridesmaid dress for the big day (and keeping everyone happy).

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A dress with subtle sequins is your best option for bridesmaids, since neutral tones suit every skin tone. Any colour which is too gold or silver can often wash out pale girls, and won’t suit their skin.

Screen shot 2014-12-04 at 9.18.25 PM


Soft purple dresses around another great colour palette for bridesmaids since they are always in style. This doesn’t mean you should stick to the same colour palette – pink, lavender and purple tones are also a great idea for bridesmaids who are of a different skin tone.

Screen shot 2014-12-04 at 9.29.19 PM

Sweetheart neckline

Who said white is just for the bride? A sweetheart neckline in a white or ivory shade is the perfect colour for bridesmaids on the big day. Even Kendall and Kylie Jenner wore this style for Kim’s wedding to Kris Humphries.



Pastels are a great colour combination since they perfectly match a cream or white wedding dress. If you want to keep the dress consistent amongst all of your bridesmaids, choose a strapless fit since it’s most flattering.

Screen shot 2014-12-04 at 9.30.57 PM

Mini dresses

If your wedding is taking place during the summer months, why not incorporate a shorter hemline? Shorter dresses are perfect for bridesmaids during the summer since they are easier to walk-in, and don’t require heels either. Apply some shimmer on your legs and you’re ready to go!

Screen shot 2014-12-04 at 9.33.36 PM

Images via Melissa and Beth, Brit.co, Etsy, Wedding Chicks, Popsugar

Wedding And Honeymoon Trends

Hitched AU, Australian wedding and honeymoon planners, went to the brides and brides-to-be of Australia to find out what was trending in the realms of weddings and honeymoons, including the cake, ring, venue and honeymoon destinations. Here are the results:

Weddings in Australia

On average, Australian couples are spending 17 months planning their wedding which is the average time that we see in other countries such as the UK and North America. There a rise in civil partnerships in Australia, with 13.9 per cent of them being conducted in 2013. This reflects our diverse and modern culture that we are so lucky to be a part of. The average age of brides within Australia is 30 years old, which has increased over the past 10 years. This is most likely because of our extremely entrepreneurial female population that we now have in Australia – the eldest bride surveyed was 66.

How much are Australian weddings costing?

The average cost of a wedding in Australia is around $29,645 with 75 per cent of the budget being spent on the wedding day and the rest on the honeymoon. In terms of financing, families are offering a helping hand with 58.1 per cent of brides getting help from their families, however 1 in 3 couples did pay their own bill. When it comes to budgeting, it seems that Australians could do with a little helping hand – 60 per cent of brides overspent on making their wedding day as perfect as it could possibly be with only 5.7 per cent underspending.

The cake, decorations and venue

It seems that some of the guests contribute towards the finances of the wedding day too, with 23.8 per cent of brides asking for their guests to add towards wedding costs. The average couple invite 101 guests to their wedding, and the venue in which they invite them too typically is within 30km of their home, whereas only 4 per cent opted to fly abroad for their wedding. Purple was the most popular colour theme with 21 per cent of brides choosing it as their main colour. Yellow is seemed was the least popular with only 1 per cent of brides using it as their main colour.

Where are Aussies honeymooning?

A large proportion of the wedding budget is spent on the honeymoon with $7,462.68 being spent on the romantic getaway (on average). It would seem as well that Australians are a culture of hands-on brides and grooms with 31.3% opting for an activity-based honeymoon. It would also appear that stay-cations are a favoured option with 31.8 per cent of Aussies starting their married life with a honeymoon in Australia and a large percent (23.5 per cent) like to get a taste of the Asian and Middle Eastern culture with honeymoons to destinations such as Thailand and India.